Sunday, August 08, 2010

Scenes from Round These Parts

Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, Jay and I do a boot camp class on a hill located beside the man made lack smack dab in the middle (ish) of our fair city.

When you arrive at the top of the hill via running, lunging, backpedalling or side stepping panting like a husky pulling a full sled at top speed, also known as coughing up a lung, you see our Alma matter to the far left across the water.

U of R

The next time up you might stare straight out as you attempt to put your lung back where it belongs and see this lovely view.

Top 'o the hill

I never tire of the view. To the right is the Center of the Arts and to its right the Saskatchewan Legislative Buildings.

As an aside, why do all the venues have to have the sponsors name in them now? I revolt and refuse to learn the new names. I know it will work, they will stop the insanity.

Center of the Arts

The sky is purple in my world, why do you ask?

The hills is natural Prairie and is alive with pretty blooms this time of year. I think this year it is even more prolific due to the monsoon season that we had in early summer.

I think this next one might be alfalfa but either way it is a really pretty purple bloom


And the thistles have gone to seed.


And last but not least, my rant for today:


The world is not your ashtray, butt heads.


R Royal Family said...

As always great pictures. You were 3 days too short posting these I could have used them for Jeans album. They are gone now, left today to go find a house. Myles will be back but Jean and the girls are staying behind to get settled before school starts and until they get possession of their house. Been a sad week round these parts :-( Hope you had a good vay cay.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures and at least you have a great view as you die from a crazy workout... I give you major kudos. I could NOT do that... of course working out outside right now down here would be crazy for other reasons

Cheryl said...

awesome view, no wonder you like your sat AM workouts so much!!!!
smokers and people who do pick up their dog crap annoy me!

Elaine A. said...

that last line is too good, but for something SO bad. ICK!

Love your views - gorgeous!!

Ashley said...

The biggest part of my frustration with those cigarette butts is that they cause fires. Life altering, world damaging fires. If you're stupid enough to smoke and kill yourself that's your business, but I don't smoke and kinda wanna grow old so USE AN ASHTRAY.

Ok, I'm done. Other than that, those are fabulous photos.

Angella said...

Pretty! Maybe Saskatchewan isn't *s0* bad. :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos of a beautiful spot! It's a shame people have to spoil the lovely surroundings by dropping their butts ... I guess there will always be people like that out there. Sad! But it's great that you & Jay get to exercise in such a gorgeous spot with amazing views like that!

Jen Wilson said...

I love that hill!!!!!

BeachMama said...

Lovely photos! In all of the times I have been there, I have never made it to that man made lake. I have driven by but never gotten out. Will see if I make a return to Regina one day. So much harder with the kids all in school.