Sunday, May 07, 2006

I am a very lucky girl!

Today is my birthday! And tomorrow our 7th anniversary... We didn't plan that well since normally Mother's Day also falls very close to both these occasions. I don't mind though because Jay makes sure I feel special every day of the year. Today was no exception....

We started the afternoon with Jack's Blastball game then Jack and I went to the Center of the Arts to see a Kids' CBC production that included Clifford, Lunar Jim, Holly and Patty (characters from the CBC lineup). We arrived home to find the deck decorated with balloons and a Happy Birthday banner.

Jay and Kamden went shopping and brought home a pin the wrench on Bob game for us to play at my party. Very appropriate in a house full of boys and Kamden can say "Bob" now!

Jay also BBQ'd his fabulous Greek ribs and Cathy joined us for supper on the deck. It was a nice day here IF you were out of the wind. Lucky for us the deck was out of the wind. Or our food would have been plastered up against the screens.

Cathy brought over an oreo ice cream cake and I had some excellent helpers blowing out all the candles. It's a good thing too, we didn't even need the fire department for all those candles. Of course Jack was on stand by with his fleet of fire trucks!

Mental note: before you ask an almost 5 year old to blow out candles, be sure he is finished chewing the carrot he is eating! Ahh, the joys of little boys:-) We needed a little nutrition with our cake anyway.

All in all a fabulous day and to top it off I received a laptop backpack and a wireless network hub. Not to mention the INXS and Leann Rimes tickets. I think Jay has covered all the occasions with all that.

I am a very lucky girl!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a Happy Birthday was enjoyed by all!! Happy Birthday again and also Happy Anniversary to you and Jay!! Hugs, kisses and love to all!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention your birthday bumps ;-) Happy Birthday Kami.


80's 4 ever said...

No mention of "bumps" as this is a G-rated site.

Angella said...


Did you know that "wireless network" = "more blogging"?

At least it does for me :)