Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty in Pink

We have been talking about redoing our bathrooms for years and we finally bit the bullet hiring a contractor to do the work.

Here is the half bath before:

Before 1

Nothing terrible but if you notice on the top right of the vanity, there is a gaping hole. The face plate broke off years ago.

And we had ripped up the flooring (peel and stick squares - never use these, FYI) about two years ago because the toilet leaked.

Before 2

You kind of get used to the ugly backing of the lino that was probably laid in 1984, you know?

But it sure does make me appreciate the loveliness that is now my little slice of girlyville.

I went pink with the theme. It's my bathroom primarily, so the boys in the house didn't get a say (not that they care one way or the other anyway).

It's done!

I picked the paint colour then found the antique looking frames at Winners, then found the cute little bejeweled vase and fake hydrangea another day at Winners all under $10 each.

I love me some Winner's Homesense.

New Vanity

And the storage I have has tripled. I have three drawers which are so much more functional that the under the cabinet thing. Little things like this, put a spring in my step (sad, I know).

Palest of Pinks

And the medicine chest? I found a much more practical use for it since the three types of medicine I keep all fit in the over the toilet cupboard.

Best use of medicine chest

Yes, I enjoy purchasing accessories. Yes, I work at home in Lulu, what's your point?

The main bath is nearing completion too but I am having no luck finding a shower curtain to inspire the decor. The boys, again, couldn't care less about the colour scheme. Life with three boys, it has many perks. For the parents, who might actually care, pictures to come when it all comes together.

If you can't find me, I might be sitting in my little slice of pink, enjoying the view of new baseboards and fresh paint.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Push or Not To Push

Loving the sky

My Jack.

I love my Jack.

He is smart, with an almost photographic memory. He has a quick wit and a keen eye for detail.

He is also stubborn. His own worst critic. Set in his ways (he's 10, I know you think this is not possible however, anyone who knows Jack completely understands what I am talking about).

He is, in so many ways, like me, (except for that memory thing, that comes straight from his grandaddy).

He challenges me daily. I go from feeling like I know him and how to be the best mother to him, to feeling like I am failing him and not giving him what he needs.

He is a good kid. I know this.

His first reaction to being presented with the opportunity to try something new, is no, absolutely not.

I don't get this on any level. I understand this is how he is made, that he can't really change it about himself. However, I cannot relate. Me, who this year, at age 37, has waterskiied, speed skated and snowboarded - all for the first time in my life.

The thing is, when we force him to try new things (except food, a whole other post, trust me) he likes whatever it might be nine times out of ten.

So do we push him every time?

(I literally don't have the energy)

Or do we let him choose?

I don't have the answer. Nor do I expect that anyone else does. I will keep flying by the seat of my pants on a wing and a prayer and hope the therapy bills (his and mine) don't rob us of our retirement savings.

PS. before you judge me for putting this out there on the Internet, I just want to clarify that I have conversations with him all the time about this very issue. None of this is anything I wouldn't say to him. But if you must judge, go for it, turnabout is fair play.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Growing Up J & K

A few years ago, longer ago that it seems (I am positive!) we repainted the boys' rooms. They each picked decals to stick up to decorate (we really go all Martha Stewart up in our house), Jack chose Cars and Kamden chose Toy Story.

Little boy to ?

At the time, they were what both were right into. Today, that has changed. Today, Jack started peeling them off. The topic came up a couple of days ago and I told them that if they wanted to remove them, they could. I know that growing up means changing tastes. Heck, I am no longer growing up (well the jury is actually still out on this one, I am predicting a hung jury - bets are still open, get in while the getting is good) and my tastes change.

They seemed surprised,which I found a bit funny. Go me, being all hip and proactive! (I am about 1 for 850 on that front so don't be jealous)

Bye bye Cars

It's weird. Part of me thinks I should be all sad and nostalgic for those two little boys who once so loved the characters from those movies. But a much bigger part of me knows that this is a moment to rejoice in.

They are growing up.

Him too

And to be honest my reaction is, wow, this is cool. The next stage in this journey from boy to man. The journey that I get a front row seat on. It can be rough up here in the front (I have the war wounds to prove it - or are those from my clumsiness?) but hey, it comes with the territory.

P & H

And quite frankly, I would not have it any other way. This is exactly how it's supposed to be.

In with the new

I am not, however, looking forward to when Star Wars the Clone Wars and Phinneas and Ferb are replaced by Selina Gomez(or whoever is hip or groovy or what are they even calling it now...groovy, how old am I?) or (this is hard to even type) (gasp!)
Lady Gaga.

Okay, maybe I am. Because if the Star Wars the Clone Wars stays, my house may become something akin to The Big Bang Theory.

Now that might be something to worry about.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Rant and The Bright Side


In no particular order, things that miff me:

- spam phone calls, that when answered either by me or the answering machine result in loud beeping. Are you kidding me? What possible purpose does this kind of thing serve? Someone, somewhere needs to find a life. These are annoying during the day (3 times in 20min yesterday thankyouverymuch) but at 2am? Someone is going to pay. I registered on the National Do Not Call List but am skeptical yahoos who create this kind of crap refer to that list.

- Sledding etiquette, learn it, know it, live it. WALK UP THE SIDES OF THE HILL. Seriously. If you walk up the middle of the sliding area I will run you down. Okay, okay, Jay wouldn't let me, something about setting a good example for the kids...whatever. Also of note, if you are there with your 12 year old son and his friend, please deal with them when they lay down in the middle of the sliding area and there are 20 people at the top waiting for them to get up. I felt like a complete ass when I had to go ask them to please (said in my head - for love of Pete, get the HELL out of the way) move as they were holding everyone else up. They had found a toonie and where trying to dig it up, completely oblivious.

- Extra Christmas pounds. Enough said.

- that I no longer write like this

However, often for every con there is a pro:

- okay I actually don't have a pro for the spam phone calls. I lied. Sue me.

- Sledding was ridiculously fun. And we are currently experiencing non-winter like conditions. We are all scratching our heads and bracing for it because it's obvious Old Man Winter is seriously messing with us.

-LuluLemon Studio Pants and LuluLemon Quick Step Pants. I have two pairs of the Quick Step pants (on sale right now - looks like they are discontinuing and one pair of Studio pants. I live in these pants (bonus to working at home, holla!)

- Converse to the extra Christmas pounds, some serious endorphin inducing workouts. Also walking is a bit on the difficult side today. No worries, boot camp tonight will loosen things right up.

And lastly, these two are a pro, if ever there was one.

Pose for me?