Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why It Is Good to Be Me

A friend commented yesterday that I am in such a good place right now. Between that and a high school acquaintance's FB comment (that I am positive would be a friend if we lived closer - hi Tirzah!):

"I am truly grateful for: 1) no wind this morning, 2) that I am strong enough to stand up for what I believe in and what I want in my life, and 3) a supportive man who allows me to be me!"

It made me sit back and reflect. Damn straight I am in a good place! I have always been strong to stand up for what I have wanted in my life, and I have been sharing life with the perfect man for me for the last 17 years.

I take none of this for granted.

I remember where I was and how far I have come.

I no longer pine for something more; for something a little different than my reality.

I am living my life instead of hoping for a different life.

There are so many 'what if's' in the world and we can spend a lifetime wishing and hoping for something different.

I did that for a time. I, personally, would not recommend it.

I am so grateful that I have somehow, no doubt by the grace of God, found contentment. I look forward to every new day not because I hope it will bring something better, but that it will be more of the same.

Daily, there is something to remind me that this is how it was supposed to be:

- A dinner out to a nice restaurant with the four of us

- a trip to Las Vegas for the two of us with no worries that our boys would not be perfectly fine with their Grammy and Granddaddy (more on that trip later, I promise)

- a concert night for the two of us while the boys stayed home with a teenage babysitter (they are 9 and 6 and last month was the first time - yes, really)

- my health and fitness because really, if things had turned out the way I had once wanted, I would not be where I am today in that regard

- making my boys laugh because they are old enough to 'get it'

I can't really describe adequately in words what I feel. The best way to describe it is peace, joy, love and contentment all rolled together into a ball of excitement for what the future will bring for our family and for my career, which I can now focus on a little bit more.

That is why it is good to be me. If I could share a little piece of this with everyone I know and love, I truly would.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Viva Las Vegas #1

Jay has a big birthday coming up next week. I won't give the number away though, as most people think he is much younger than his actual age. Like under 30 young. I wonder what they think of his cougar wife robbing the cradle though?

Friends of our suggested quite some time ago that we meet in Las Vegas to celebrate this monumental (ish) event. I was shocked and surprised that Jay was up for it. He prefers when we are all together and this trip involved leaving the boys behind. Vegas is no place for kids. And would someone kindly tell that to all the people that we saw there dragging their poor children around the strip at ungodly hours of the night?


Paris Paris

Anyway, this past weekend we journeyed to the city that never sleeps, just me and Jay. We had a couple of days on our own before our friends joined us. We did many of the touristy things, grabbed an icy beverage of the alcoholic variety for our walk down the strip, toured the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, dined at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay, went through the Titanic: Artifact Exhibition at Luxor, and finished the night off with Disney's the Lion King at Mandalay Bay.

For Kamo

If this picture befuddles you, see this picture. This one is for Kamo.

And that was only the day we arrived. Yes, we were tired. And the heat, oh the raging heat of the desert. It gets hot in the desert in the summer, who knew?

If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this kind of heat, here is my best description. Picture what the hottest day you can imagine is, add 15 degrees Celsius, remove any humidity and add a giant hair dryer blowing on the hottest setting. That is what Vegas is like in the summer.

It's hot people, like the pits of hell hot.

First beer

If you know me, you know that me and heat do not get along. The only reason we planned our trip for the middle of summer is that it just works easier for our kids to go to their grandparents rather than the grandparents coming to us, which would be required if they were in school.

So you go outside and walk between hotels, sweating profusely, then you enter the glorious bliss of the hotel and it's air conditioning is like a beacon from heaven. 10 minutes later you are a Popsicle. This is why they liberally ply you with alcohol, it's the only way to survive the extreme difference of the elements.


Now I sound like I am such a complainer don't I? Actually I am, therefore this is very realistic. I am just trying to give you the real version, that's me, keeping it real.

Aside from that, Vegas really is like no where else on earth. The opulence is all around you and you see it but you don't really process it until days later. Pictures do not do it justice, you really have to experience it with your own eyes and other senses.


The food was, after the company, my favourite part. Every meal we had was fantastic. And the drinks were just as good.

I have many pictures but have to say that most are disappointing as they do not really capture the reality. And I am over my limit on Flickr. I may upgrade but after being in Vegas, do I really want to fork out the $$?

Lion King

In Vegas you can just sit there and watch the cash jumping out of your wallet.

This was our first day. We called it a night before midnight. Don't judge us, we were up at 4:30am to catch our flight.

To be continued. You can't wait, can you?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What I love about my boys growing up

There are many things about this stage of motherhood that are easier. Not that it is easy, don't misquote me, just easier.

Jack is nine and Kamden is six. They both have little trouble communicating like regular boys, you know, boys who are like their dad, a man of few words. But their communication skills are sufficient to express their needs, wants and fantasy desires (some of those are interesting...no, you can't have yet another Bakugan toy just because you had to come with me to the store but nice try).

