Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Photos of Christmas Past and Present

Every year one of my favourite bloggers , does a recap of her family photos since her first child was born. Every year, I think, I should do that. This year, I finally got my act together.

2006 was a tough year though, I spent a good hour searching for that photo alone. The Christmas card said "All the best for 2007". Naturally I assumed the picture was for Christmas 2007. Don't ask.

So without further ado, here are the last 9 or so Christmases because I got nothing, nada, zilch for 2001, the first year we were a family. Also, you will have to bear with my snide comments because, well, I am me, I can't rightly help it.

And yes, my scanner is of the "I am so tight I squeek when I walk" genre. It's not your eyes.


2002 - My hair. Definitely in the "What the HELL were you thinking category". And my fashion sense. Or rather complete and utter lack of it. A t-shirt? So glad I dressed up for family pictures.


2003 - Jack, would it kill you to smile? Some things, they just don't change.
But the cute is still killing me. The chub. The mini-professor glasses.


2004 - we grew by one cheeky little man who was at the time, often referred to as "my LITTLE baby guy". You have to imagine this said in the most high pitched annoying voice in the history of voices used to talk to babies. That's how I do it over here. Breaking glass and all.

Xmas Card 2005

2005 - the first of the singing snowmen that started the collection. Apparently I didn't like to be in photographs. I mean, can you blame me after 2002's fiasco?


2006 - Before I found the family shot from 2006, I was going to use this one and because they are so damn cute, it's actually hurting my eyes, I am leaving it in. Completely unrelated: oh the patch, how we don't miss you.


Then I found it. The were bells ringing when I did, I promise you. The elusive 2006 Christmas card photo. Why I have a digital copy, I have no idea. Credit goes to Snaptshots Photography. This photo I actually love and we redid them a year later. I have a family shot, a shot of the boys and a shot of Jay and I hanging in tall skinny frames over our living room couch. I love them still.

2006 also marks the year I got with the whole "family" picture thing. You know, sending out a photo with the Christmas that included all four of us rather than just the boys.

I have continued that tradition since and I am so glad because, well, it's just nice to have them, you know?


2007 - no snide comment for this one, I still love it. Fall is such a great backdrop.

Xmas 2008

2008 - the photo I sent out with cards this year eludes me too but I found this shot and re-edited it because, folks, bad doesn't even begin to describe the lighting the original had. Early times in manual settings, me thinks. Good to know I have learned a thing or two since then. And also purchased decent editing software (Lightroom and Elements, I kind of like you).

2009 - the family

2009 - this is still my favourite (of the ones I have taken). I just love it.

Xmas Photo 2010

2010 - The sun? It does not go behind the camera. When you look this up in a photography manual (is there even such a thing? If so, I need it. Clearly) this photo is the exhibit demonstrating why.

Xmas Card 2011 Photo

2011 - And that brings us to this year. I love the boys. I don't so much love that Jay and I are scrunching down. But whatevs, it's us, in all our glory (ha!).


I also took this one on the weekend when they were dressed up for Jack's piano recital. It documents two important facts. First, they each only own one nice shirt. Trust me, it's like throwing money into a slot machine to buy more. And two, the poor boys have inherited my unfortunate teeth. All that money we are saving on nice clothes? Going straight into our very own "braces fund".

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your family shots over the years, as I did Angella's. I wish I had even thought to TAKE photos of our family each Christmas, but I think I only have photos for a couple of years. Might have to go and hunt around!

Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Wilson said...

I have two of those photos!! This is so awesome, I might have to do it, too. That Angella and her awesome ideas. :)

nicole said...

Merry Christmas! Y'all look great. The red and black photo is really great.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

so fun watching your kiddos grow over the years

karenmeg1 said...

I love this post Kami -and a great idea to capture the family every Christmas.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Elaine A. said...

You crack me up with you commentary but I would do the same, on my own past photos of course - ha!

I love looking back though, so glad you shared these ALL with us!!

Hope y'all had a wonderfully Merry Christmas, my dear. xo

Leanne said...

I love the shots. You have a beautiful family. I have a picture of the kids every year, now you've got me thinking I should include the hubby and me as well.