Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Rant and The Bright Side


In no particular order, things that miff me:

- spam phone calls, that when answered either by me or the answering machine result in loud beeping. Are you kidding me? What possible purpose does this kind of thing serve? Someone, somewhere needs to find a life. These are annoying during the day (3 times in 20min yesterday thankyouverymuch) but at 2am? Someone is going to pay. I registered on the National Do Not Call List but am skeptical yahoos who create this kind of crap refer to that list.

- Sledding etiquette, learn it, know it, live it. WALK UP THE SIDES OF THE HILL. Seriously. If you walk up the middle of the sliding area I will run you down. Okay, okay, Jay wouldn't let me, something about setting a good example for the kids...whatever. Also of note, if you are there with your 12 year old son and his friend, please deal with them when they lay down in the middle of the sliding area and there are 20 people at the top waiting for them to get up. I felt like a complete ass when I had to go ask them to please (said in my head - for love of Pete, get the HELL out of the way) move as they were holding everyone else up. They had found a toonie and where trying to dig it up, completely oblivious.

- Extra Christmas pounds. Enough said.

- that I no longer write like this

However, often for every con there is a pro:

- okay I actually don't have a pro for the spam phone calls. I lied. Sue me.

- Sledding was ridiculously fun. And we are currently experiencing non-winter like conditions. We are all scratching our heads and bracing for it because it's obvious Old Man Winter is seriously messing with us.

-LuluLemon Studio Pants and LuluLemon Quick Step Pants. I have two pairs of the Quick Step pants (on sale right now - looks like they are discontinuing and one pair of Studio pants. I live in these pants (bonus to working at home, holla!)

- Converse to the extra Christmas pounds, some serious endorphin inducing workouts. Also walking is a bit on the difficult side today. No worries, boot camp tonight will loosen things right up.

And lastly, these two are a pro, if ever there was one.

Pose for me?


Anonymous said...

Ah, I think your pros FAR outweigh your cons. As they should :-)

Angella said...

What Hannah said!


Mrs. Wilson said...

Hooray for looking at the bright side! Spam calls were the reason we got rid of our land line.

Karen MEG said...

Spam is indeed evil.

And I still love the way you write.

Happy new year, girlfriend.