Monday, February 28, 2011

Miss me? Tales of a lost Tooth and a Dimple

Where does the time go?

I have been a busy beaver. Turns out working for a living takes up my spare time. Who knew?

Seriously though, I was away the last three weekends in a row for work which was fun, challenging (I had to present in front of 40 or more people....gulp, and I did and it was fun), and generally exhausting.

I got home early this morning (1 am UGH) and was very happy to crawl into my own bed.

This morning at breakfast, Kamden lost the front tooth that has been hanging on forEVER. I was really happy I didn't miss it!

Look Ma, no tooth!

I didn't really think it was possible, but he is cuter.

Toothless Nut

But still the same old twerp we know and love.


This guy too. That dimple is something, ain't it?

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Down a Life, or Three

Our Saturday was typical. My parents were in town to watch Kamden play soccer the night before and left just after lunch.

It was a beautiful day and Jack and Kamden had energy to burn so I told them to go outside and play. Lord knows we get a handful of winter days where it's not so cold you lose appendages in minutes. It's a simple situation of enjoying them when you can. And by you, I mean them. Not me. Double standard? Damn straight.

Kamden took the bait. Jack, well he takes after me. Nothing short of a threat to his life will make him venture out.

I asked Kamden if he would walk down to the end of the street to get the mail. He said he couldn't do it by himself.

No worries said Jay, he will go along with him.

Kamden is ready before Jay and heads outside.

This is not big deal. He is 6 and half years old. He knows the rules. He stays in the yard, off the street, yadda yadda.

Jay gets dressed and I hear him say he can't find the mail key. I yell that it likely fell somewhere - it is small and constantly getting lost. He takes my keys which have a second mail key.

A few minutes later, as I am dusting the living room (annual event! there were balloons and everything!) I see Jay standing on the sidewalk looking perplexed. He mouths he can't find Kamden.

I run to the front door (side actually if you want to be technical) and open it. He can't find him. I throw on my coat and a pair of shoes (boots, flip flops? who knows by this point?) and run out.

We. can't. find. him. anywhere.

He is not in the front yard. He is not in the back yard. There was fresh snow but I could not see foot prints.

It may have been 2 minutes. It felt like 20 hours.

We run into the house and yell. We yell outside.

He is no where.

I am using my I am freaking right the hell out here and can't stop panicking voice (you should hear it, it's nothing short of awesome).

I check everywhere I can think of. So does Jay.

Finally Jay runs down the street. There is Kamden at the damn mailbox. Which, for the record we cannot see from our house because the street curves. Apparently we also very swift that it took us that long to clue in to look there. In our defense, he usually means what he says. He said he wasn't going so I presumed he didn't.

I am down at least three lives. And also, we now know where the mail key was. Detectives, we are not.

I know the terror that parents feel when the possibility that one of their children is gone forever feels. It was literally 2 minutes and I kept thinking, here it is, the moment that will forever change my life. The moment in time that will split my life into two parts. Before and after.

Yet despite that, fully expecting him to pop up at any moment. I have the privilege of knowing the relief of finding him. So many parents never know that relief.

To say I am grateful is an understatement.

Mental note, just because he says he isn't going to do something, doesn't mean he won't.

Snow, snow and more snow

After he was found, he and Jay build a snowman. It was so warm he decided he had to pose in his T-shirt. And I let him. Wonders never cease.

Also, notice the level of the snow compared to the car. We have had a LOT of snow here in Saskabush.


God I love this kid. Plain and simply, I cannot imagine life without him.


Completely unrelated! Practicing his speech. He, apparently, has a lisp. I, personally, think it is part of his charm.


Jack was doing some homework on the computer while all this was going down. He started running around the house yelling for Kamden too.

Then after he says, he wasn't worried at all. Uh huh, sure buddy, whatever you say.

To state the obvious, I gave Kamden a little further instruction on telling us if he is going somewhere before he leaves. Explaining that Mommy gets a tad bit worried when I don't know where he is.

Mommy can only handle one heart failure a year. Max.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


It is only the second week of me attempting to participate in You Capture and I already thought I might not be able to make it. We don't have a lot of red in our house but amazingly enough, I found some if I looked hard enough.


I painted this for Jack when he was about 4 or 5. He loved trucks when he was younger and this is Dumpy, a character from a book he loved at that age.

I thought this accountant with all her creativity housed in her left pinkie toenail had done pretty good. The lady at the framing store, however, had a different opinion.

She asked if Jack had painted it.

In hindsight, I kind of see her point.


Jack's curtains. I am almost positive he will be asking to replace these any day now. They were perfect for him when he was little though.


The blanket that we snuggle under every morning when we call Jay to say good morning. It reminds me of my Auntie Vicki. It was a wedding gift from her and I love it still.


The nets that adorn our living room. Our Kamo is a sports addict and spends many an hour playing hockey and soccer with himself.

He is now asking when he can play hockey. Gulp.

My Addiction

And the book I am currently reading awaiting my 3rd cup of tea for the day. Me and the library are like this. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes.