Sunday, May 28, 2006

INXS Rocks!

Here's us heading off on a date together. Jack, our budding photographer took the picture and Kamden couldn't understand why he couldn't be in it!

We left the kids with my Mom and Dad and headed into town for a nice supper together before the show.

We decided on the Keg - we love the Keg but only treat ourselves to it every now and then. Steak that melts in your mouth is good thing! So we ordered ourselves some yummy steak and had bread and salad to start. Oh yes, and a bevie. Had to have one of those. I went Keg size just for fun!

We were still feeling overstuffed after the opening act.....
The Keg is better when you can attach yourself to the couch after... Next concert will be a nice light supper beforehand.

Got to the concert early so we were walking around the concourse - Jay was checking out the Oilers game on the TVs and we were trying to work off some of our supper off. Jay mentioned that he wondered if Lucy would be there. The reason he brought it up was the last time I went to an INXS concert was about 14 years ago when I was in Grade 11. Lucy was one of the people I went with. Just as he said it, there she was walking toward us. Maybe he had a premonition!
Either way it was very cool. It was good to see Lucy, it's been awhile and we chatted and caught up on each other's lives.

The opening act was the ex lead singer of Creed who is now out on his own. He was good, did his job and got the crowd going.

Then out came INXS and the place went bolistic. It was a great high energy concert and Jay and I danced our butts off. We were in a good section as most people were on their feet the entire time. There's no sitting during this band! Gotta get up and rock. Unfortunately it looked like the lead singer injured his knee during the last song so their next date might not be as high energy!

We weren't feeling stuffed after the show! It was a great night with my hubby!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What should I have done?

Because clearly I took the wrong approach....

Let's back up. This morning the boys were still coughing terribly and Kamden was still really miserable so I decided it was time to hit the Dr's office. I am not a huge Dr person, don't mind them and go when necessary but for a virus like this, usually I just let nature take it's course.
But thought it best since we are nearing a week with this thing to go and make sure.

Called at 9:10am and the nurse asked us to be there by 10:00am - I knew we could do it, it wouldn't be pretty, but it could be done. Let's just say that Jack was repeating over and over, "Mommy, I am NOT going to help you out today." - I was trying to reason, telling him I needed his help. Since he didn't want to go, why should he help? Reasonable I suppose.....

Kamden was on Jack's side. He simply HAD to put his shorts on himself. Despite that fact that twice he put both legs in one hole, he STILL didn't want help. I finally put them on him properly. What did he do, you ask? Well of course, he took them off. ARRRRGGGGG!

Let's just say he got put into the van minus shorts and shoes. He was a lot more cooperative at the Dr's office, go figure.

We saw the Dr and he verified it wasn't Croup but just a nasty virus and that they both seemed to have a bit of bronchitis. Nothing a little chicken soup and TLC wouldn't cure, eventually. So I was right but it's still nice to hear from an expert. He did note that there is a virus going around that has two phases so they could end up better only to have a relapse. We'll pray that the Good Lord will have mercy on us all! The boys have had it and so have we.

Anyway, now for my dilema. We stopped at Shopper's on the way home to fill Kamden's prescription - a little cream for his ezcema. We were waiting patiently for it to be finished and an elderly gentleman came up and tried to give Jack a loonie.

Now Jack is generally shy around strangers. Same as me as a kid. I am not all the interested in changing that as I know there was zero anyone could have done to modify this behaviour in me. I am okay with it as long as he isn't rude. Now not talking may be construed as rude but I also think expecting a 4.5 year old to simply be outgoing with a stranger is not necessarily a reasoable expectation, nevermind expecting him to take something, whatever it may be.

My response was simply to say, "No thank you.". He looked at me and said, it's not for you. And proceeded to continue to try to give it to Kamden too. Then me. By this point, I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation and again said, "no thank you.".

He looked at me offended and walked off.

Should I have just taken the money and been grateful? I feel horrible about the whole thing and it was not my intention to offend him but I also didn't feel it reasonable to expect Jack to take it either.

Am I wrong?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Perhaps you are wondering....

why I post so many messages on this site.....

At first I wasn't really sure either.

At first I thought, okay, you have become obsessed. It's gotten to the point that I am thinking of themes for posts throughout the day and then can't wait to have a minute at my computer to type it up - maybe even add a few pictures. But after considering this for awhile I have come to a more useful conclusion.

Since I am not one to be obsessed over much, well except my kids but I'm a mom, I am supposed to that. I don't smoke, drink or do any illegal things and never have. I have lately acquired a taste for coffee - weird I know, but I am still in the fancy coffee stage, there may still be hope. But that's a topic for another post.

I had to come up with the REAL reason behind my facination with sharing our everyday details here.

Here it is....

This is really a journal of our lives when the boys are small. One that I would not normally take the time to do on paper or otherwise. I don't seem to have time for scrapbooking or any other regular craft that would be similiar. However, because the chance exists that someone else might actually read this, I make the effort. So for those three or four of you out there - thanks! I wouldn't be documenting all these amazingly mundane things that will be so neat to read once they are all grown up!

Now, as long as doesn't go bankrupt, it'll exist forever in cyberspace. Okay, maybe I better come up with a plan to save it more permanantly.

I'll think of something - I have to keep this stuff. It's like an electronic scrapbook - okay maybe it's not as pretty as a real one would be but this one is cheaper and faster. No fancy paper, no fancy scissors, stickers and gobs of time cutting and pasting.

THAT'S why I do this. Hopefully someone out there enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing and posting!

Monday, May 08, 2006

My Birthday Bumps

Thanks for reminding me of my large birthday bump yesterday Candace ;-)
After Jay's comment, I felt I must clarify for all you people with your minds in the gutter - you know who you are! Or is that just my dear sweet husband? :-)

Anyway, at the Kids' CBC show yesterday I embarrassed myself but good - it's a talent, what can I say?

