Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am in love

Last night, when I posted, Natalie had just received my shots of us… look up, look way up. See those up there? I sent her those last night. Within minutes of sending them she sent me back the banner you see up there. I never dreamed she would have time to install it all before most of you even read the post.

Let me start at the beginning.

I have been envious of all those professional looking blogs out there. No matter what I did to mine, it looked, well, mediocre in comparison. The primary reason being that all I know about blogging I have learned by trial and error. Want to know how much html I know? Do you have five seconds? That’s all it would take for me to enlighten you.

Last week, Natalie was doing some really cool things to her site. I commented that I was html illiterate or something smart and witty like that, ‘cause you know I am….stop rolling your eyes…anyway, I was joking because really it’s like a dead man asking to be healed. There ain’t enough time or money honey.

But Natalie? She is a darling girl from Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas my Dad always says. Having done some contract work in Dallas a few years back he is, as you would imagine, an expert on these matters.

Guess what? Natalie’s heart is huge.

She offered to make me a template.

YAHOO! Said I. And I’ll pay you.

No, said Natalie.

Who am I to argue with that deal?

Don’t worry I am not a complete ingrate. She’ll be receiving some worthy goodies in the mail as fast as the Canadian and US postal services can carry it….. right, so I better make it good because the wait might be a plenty.

She asked me what I was thinking for colours, sent me to a couple of sites where they have the html colour codes.

I have a passionate love affair with brown and steel blue right now and I had seen polka dots on someone’s site. I passed on this info. She sent me back the polka dots to the side. The colours were not quite right so I sent some colours back. They were not right.

Emails were flying back and forth (have I mentioned how much I love email?) between us. She found the colours, I jumped up and down.

She then sent me the signature. Look down, look waaaay down. With the glasses? That scream Kami.

I was jumping and screaming with glee.


Came the banner without the pictures because those, well that was my only job and I hadn’t gotten good ones yet. Still learning how to use my camera. Check back in 2010, I might be half way there.

I was hooting and hollering when I saw the banner. She suggested sepia photos to match the brown and all. She has an eye that Natalie!

Last night after kids were in bed I sat down with my laptop on the couch and scanned through the 100 (I am not even kidding) photos I had taken yesterday of the kids and me. Edited and sent them off.

Minutes later (note even exaggerating a bit) back was the banner with the photos. I loved the boys, all three of them. Me not so much. I sent an old head tilt one back and minutes later, it was back as you see it above.

Then minutes after I posted last night, she had it all up here and looking smashing.

She's been tweaking it since and then tonight she tells me to check out the divider. What's a divider I thought?

Um? Can you picture me, sharp intake of breath for excitement, when I see that there work of art down there between posts?

Incidentally it’s the same sound (only with holy crap I forgot behind it) I made earlier when my hair stylist called at 6:40pm to ask if I was coming to my cut and colour booked for 6:30. Yeah, I’m cool. Good thing I have a calendar on the fridge that lists things like these so I DON’T forget. Don’t worry I live close, I made it, no grey for another 7 weeks or so!

Back the blog. I may be stating the obvious here but this look?


All of it.

How much you ask?

So much that I took of picture of it on Anna's wide screem monitor. It was up on her monitor because as soon as I walked into her house today for a playdate I said, "GO TO MY BLOG NOW!" (See how calm and rational I am?) I was bursting to show it off!

It's all I ever wanted and more. I <3 href="" target="_blank">Photobucket


Laski said...

And she should start a business! It looks fantastic. YOU look fantastic!

Misty said...


Anonymous said...

It looks awesome!! And might I say, WAY better on Anna's monitor than on my own measly 15" ... LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the new design!!!

Sorry I've been so absent lately. I barely have time for my blogs lately :( And I need to check in about Jack's eyes.

Laski said...

Got something for ya!

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME! Wow! Blog friends sure make the world a sweeter place :)

Unknown said...

This is so great!! I am proud to call Natalie my "I-know-you-in-person" friend and I am so excited for her to start doing this. Obviously you know first hand how great she is!

Yeah for the new look and double Yeah for good bloggy friends! : )

Natalie said...

This has to be the KINDEST post ever! Thanks!!! I even read this one out loud to my husband! said...

It looks lovely! What a great friend Natalie is!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE it! Brown is one of the colors I've been wanting to get into my color scheme!

Kellan said...

It is just FABULOUS!! I hope I told you yesterday how much I love it - I meant to and if I didn't it's just because I got off track and forgot - but, I love it - it looks great!!!!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the new template, i must say.


just jamie said...

It looks gorgeous! How could it not with those lovely photos of the family? Well done!

(I just ordered new bedding and it's the same cool brown and blues tones that you boast on your purdy blog. Can't wait until it arrives...)

Debbie said...

Love the new look!

Anna-b-bonkers said...

You are so funny Kami! It is awesome, I love it too, it suits you so well!

KATE said...

I love it! It's so so cute & your pictures are of course adorable!!!
LOVE it!!

Unknown said...

it looks great, I love it!!! YAY TO NATALIE!!

Karen MEG said...

WOW, Kami, Natalie has done a fantastic job! This looks AWESOME!!! I just lurve the colours too ... very you, cool girlfriend.

I need some shaking up over at my place too... I'll have to pop over to natalie's at some point!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

It's got a really cool feel to it.

She does good work!

Kat said...

It looks fabulous! I love it! And you look great too!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I appreciate it. Have a good weekend!

KatBouska said...

Hi, I just found your blog while browsing around and it looks really good. I'm blogger illiterate too and I'm hoping to figure things out eventually! Guess it helps to have friends like Natalie to lend a hand...I'm going to check her out right now!!

R Royal Family said...

No need to justify your craziness ;-) I can see why you love it!

Cecily R said...

So cute. Perfect for you!!