Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spontaneous Photography Field Trip

Monday, I took a quick break from work. I fired up the van (it was -25 Celsius, brrr) and took a 30 min trip around the neighborhood.

I took 23 pictures and got these four. Not bad for a half hour and some very cold fingers.

And these are all in colour. Honest. I think that is why we all get so down and out during winter and people put their Christmas lights on right after Halloween (for the record, I think there should be a law - no Christmas lights until Dec 1 - too much of a good thing is too much), we need some colour.

Attempting to Shine

Road to the Pen

We don't live to far from the city's penitentiary. Don't worry, it's low security. Wait. Maybe that is exactly why you should worry? Gulp.

Anyway this is the road into the lovely place. I think. I turned around right after I took two snaps. It said restricted area, I didn't want to get arrested.


This one emits pure lonliness to me. Haunting. Or maybe I am just reaching....

Yes, we drive on these roads

I often wonder what people think of the winter driving conditions we face daily. I think nothing of driving on a road like this. In fact, I get some kind of weird satisfaction from being able to maintain control of a vehicle on ice, ruts and some combination thereof.

Call in the therapy folks, she has really lost it now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Positive Spin

A Saskatchewan Moment

Grumble, grumble, bother, bother.

That has been my mood for the past couple of days. It is totally explainable (I'll take hormones, for a $1,000, Alex) but also ridiculously annoying. Top that off with a Monday morning that was less than stellar and here I am.

It is time to spin to the tune of the positive instead of the grumble, grumble, bother bother.

Onward ho.

I am thankful that when Jack called from school at 9:12AM this morning to let me know he wouldn't be coming home for lunch today because they were going a field trip today (not tomorrow like I was sure the note from the teacher said - oh right, keeping it positive) he was calm, cool and collected. If you know Jack, then you know stuff like this phases him. I am sure I will hear about it later as he told me it was Monday not Tuesday like I was sure the note (which I could no longer locate) said. But in the moment, he held it together. And he got a lunch from somewhere. THAT should be intersting, he is notoriously picky.

Coffee and dark chocolate. Why? See above re: hormones.

My family. They love me. Miraculous in itself most days.

My friends. They open my eyes. They make me think. It is a good thing.

My job. I had a dream last night that I was working back at my old job. Scratch that. It was a nightmare. So despite the fact that this morning kicked me in the butt, I love my job. Challenges are good. Mistakes are good because I learn.

Onward ho, hauling a positive spin with me. Perspective is always a good thing.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Report Cards, To Reward or Not To Reward

This week marked report card week for Jack and Kamden. They looked forward to it as much as I did. Yes, the nerdiness runs true in our blood.

Self Portrait

The best part of report cards, aside from the awesome drawings that come with it (Kamden's self portrait - done it multi medium), is the confirmation that the boys are doing well in school.

They are trying their best and learning.

Not only is that the goal, it's kind of their job.


FB was abuzz with parents antipating their children's report cards. One of the comments on a friend's post about report cards asked whether the children would be getting money.

My friend, rightly so, quickly responded with a great big fat no.

Grade one

Why is the report card not enough? Why is it not enough for kids to be told they are doing a good job? Why do they need a reward for doing what they are supposed to do?

Ugly Duckling

In today's world, where stuff is a plenty, we seem to find any reason to ply our children with more stuff. My house is a testament to this continuing problem. Toys and books and stuff are pouring out of every orafice. Okay not orifice but you know what I mean.

Side rant: It is to the point that they come home from school on Halloween with enough candy that really, do they need to go out Trick or Treating and get more? I am that stingy parent that doesn't send anything with my kids because, seriously, I throw 90% of the junk they bring home out. Burger gummy candies, are you kidding me? You might think I am mean but my kids won't even eat that. They are smart, what can I say? And if they bring home one more fancy pencil, I will go postal. Ever tried to sharpen one? An exercise in frustration. Dollar store crap that is adding to my already hefty anger managment therapy.

Makin' me laugh

My friend also noted that when she was a kid what she got for having a good report card was the gift of knowing her parents were proud of her hard work.

What could we possibly give them that would 1) be more valuable and 2) more memorable?

I guarantee my boys won't remember that they get taken out for supper on report card day, but rather that Jay and I were proud of their hard work and their success.

That is what I remember too. I always knew my parents were proud of me, not because they bought me everything my heart desired, but because they told me.

It really seems quite simple to me.

(if you do reward your kids, that is your choice, just saying this is our way)

Friday, November 12, 2010

I Don't Remember

I don't remember when they stopped wearing Robeez and started wearing big kid shoes.

Tiny feet

But I do remember their chubby toes that were, and still are, incredibly ticklish.


I don't remember when they stopped needing me to carry them everywhere and started walking on their own two feet.


But I do remember their weight on my hip, their soft heads as I leaned in to plant a kiss on their silky hair.

I don't remember when they stopped wanting to read "Guess How Much I Love You" and started wanting Robert Munsch books.

I love you right up to the moon

But I do remember telling them that I loved them right up to the moon and back.

I don't remember when they stopped playing with Fisher Price toys and started playing superheroes.

Boy Power

But I do remember watching as they began to see each other as a playmate.

Spiderman Brothers

I don't remember when they stopped calling me Mama and started calling me Mommy.

But I do remember how it feels each and every time I hear that special title that will always be the most important one bestowed upon me: Mommy.

I don't remember every moment.


But I do remember the most important ones.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anger Management

So, you know when things build up and you find yourself yelling at the dude in front of you who drives 10km under the speed limit down a one lane street for 5 km and then you, because fate is bitch, follow this same dude into a parking lot where he stops smack dab in the middle of the driving lane to let his overweight wife out in front of the door?

No? Great, well now you know where I am at anyway.

I am mad that a friend can't just move on with her life already.

Mad that there are those that I will never agree with and even worse, we can't even agree when one of us doesn't understand how to be civil. The match is lit and the gas has been poured on that bridge, let me tell you.

Mad that I barked at Jay last night over something completely and utterly ridiculous. Just to prove my point... he was drying the pots that I had handwashed and I got upset that he didn't put the dirty dishes on the table in the dishwasher first.

Uh huh, I did.

50% of men in the world will only dry dishes if asked to do so directly. Another 25% won't even do it when asked.

Um yeah, consider me slinking away with my tail between my legs.

I am just mad that I am mad.

And it's snowing. Consider yourself warned.

*cracks open vodka at 10:24am*

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Better Late than Never?

Wait, don't answer that.

I know, I know, there is a time limit on Halloween posts and I've missed it. Trust me, it could be worse, I could do NaBlaBitMyFa. Imagine the posts you would get then. A picture of a wall tack is probably the most creative post I would come up. Consider yourself lucky that instead you get this image of the pre-carved pumpkins.

Don't ask

Yes, that is my husband, ladies and gents. He is 100% man. Enough said. I also have a picture of my girlfriend holding them with her husband but a) it's blurry and b) I like her so I won't post it. Aren't I nice to mention it though? Just working hard on being a good friend.

Optimus does Jack o Latern

Jack aka Optimus chose the same pattern as last year. It's a winner if you ask me.

James, James Bond

And Kamden chose the pattern I created last year. I should quit my day job, no?


This year we carved with friends because, gasp, this friend mentioned that they might not actually carve their pumpkins otherwise. This is Halloween sacrilege to me. Pumpkins will not go uncarved on my watch.

"It's time for your lobotomy, Ned" to quote Calvin.

Keeping the world safe

The boys went as Transformers this year. I love how they like to dress up as similar characters. Wonder how long it will last?

They each went Trick or Treating with their best pals and brought home enough candy for 5 kids. Honestly, we still have some from last year. I threw some of it out but just couldn't through out the good chocolate bars. Funny since we don't seem to eat them.

It was a good one. Holidays are so much fun with kids. I can't wait for Christmas.

If you are interested, aka Jack and Kamden's grandparents, more pictures can be found here.