Friday, July 30, 2010

Where I've been at

Wow, I left that last post up for 2 whole weeks. Not my best work and potentially my most offensive. Sorry about that folks.

I have been busy summer holidaying along with a cold. It started the day we left. And that was two weeks ago tomorrow. It's made itself at home and seems to have no plans of returning from whence it came (Hell I believe).

When we arrived home, the cold was hitting second gear and I had a work commitment. One that took me outside my home office, face to face with real people. I was a hot mess. But it was good work because it involves hanging out with some really fantastic ladies who have become friends.

Then Jay and I had the pleasure of seeing Bon Jovi again.

Hot Stuff

Oh how I love me some Bon Jovi. Judge not, music is a very personal thing. Their music is something that Jay and I have in common. And our boys love them too. That is a good thing. Excuse the photo, my phone is not high in the pixel area. Real cameras were not allowed in but had they been I could have photographed the sweat beads on his forehead. We had good seats.

Did I mention the cold? Oh yes, I did. Imagine how I feel because I am still in the midst of it as I type this. By this point Jay was enjoying company of the cold that would never end too.

We blame Jack. He started it. He was sick for over two weeks too. So stuffed up and coughing like a two pack a day smoker for so long we actually went to a medi clinic while on our holiday to pump him with antibiotics.

Day 9 of the meds - hives. All over his legs. By the next morning they had made their way all the way up to his cheeks.

Penicillin allergy confirmed.

Shadow of me

And now that Jay and I are enjoying the benefits of this virus from hell, we know that Jack likely didn't need the antibiotics anyway. But finding out he is allergic to penicillin isn't a bad thing. So.

Jay and I will ride it out and hope that by September it will have packed its snotty phlegmy bags and retreated never to be seen again.

Weedly beautiful

Oh and could someone please remind me about June 15, 2011 that summer is NOT less busy than the school year. Please! I keep weaving myself into this fantasy that summer will involve lazy days by the pool or spray park. Someone throw a pail of water on these fantasies already because yesterday was the first time we had time or were well enough to even consider the idea.

And summer is half over.

Excuse me, it's time to ply myself with wine, maybe that will kill this virus and if not, I should certainly feel better for awhile, no?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Photos and Rants for Phun

It's been a busy week, work wise for me. I am so grateful that my boys are the best of friends and play for hours together. If that were not the case, I would likely be institutionalized by now.

My random ramblings are interspersed with some photos from our lake trip a couple weeks back. Just for phun. Wow, I have been working too much, haven't I?

Wild flowers

The weather was cool and/or rainy all week so at least I didn't feel bad that we were stuck in the house. I was also pretty happy about the work opportunity that kept us housebound. However, it was tiring and I am glad that as of yesterday at 4pm, the worst is over.

Cute Boater

It's not complete, but the hard part is. I hope. Murphy you were covering your ears right?

Fire Safety Marshalls

So here's a story for you. Yesterday I had a return to make at New Army. You know the place, crappy clothes at cheap prices and still not worth buying? Yes, that place. I line up behind a middle age dude and his family. They are clearly from another country originally as they are speaking another language. Spanish maybe, I don't know, I am monolingual. Wife wanders off. Teller calls to help the next person in line. Middle aged dude goes up to the till and comments that he is waiting for his wife.

My mouth is hanging to the floor. The line is 4 deep behind me.

Canadian Shield

Girl rings in what he has they both stand there waiting. By this time I am visibly agitated. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Am I really the only one who sees this as a problem? Sure, if there was no one else in line, whatever, go ahead. However, there were several people waiting.

Here's where I am going to likely offend someone but you know what, it needs to be said. Integrate. When in Rome do as the Romans. Are you with me?

Grams high fives

I don't know what it is like in Mexico or where ever these people may have come from but here, in Canada, we have this thing called common courtesy. Learn it. Use it. Live by it.



Camper from another era

That reminds me of another issue along these lines. Have you ever noticed that those from the eastern part of the biggest continent starting with an A do not get out of the way if you meet them on a sidewalk or in a hallway? They will seriously mow you over before they will ever consider making room.

I suppose over there were there is wall to wall people you would get trampled if you tried to practice good old common courtesy. However, the same applies. When in Rome....or in this case Canada.

We have plenty of space, use it.

