Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anger Management

So, you know when things build up and you find yourself yelling at the dude in front of you who drives 10km under the speed limit down a one lane street for 5 km and then you, because fate is bitch, follow this same dude into a parking lot where he stops smack dab in the middle of the driving lane to let his overweight wife out in front of the door?

No? Great, well now you know where I am at anyway.

I am mad that a friend can't just move on with her life already.

Mad that there are those that I will never agree with and even worse, we can't even agree when one of us doesn't understand how to be civil. The match is lit and the gas has been poured on that bridge, let me tell you.

Mad that I barked at Jay last night over something completely and utterly ridiculous. Just to prove my point... he was drying the pots that I had handwashed and I got upset that he didn't put the dirty dishes on the table in the dishwasher first.

Uh huh, I did.

50% of men in the world will only dry dishes if asked to do so directly. Another 25% won't even do it when asked.

Um yeah, consider me slinking away with my tail between my legs.

I am just mad that I am mad.

And it's snowing. Consider yourself warned.

*cracks open vodka at 10:24am*


Angella said...

Oh, Kami. I'm sorry. I wish I was closer so that we could go out for coffee.


Ashley said...

I'm sorry things suck right now for you. I'm sorry you're mad, I hate being mad.

I think there are people who thrive on drama (not you, hear me out) who refuse to be civil, because being civil, agreeing to disagree, doing the grown up thing would remove the drama from a situation and they would all of a sudden be at a loss. I have a certain family member like this, if there isn't something about to implode happening within our family, she will create something because the drama feeds her soul. We don't talk much.

I prefer to face a conflict head on, hash it out, yell it out (if the need arises) and then get over it. Life is too short to fight all the time.

I totally would have burned that bridge too - I might have done it with the other person standing on it....I'm just sayin'.

I hope you're day gets better, and you find a way to get your mad out!

teeni said...

Aww. Well, Kami, I hope that even just writing this post allowed you to vent a little bit. We all have our days. Fortunately, I think you are awesome enough that your hubby can forgive you for such a slight infraction, especially when you are so wonderful to him the majority of the time. It's obvious that you are seriously irritated at the situation but that is only because you care so much or it wouldn't be an issue and I am sure Jay can understand that. Anyhoo - I'm no fortune teller but I do believe things will get better with time so just hang in there and pour me one of those while you are at it. I won't have you drinking alone! ;)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

time to break out the chocolate? Ben & Jerry ice cream? hope things get better and soon

Cheryl said...

vent fest Jan 2011, I'm all ears my friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh hon, I'm sorry :-(

I hope you feel better having vented, sometimes that can be really therapeutic, even though nothing has "technically" changed.
Could it partly be blamed on hormones?? I know I am at the end of my wick when my hormones are all over the place, and I get mad more easily.

I wish you didn't live across a gigantic ocean, as I would totally come over and give you a real hug and we could talk.

But you know that I'm (virtually) here if you need me.

Karen MEG said...

Things build up around these parts all the time. That you barked at Jay for that - I do that to my man all the time, I'm such a freaky stress-bag lately.

I hope you get the mad out and that tomorrow is a much better day. Here's having a virtual vodka martini with you, complete with hugs.

Jen Wilson said...

Oh, dude. I'm glad you did a vent!!! And I'm sorry that friendship has gone wrong.

Like I said on Facebook, one of the reasons I love our friendship so much is that we have different views - but I also love that we both respect the others' views as well. :)

Hope your week gets better!!!!!!!!!!

Ed said...

Snow puts me on edge as well. Only 9 more months of it thought, right?

R Royal Family said...

uh oh, sounds like a bad one. let me know if you want to talk, unless it is about me than I am sorry :-)