We had the three kids sitting together with us mom's to the side in the Center of the Arts which has the theatre style fold up chairs.

Picture me, standing up to hand Jack something three chairs down from me, me backing up behind first towards where my chair was then me flat on said behind because I forgot said chair folds up once said behind exits it!

Lucky for me there were many witnesses including Candace, who, the angel, was more concerned about my well being than the humour of it all. Her first reacation was, "Kami, are you okay?" Then Amy returned........

And the laughter began.....

It WAS very funny. Too bad we didn't get it on video, we could win $10,000 with that one on AFV.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I am a very lucky girl!

Today is my birthday! And tomorrow our 7th anniversary... We didn't plan that well since normally Mother's Day also falls very close to both these occasions. I don't mind though because Jay makes sure I feel special every day of the year. Today was no exception....

We started the afternoon with Jack's Blastball game then Jack and I went to the Center of the Arts to see a Kids' CBC production that included Clifford, Lunar Jim, Holly and Patty (characters from the CBC lineup). We arrived home to find the deck decorated with balloons and a Happy Birthday banner.

Jay and Kamden went shopping and brought home a pin the wrench on Bob game for us to play at my party. Very appropriate in a house full of boys and Kamden can say "Bob" now!

Jay also BBQ'd his fabulous Greek ribs and Cathy joined us for supper on the deck. It was a nice day here IF you were out of the wind. Lucky for us the deck was out of the wind. Or our food would have been plastered up against the screens.

Cathy brought over an oreo ice cream cake and I had some excellent helpers blowing out all the candles. It's a good thing too, we didn't even need the fire department for all those candles. Of course Jack was on stand by with his fleet of fire trucks!

Mental note: before you ask an almost 5 year old to blow out candles, be sure he is finished chewing the carrot he is eating! Ahh, the joys of little boys:-) We needed a little nutrition with our cake anyway.

All in all a fabulous day and to top it off I received a laptop backpack and a wireless network hub. Not to mention the INXS and Leann Rimes tickets. I think Jay has covered all the occasions with all that.

I am a very lucky girl!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My busy social life

I know, that might be hard to believe about me! However, the past few days I have been out 3 times - my boys are not happy about it though :(

Last Friday was my splurge party so I was out visiting with fellow mom's until 1 am. We have lots of fun and have a nice comfortable group were we can vent about whatever as well as compare notes on our kids. Plus we get $300 once a year to indulge on ourselves. A great plan as far as I'm concerned. Mine went to a full day at the spa just before Christmas with one of my oldest and best friends, Cathy. We celebrated our 30th birthdays together (mine was the previous year and here's in Dec). She moved home after being in BC for 7 years, me very happy!

Then on Tuesday, Shana, a member of our splurge group who also hosted Friday, held a Norwex party. Norwex sells evironmentally friendly cleaning products, which of course interest me. I am not really an environmentalist but I recycle and try to reduce our waste. However, we use disposable diapers so for me to say I am an environmentalist would be hipocritical to say the least. I already had some of the products, wet and dry mop, enviro cloth, window cloth, and the dryer balls. I really like my mop on our new laminate flooring, it's like vacuuming only much less hassle. And I can wash the floor in about 5 min with no soap what so ever. A must with Kamden in the house (he's a messy eater to put it mildly :-) ). I also use the window cloth to clean the windows, mirrors etc, where ever Kamden has left "paw prints" as Jack calls them. It requires only a little water so there's no windex with ammonia in the air or paper towels to throw out. However, after being at the party, I have a new exuberance for the enviro cloths. They apparently pick up 99% of bacteria and other icky stuff off any surface they wipe. All you need to do is wet it, wring it out and start cleaning. So yesterday, I started in the kitchen and wiped all the counters, the table (I always do this but with a dish cloth that probably just spreads all the gross stuff around plus I have to bleach them because they get very icky!) and I wiped out the kitchen sink. All with only water. The sink sparkled like it does after I use Vim with bleach and the counters had never looked so clean.

Then I washed the floor (with my mop) and moved on to the bathrooms. I used the enviro cloth to clean the counters, the mirror (then polished with window cloth) and the tub. No soap. No chemical smell that we all think of as smelling clean. Everything sparkled. I didn't use the cloth on the toilet because while they say that it absorbs whatever it picks up and doesn't spread it to the next surface you wipe, I just couldn't do it. I used toilet cleaner and my toilet brush for now until I get my new toilet brush from Norse that comes with it's own disambiguate in the holder that apparently lasts for well over a year.

Let's just say that it was a good thing I had to leave the party early because the bill would have been even higher! The hostess was a good sell simply by using stories of how she had used all the products. She even cleaned butter and baseline off a window with the envier cloth and window cloths. Very cool, let's see windex and a paper towel do that in two wipes!

Wow, you'd think I liked cleaning the way I went on and on. You can wake up now, I'm done!

Then last night, Cathy (who I met skating many, many, many years ago - we tried to figure it out but kept coming up with a number that seemed too high for either of our liking because it aged us more than we liked) and I went to Stars on Ice. It was FANTASTIC! Kurt Browing is still King and Elvis was such high energy. Plus our fave's Jamie Sale and David Pelletier. Not to mention Jeff Buttle, Joannie Rochette and a host of others. It was humorous, full of energy and just down right entertaining. Cathy and I cannot remember why we chose not to go to World's on Calgary this past March. I think it had something to do with her being in university but somehow that doesn't seem like such an important reason now. I know it was but....

Thanks for the great Christmas gift Cathy, I owe you big time!

So that's my very lively social life this month. Next outing will be INXS at the end of May with my handsome husband.