Northern SK Forest

Whew. Okay. I'll stop there before I start off about no Christmas and Halloween in schools because it might offend those of different religions/cultures. Wait no, let's go there, I am on a roll, might as well go all the way. I am all for people immigrating. I think it fantastic that Canada is full people all ethnic backgrounds. I am one of those, albeit third or fourth generation. It is what built Canada. However, Canada has been around now for quite awhile and we have a culture all our own. This culture includes Christmas in its Christian sense whether you are Christian or not. As such, why are we changing this to accommodate those who have come from other cultures? Why does their culture/religion take priority?

I do not get it. And like I said, I have nothing against immigrants. At all. It's this stuff that gets me. It all goes back to that adage that I have said twice now.

When in Rome, do as the Romans.

Tiger Lily

Oh boy. I should quite while I am ahead, no?

What's bugging you? Let it out. A good rant is always welcome here. Or what are you doing for the summer that has you plumb excited or stoked?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Girl time with a little work thrown in

This past weekend I got the opportunity to go out of town on a work related trip. I was asked to mark exams in another city and when asked I said, "YES!" You might wonder why I was so eager to mark exams and you would certainly have a valid point. But you see, the place I was to go, well it's where this lovely lady lives:

Cheryl and her boys

Photo curtosy of Tim, Cheryl's hubby and Daddy to Luke (left) and Kyle (right) and big brother Cole (not shown).

Cheryl and her four boys, once again welcomed me into their home. Then I proceeded to monopolize all of Cheryl's time leaving Tim on Daddy duty. Thanks again Tim!

I arrived Thursday night and Friday morning at 5:15AM I got up. You see, Cheryl is one of those people who works out at that ungodly hour and since I was there, well I decided to join her at her early morning boot camp. I'll let you know when my abs are done complaining. It was not boot camp but rather ab camp. I think her trainer, Paul took one look at me and decided to tailor it to my labs. He's quick, that Paul.

Then we proceeded to lie by the pool all morning while her babies napped for over two hours. It was tough I tell you, really tough.

The rest of Friday was spend shopping (on a strict budget!) and dinner. It was wonderful. Kind of like recharging my batteries.

Saturday morning, I got up just before 6AM (yes, I am crazy) to join Cheryl on the last 6 miles of her 9 mile run. Unfortunately she got 1 mile in and was having serious leg pain. Run was aborted but since we were up anyway, we took advantage of the basement gym.

I lost 2 lbs while I was there. With the delicious ground chicken and salsa dinners and oatmeal and egg white breakfasts, how could I not? And I am quite serious about it being delicious. Clean eating is not as hard as we all think. I plan on adopting more of these practices because the level of energy is incredible.

Saturday we put in a 12 hour day at the marking center and 5 hours on Sunday. It was good money and despite how marking exams sounds, I really kind of enjoy it. I love the team atmosphere and seeing people that I normally only get to communicate with online.

And the girl time with a close friend was icing on the cake.

But there's more bonuses.

My boys seem to have missed their Mommy a wee bit and boy are they on their best behaviour. And maybe, just maybe, I have loads more patience with them because we all had a break from each other. I don't like leaving them more than a couople times a year but really and truly, it is a good thing for all of us.

I am so lucky that I have Jay, who can handle a weekend alone with our kids. I came home to a house cleaner than I left it. I know this is something to be grateful for, thanks Jay for taking such good care of our boys!

It's fun to go away but coming back, to where I belong, is equally wonderful.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

It's Summer!

We just got back from a spontaneous trip up to Jan Lake (my parents co-own a cabin in process up there). If you know us, you know we rarely do something so spontaneous.

We really should do it more often.

always ready with a smile

We went for ice cream. Triple Chocolate Brownie...mmmm. The few licks I had while "helping" the boys keep theirs from dripping too bad were delicious.

The stuff of my  nightmares

We saw big hair creatures. I think this is that Sasquatch they keep talking about. I am still having nightmares. Me and spiders do not get along.

One willing, one not

We biked to the dock and willingly (and unwillingly) posed for Mommy.

The Dock

We enjoyed the twilight hours. Summer here means daylight until well after 10pm.


We sat on the beach and waited for the Canada Day fireworks.

My boys

The boys passed the time by racing.


And teetering.

Skipping rocks

And skipping rocks.

Living Sky

And watching their very first sunset and fireworks. We have never let them stay up that late before due to the grumpies that set in when they are down on sleep. They were old enough, they both handled it well and aside from the swarms of mosquitoes attacking us from all angles, they enjoyed the experience.

That's what it is all about, making memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks Mom and Dad/Grams and Pop!