Friday, June 19, 2009

A Penny for my Thoughts

Things that are making my heart sing of late:

- Waking up to the cool, fresh summer breeze drifting in through the open window

- taking my eight year old son into my lap to comfort him while he's sick, I can't help but wonder how much longer I will have the privilege

- the flowers blooming in the yard, there is nothing more soothing to than flowers I planted and nurtured myself

- waking inexplicably in the night, sensing the need to check on my almost five year old's fever, pulling him into my arms and feeling the searing heat coming from his body, knowing I can make it all okay

- crawling back into bed on the fourth day Jack is home sick with the flu, knowing that my boys will safely amuse themselves while I rest in the hopes that the migraine that is just below the surface will retreat

- the pride at how Jack is handling the fact that he has missed play day, ice cream day, a trip to the pool and bowling/pizza/movie day with his class because he is sick

- spending an hour with a good cup of coffee, a good book and a comfy chair on our screened in (NO BUGS!) deck

- disovering not one but two methods by which I can create keepsakes of my photos and blog posts, thanks ladies! Shutterfly which allows you to copy in your photos and the text if you wish to creat a beautiful bound book or Blog2Print which does all the work for you and compiles the posts (by the dates of your choice) into a bound book or a downlowdable electronic version

May you all take the time to enjoy the simple things this weekend and enjoy time with your favourite Daddy (yours or your kids or better yet, both) this weekend.

And what is making your heart sing this fine summer (or winter if you're Southern hemisphere) day?



Anonymous said...

-seeing Liz's eyes light up when Tony and I met her at the school for lunch today, and not having her shy away from giving mommy a kiss in front of her friends

-knowing that i will be seeing my dad this weekend :)

-looking in on my girls sleeping and seeing how peaceful they are

-spending time in the backyard in the sun while the kids play and have fun

-and just knowing today is friday and its the end of the work week :)

Cheryl said...

Kids and coffee....nothing better
Oh and when Tim does housework!
Feel better!!

Lori said...

knowing it's Friday and hubby's on his way home with pizza for dinner.

(hope you are all feeling more yourself and soon!)

Angella said...

Girls' night tonight! Woo!

R Royal Family said...

That I was able to sit with my 85 year old grandmother watching Logan play soccer

that 2/4 kids have gone to the lake with my inlaws this weekend

Loukia said...

Lovely post! What's making my heart sing? The weekend, and spendind all my time with my boys... strawberry picking (hopefully), BBQ's this weekend, and swimming! Have a great weekend!

Karen MEG said...

That my hubby is home and looking forward to spending the weekend with his family...

and you.. this was a lovely post. Hope all gets better (flu and migraines be gone!!!)

I tagged you for a photomeme if you want to play and get a chance ... whenever!

Happy weekend, Kami!

Unknown said...

ah, i can hear the peace and love in your post.

today, took the kids to the beach, they played so nicely together, now we are home...and yeah, they're done playing nice. UGH.

Jen Wilson said...

Although I hate it when my children are sick, I really do enjoy comforting them :)

Kellan said...

What a sweet post, Kami. You are a good mama and I hope your sick boys are better now. I've missed you. I have thought of you often and know I haven't put anymore chapters on the blog, but it's only because I've been so busy and I'm sure you have been too. I'm glad I came to visit and will make time to do so more often.

Take care - my friend.


AuntyTeeni said...

Oh, I'm so glad your blog buds were able to come through for you regarding the posts about the boys. That's one way they really do shine! I don't have much else to add to this post except that it made me happy for you. :)

Kami said...

That even though it's Father's Day, my hubby let me take a nap and he put our daughter down for her nap all on his own :)

Sorry you're boys are still feeling so icky!! Here's hoping they are up and at 'em by Monday!!

Unknown said...

"taking my eight year old son into my lap to comfort him while he's sick, I can't help but wonder how much longer I will have the privilege"--while you may not be able to take him in your lap much longer, you'll be able to hold his hand forever.

OK. That was cheesy. But I'm hormonal, so it is totally allowed.

Laski said...

That "project" comment is from me :)

Amy said...

If you get your blog printed and bound, will you post pictures of it? I'd love to see the final product.

BeachMama said...

Beautiful post Kami. So sorry that Jack has the nasty flu and has missed so much school. My Sister's kids all have it too. Not fun to miss the end of year rewards that the kids wait for. Perhaps a little special treat or playdate after he is better will help.

Anna-b-bonkers said...

Another great blog printing site is
I know what you mean about hacking a forest!

Keri said...

Kids... they make my whole day! And what the heck is this... blog2print? I'm totally going there to see what's up.

Natalie said...

knowing that my bloggy friends will still love me even if i abandon them for a while (and my own blog for that matter...)!

love you girl!