Thursday, May 18, 2006

Perhaps you are wondering....

why I post so many messages on this site.....

At first I wasn't really sure either.

At first I thought, okay, you have become obsessed. It's gotten to the point that I am thinking of themes for posts throughout the day and then can't wait to have a minute at my computer to type it up - maybe even add a few pictures. But after considering this for awhile I have come to a more useful conclusion.

Since I am not one to be obsessed over much, well except my kids but I'm a mom, I am supposed to that. I don't smoke, drink or do any illegal things and never have. I have lately acquired a taste for coffee - weird I know, but I am still in the fancy coffee stage, there may still be hope. But that's a topic for another post.

I had to come up with the REAL reason behind my facination with sharing our everyday details here.

Here it is....

This is really a journal of our lives when the boys are small. One that I would not normally take the time to do on paper or otherwise. I don't seem to have time for scrapbooking or any other regular craft that would be similiar. However, because the chance exists that someone else might actually read this, I make the effort. So for those three or four of you out there - thanks! I wouldn't be documenting all these amazingly mundane things that will be so neat to read once they are all grown up!

Now, as long as doesn't go bankrupt, it'll exist forever in cyberspace. Okay, maybe I better come up with a plan to save it more permanantly.

I'll think of something - I have to keep this stuff. It's like an electronic scrapbook - okay maybe it's not as pretty as a real one would be but this one is cheaper and faster. No fancy paper, no fancy scissors, stickers and gobs of time cutting and pasting.

THAT'S why I do this. Hopefully someone out there enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing and posting!


candace said...

You know I like reading them, I check everyday. It is a great idea Kami, so greta infact that you got me hooked ;-). Keep them coming.

Angella said...

Well, I know that I enjoy reading your posts!!

And a hint for keeping it - Every week or so, I copy each post (with comments) into Word and back it up. Then I print it and put it in a binder.

Copies for eternity!