They play for hours together, using their imaginations. Sometimes I get bored because they so don't need my constant attention anymore. That lasts about ten seconds before I find something to occupy me....laundry, internet, cooking, cleaning. Right, who are we kidding, it's not usually cleaning.

All of this is fantastic and makes those years where it was the opposite of this but a distant good memory. I still remember how hard it was at times but with fondness because we are through the other side.

And because daily, I get about 25 of these

Waist hug!

And these

Waist hug!

And there really isn't anything better than having those arms wrap around my waist.

Goofy #1 and Goofy #2

These are my boys and I love them more than words can say.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend Update episode #unknown

This kid, the one that is my first born, he's quite the guy. His latest thing? Don't say the "S" word. If you do, he will pretend blow you up with his invisible laser gun.

I am guessing it's the fact that grade 3 was not nearly as fun as Kindergarten, grade 1 and grade 2 hence he's thinking grade 4 will be even worse. I don't have the heart to tell him it's true.

But this morning, the morning after the back to school shopping that involved all things school supply, who is in the middle of the living room surrounded by the aforementioned schools supplies?

Yes, it was him. He can multitask too. He had no problem lasering anyone who mistakenly mentioned the "S" word. Oh and don't think you are being smart by not actually saying the word and just saying the "S" word, he's on to you.


What is that?

And the smiles this guy throws out? Well they slay me. That's all.

My other guy, the one who is my second born, the one who is entering school full time time this year, well he was right in the thick of the school supply mania this morning but he had more of a deer in the headlights attitude toward it.

Cliche as it may be, but where did the time go?

That smile

My baby is no longer a baby by any stretch of the imagination.

I think he is going through a growth spurt too. It's either that or his inherited clumsiness is maturing to all out accident prone status.

One day, he and I were walking down our hallway side by side and suddenly he is no longer beside me and instead smacked up against the corner of the hallway. Split toe nail and forehead bump? Check.

Carpent - 1 Kamden - o

Then later in the week his eyebrow visited our stone wall (don't ask - previous owners blunder) in the basement.

I think we need to bubble wrap him. Seriously.

The Lauch

We interrupt this mommy ramble for some air breaking news.

Normally I would have to blame this type of air on my brother (he usually drives when I tube), however, in this case it was my dad.

Got insurance on me dad? Seriously, I counted craters on the moon on that one and was sure there would be no tube under me when I returned to earth.

By some small miracle, there was.


We vamped up the tubing this year with a bigger, two person job. The kids approved. And it was what finally won Jack over on the whole tubing thing. Unfortunately that is Kamden in the tube with his cousin Anna. The only two pictures I took of Jack are blurry. And so ends my career as a sport photographer.

Oh well, the pay stunk anyway.


The cold from hell has finally retreated. The bastard overstayed its welcome by about two weeks. House guests I tell you, they have some gall.

Due to the phlegm and other fun stuff, I took two whole solid weeks off any kind of physical activity. Then we were at the lake for a week and only fit in one 10k run. So boot camp this past Saturday? It hurt.

Nature reclaims

A few years back a fire went through the bush where the nature hike is at the lake. The signs are still there but new life is starting to overshadow the charcoal.

What nature destroys, she also reclaims with greater beauty.

The hike

The pathway for the nature hike is pure 100% Canadian Shield.

Bluest of Blue

And the wild blueberries were prolific.

Berry picking

He had to pick some because he loves him some berries.


And Mika was so happy to be with her peeps. She loves the kids and where they go, she wants to go.

And she can also leap felled trees in a single bound. Then pull me over said felled tree because bone head didn't figure out that the leash was not long enough.

I guess we know where Kamden gets his clumsiness.

If a tree falls in the forest

Life is good. It is filled with love and laughter, family and friends.

There is no need for more.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Scenes from Round These Parts

Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, Jay and I do a boot camp class on a hill located beside the man made lack smack dab in the middle (ish) of our fair city.

When you arrive at the top of the hill via running, lunging, backpedalling or side stepping panting like a husky pulling a full sled at top speed, also known as coughing up a lung, you see our Alma matter to the far left across the water.

U of R

The next time up you might stare straight out as you attempt to put your lung back where it belongs and see this lovely view.

Top 'o the hill

I never tire of the view. To the right is the Center of the Arts and to its right the Saskatchewan Legislative Buildings.

As an aside, why do all the venues have to have the sponsors name in them now? I revolt and refuse to learn the new names. I know it will work, they will stop the insanity.

Center of the Arts

The sky is purple in my world, why do you ask?

The hills is natural Prairie and is alive with pretty blooms this time of year. I think this year it is even more prolific due to the monsoon season that we had in early summer.

I think this next one might be alfalfa but either way it is a really pretty purple bloom


And the thistles have gone to seed.


And last but not least, my rant for today:


The world is not your ashtray, butt heads.