Saturday, January 14, 2012

Growing Up J & K

A few years ago, longer ago that it seems (I am positive!) we repainted the boys' rooms. They each picked decals to stick up to decorate (we really go all Martha Stewart up in our house), Jack chose Cars and Kamden chose Toy Story.

Little boy to ?

At the time, they were what both were right into. Today, that has changed. Today, Jack started peeling them off. The topic came up a couple of days ago and I told them that if they wanted to remove them, they could. I know that growing up means changing tastes. Heck, I am no longer growing up (well the jury is actually still out on this one, I am predicting a hung jury - bets are still open, get in while the getting is good) and my tastes change.

They seemed surprised,which I found a bit funny. Go me, being all hip and proactive! (I am about 1 for 850 on that front so don't be jealous)

Bye bye Cars

It's weird. Part of me thinks I should be all sad and nostalgic for those two little boys who once so loved the characters from those movies. But a much bigger part of me knows that this is a moment to rejoice in.

They are growing up.

Him too

And to be honest my reaction is, wow, this is cool. The next stage in this journey from boy to man. The journey that I get a front row seat on. It can be rough up here in the front (I have the war wounds to prove it - or are those from my clumsiness?) but hey, it comes with the territory.

P & H

And quite frankly, I would not have it any other way. This is exactly how it's supposed to be.

In with the new

I am not, however, looking forward to when Star Wars the Clone Wars and Phinneas and Ferb are replaced by Selina Gomez(or whoever is hip or groovy or what are they even calling it now...groovy, how old am I?) or (this is hard to even type) (gasp!)
Lady Gaga.

Okay, maybe I am. Because if the Star Wars the Clone Wars stays, my house may become something akin to The Big Bang Theory.

Now that might be something to worry about.


Ashley said...

Here's hoping they say "Lady Who?" by that time...I don't mind some of her music to workout to but looking at her...not so much.

Anonymous said...

We just did a HUGE spring clean (in summer!) here and totally redid the boys' rooms. Threw away and gave away a lot of their old toys and books and games. I was sad to see things go, but like you, look forward to seeing them grow up. Will be a little bit longer before our boys start putting posters of girls on their walls ... I hope!!

Cheryl said...

awe that is so great...and I agree, not sure I will be ready either for any girl posters! Not because the boys are growing up but because that means I;'m getting older too!!

Elaine A. said...

But the guys on The Big Bang Theory are SO funny!!! I love them just for their sense of humor!! :)

"Phin and Ferb" (as Katie calls them) are EXTREMELY popular in our house right now. My boys would be jealous of both of those posters!

Yay for growing out of the other things...

Mrs. Wilson said...

Star Wars is AWESOME. If that stays until he moves out, I'd say that's pretty rad!

Debbie said...

Our house is already akin the The Big Bang Theory (partly because mum (me) is a bit of a geek).

We finally 'decorated' the boys rooms since the move. The Cars decals moved from E's room to S'. And many superhero posters were hung. Now we're surrounded by Spiderman and Iron Man (hello RDJ!)

But, yeah, not sure I'm quite ready for pop culture to invade our home on a grand scale. Not ready for that part of growing up.

Angella said...

We hung a Star Wars poster on Nathan's wall yesterday! (Graham went for Super Mario Bros.)

They grow fast, but it's a little bit awesome. :)