Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today, Kamden Jaymes turned seven. SEVEN.

2011 Outdoor Season

He into all things sport, particularly soccer. He would play it all day long every day if only he had someone to play it with.

Kamden almost 7 years old

He is still goofy and falls off his chair at the supper table at least once a week. He also knocks his own teeth out. With his knee of course.

Scrunchy Nose

But he still needs his Momma to sing him a song at bedtime. Although lately he has been requesting I go out of my 3 song repertoire and make up a song instead. And then he giggles his little heart out. He is laughing with me, right?

Time is flying but this boy is growing up just as he should, full spunk and vinegar!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Dad

Daddy Day

The only testament required as to how much these two boys love their Daddy is the smiles on their faces.

Jay, when I met you I knew.

You would be a wonderful husband and you are.

But I also knew, that you would be an amazing father.

You have, by far, exceeded my expections.

(Also you are making me look bad, maybe knock it down a knotch or two so my short comings as a mother aren't as obvious?)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Big One Oh

Dear Jack,

Ten years ago today, you came into this world and made us parents.

And now look at you.

Birthday boy

You are growing up, my handsome son. I see it every day. It makes me happy to my core and scares the tar out of me in equal parts.

Have I ever told you that I am winging this mom gig?

I am.

Sometimes I do right by you. Other times I beat myself up because I know I didn't handle a situation with you the way you needed.

Wii Fanatic

I shower you with I love you's and hugs and hope that makes up for it, in some small way.

I also hope that the day you are too old to feel comfortable with that stays away just a little bit longer.

Baby Pictures

Today, you came running out of school at lunch with so much excitement that it made my heart skip a little. It is the simple things that make you happy. Daddy and I took you out for lunch, just the three of us, and you chatted excitedly about your morning at school. I couldn't help but smile and think about how much you have changed.

You are growing up, my son.

It is exactly as it should be.

Happy 10th Birthday buddy!

Love Mommy

Friday, June 03, 2011

New Do

Yesterday was a day. You know what I am talking about, stress, check, wanting something different (check), ready to throw in the towel (hell to the yes check).

Bad day to have a hair appointment, no?

I have been humming and hawing about a change for months now but when push comes to shove, I have not gone the change route.

Yesterday was no different, I stuck with the same colour and when she started cutting, we discussed going shorter.

FYI, my stylist is also Jay's stylist. She has been our stylist for years (lots of years). She knows Jay. Jay likes my hair long.

You see the issue right?

We decided that we would do it next time, you know to prepare Jay. So instead she trimmed off an extra inch.


I am liking it. That extra inch gave is some gusto. My hair is curly, yes, but also loses it's oommph really easily. It needs to be washed to get back it's mojo and since doing that more than once a day is in the "it will happen when hell freezes over" category, well, this is really something to make my day.

Related: there is a bottle of my Dad's best white wine chilling for later.

What I deal with daily

These yahoos were home for lunch when I set up the old tripod to take the pictures. They were a big help, can you tell?

This was seconds before I herded them out the door and back to school already for the love of all that is holy and good in the world.

New(ish) Do

Ah, much better.

So, you know you want to know Jay's response when I broke the news that I was cutting much more of my hair off next time.

It went something like this:

Me: So Kristy and I decided we are chopping it next time.
Jay: *crickets accompanied by dumbfounded look of pure confusion*
Me: I need a change! I have had my hair in this style for years. YEARS!
Jay: If you need a change, why don't you get implants?
Me: That will happen when monkeys fly out of my butt.

Okay so I modified that conversation slightly for the sake of humour but he really did say implants. I think that goes to show you the lengths (snort!) he will go to keep my hair long.

He is just lucky I didn't come home with pink buzz.