Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our Story

About 13 and one half years ago..... June 1993 to be exact, I walked into Jay's apartment at the top of Inn. The hotel his parents owned in the booming metropolis of Asquith that is. And by hotel, I mean, um.... er.... BAR. You know the small town watering hole.

That was my first meeting of the man I would eventually marry. That night didn't go well. There was a few of us visiting and later when it ended up just the two of us on the couch......He pulled the yawn and stretch. You know, when the guy yawns, stretches his arms up and then ever so slyly puts one around the girl sitting next to him. HE had MOVES, let me tell you.

I shot out of there like a cannon.

Seriously. Did you just do that?

I figured I was on candid camera or something.

Didn't see him again that night. He was a little miffed at my reaction. Go figure!

Now that I know him, I wouldn't run:-)

Fast forward a few weeks and my friend and I wind up out in Asquith again. This time things go better....

He calls a few days later.

And we've been inseparable since.

We spent a good portion of every spare minute we had that summer together and the 13 years since too. At the time he was working at the local bottle exchage and me at Orange Julius. We were really career minded people at that time. I planned on continuing my education the following fall but after spending a year at university not really chasing a goal, I needed some time to figure it all out.

Turned out what I needed to do was meet Jay, fall in love and move south.

Very quickly we realized that this was something special. We had both had a long term relationship previously, well if you can call 8 months in Grade 12 long term.... and we could see the difference. I was about 3 months in that we were sitting by the river and we decided this was for good. We weren't going to run off and get married or anything but we were in it for life. First we needed to get a life.

So began the plans. We ended up heading south to the place the rhymes with the who ha on the female part of the human race. We got our degrees and finally got hitched in May 1999.

Oh yes, and the proposal. I can't forget to mention that. We had purchased a ring months before... Jay had to be convinced this was a good idea.. he doesn't handle change well, kinda part of his character... so I thought he was proposing New Year's Eve (we really love surprises). We planned to go to a movie the night before, December 30th, 1997. He arrived at my parents house and quickly disappeared into the garage where my Dad was working on a tractor.

Mom was immediately suspicious. He NEVER spent time with my Dad before that. I knew exactly what he was doing. So I played dumb with my Mom and finally.... an HOUR later.... he came into the house with permission for my hand in marriage (he's a nice old fashioned kind of guy!). Now, my Dad is not a scary guy but I still think it took lots of gumption on Jay's part to follow through.

Off we go to what I think is going to be a movie. Instead he claims he has to go drop off something for his Grandma at a friend's in Pike Lake. So he drives up to the beach and gets out.....

What are you doing, I ask. There are no houses here.

Shut up he says and follow me. Well okay he probably didn't say shut up but you get the picture.

He takes me to the beach.... remember this is December..... but this particular year we had a brown Christmas..... and written in the sand with a dozen roses lying beside it are the words,

"Kami, will you marry me?"

He got down on one knee and placed the ring on my finger while I was yelling Yes! Yes! Yes!

So the big surprise was that he asked me one day before I was expecting it! It was very cool that he wrote the question in the sand though, how often does that happen here in December? THAT I will always remember.

And on May 8th, 1999, the day after my 25th birthday, we were finally husband and wife. The day was amazing from start to finish. I wasn't nervous at all, just plain excited that my dream was finally coming true.

I remind him often that getting married was a GOOD idea!

He agrees! Right Honey?


80's 4 ever said...

Yes you were right. Do you ever get sick of being right? I would think it would get old after a while.

Much better then the “Daddy ria” story

Angella said...

What a great story!

"Who ha"

hee hee hee :)

candace said...

Awww cute story. How much time have I spent with you and I never knew that. What a romantic. We have yet another thing in common we both were proposed to on a beach in Saskatchewan. Who knew Saskatchewan could be such a romantic place.

Karen MEG said...

I love *how we met* stories, and love stories in general. This was so sweet and romantic Kami.

Thanks for reposting this, a very, very special time in your life. You obviously lucked out with your meeting at such a young age (those smooth moves were hilarious) and yet knowing it was something special... and working as a team toward your life goals together.

1993 was a great year for me too... the year I got married. I'm an old fart!

Elaine A. said...

What a lovely proposal! I do love the yawn/arm reach move - that's awesome!

Seems like I have read some of this before, but not all of it. hmmmm. Nevertheless, I love to read it again!

You two are just beautiful together!

Rebecca said...

Yay! That's a good one. I hope you'll tell us about the wedding for that carnival in three weeks... Thanks for participating!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Beautiful picture!