Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What should I have done?

Because clearly I took the wrong approach....

Let's back up. This morning the boys were still coughing terribly and Kamden was still really miserable so I decided it was time to hit the Dr's office. I am not a huge Dr person, don't mind them and go when necessary but for a virus like this, usually I just let nature take it's course.
But thought it best since we are nearing a week with this thing to go and make sure.

Called at 9:10am and the nurse asked us to be there by 10:00am - I knew we could do it, it wouldn't be pretty, but it could be done. Let's just say that Jack was repeating over and over, "Mommy, I am NOT going to help you out today." - I was trying to reason, telling him I needed his help. Since he didn't want to go, why should he help? Reasonable I suppose.....

Kamden was on Jack's side. He simply HAD to put his shorts on himself. Despite that fact that twice he put both legs in one hole, he STILL didn't want help. I finally put them on him properly. What did he do, you ask? Well of course, he took them off. ARRRRGGGGG!

Let's just say he got put into the van minus shorts and shoes. He was a lot more cooperative at the Dr's office, go figure.

We saw the Dr and he verified it wasn't Croup but just a nasty virus and that they both seemed to have a bit of bronchitis. Nothing a little chicken soup and TLC wouldn't cure, eventually. So I was right but it's still nice to hear from an expert. He did note that there is a virus going around that has two phases so they could end up better only to have a relapse. We'll pray that the Good Lord will have mercy on us all! The boys have had it and so have we.

Anyway, now for my dilema. We stopped at Shopper's on the way home to fill Kamden's prescription - a little cream for his ezcema. We were waiting patiently for it to be finished and an elderly gentleman came up and tried to give Jack a loonie.

Now Jack is generally shy around strangers. Same as me as a kid. I am not all the interested in changing that as I know there was zero anyone could have done to modify this behaviour in me. I am okay with it as long as he isn't rude. Now not talking may be construed as rude but I also think expecting a 4.5 year old to simply be outgoing with a stranger is not necessarily a reasoable expectation, nevermind expecting him to take something, whatever it may be.

My response was simply to say, "No thank you.". He looked at me and said, it's not for you. And proceeded to continue to try to give it to Kamden too. Then me. By this point, I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation and again said, "no thank you.".

He looked at me offended and walked off.

Should I have just taken the money and been grateful? I feel horrible about the whole thing and it was not my intention to offend him but I also didn't feel it reasonable to expect Jack to take it either.

Am I wrong?

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Angella said...

I think it's OK to say "no thank you" if you aren't comfortable. And that man should have smiled and said "OK"

My kids are super friendly,and sometimes that worries me - I want them to be cautious when it comes to strangers!