Friday, December 22, 2006


you wash things BEFORE you hem them.......

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Where or where does the time go...

I don't know if I sat down today. Okay I must have, I did eat supper afterall. Time has been flying but here's what we've been up to.

(why do all pictures of trees look terrible? I took about 50 and this is the best one. At least it's not of the Charlie Brown variety this year...and I tripled the number of lights this year and it looks much, much better)

It's Dec 5th and the tree is up, there are presents bought and wrapped under it and the rest of the house has been decended upon by the multitude of snowman that is ever growing. Me LOVE snowmen.

We got a beautiful one for a gift the first Christmas after we were married and the collection began. Why not have a theme for our decorations, I can be heard saying frequently, usually as I am buying yet another one!

I don't think this has all EVER been completed before Dec 15 before. It's a new record folks. Don't know what got into us but it's neat. I will likely be ready to take the tree down about Dec 20 but hey, them's the breaks.

Of course there are still the Christmas cards.......

The pictures were done this weekend - that was fun. No really it wasn't as bad as I thought. Getting both kids to perform was easier than I thought. Of course we prepped them a lot and Kamden thought he was done after 2 shots but we managed to hold still long enough for Amy to snap quite a few good ones. 'Course then I had to choose just one..... but I did it - as Dora would say and the order is off.

And the baking will be done slowly so as to savour every type of batter!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Why I love the man

I came up from my office feeling very much like an icicle and crawled into his lap and stuck my frozen appendiges into his....

"Why don't we get you a heater for your office?"

To which I hearitly replied,

"OKAY! Can you go to Canadian Tire right now?"

Of course I didn't actually expect him to go right at that moment but I sure wouldn't have stopped him if he had instisted.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Me thoughts

I haven't posted in awhile. Candace and I were discussing our week this morning on the phone. We had the same week despite not having seen each other all week. We decided that the brochures for motherhood proclaiming how glamourous and rewarding it is were, well WRONG.

Let me explain....

Our day from about 11:30 to 12:45pm:

"Jack, it's lunch time, what do you want, a sandwich, soup, grilled cheese..." continue to list every possible thing he would ever eat for lunch in the hopes that by 12 he'll have chosen at least one of them, while Kamden is whining, "me hungy, me need food."

While he's eating lunch I try the same thing with the snack for school,

"Jack, do you want a granola bar, breadsticks and cheese, yogurt....." on and on, until by the grace of God, he carefully selects something.....


"okay, great," I patiently say, "how about TODAY? What would you like today?"

Finally, by more of God's beautiful grace, he selects something.

"Okay Jack I guess you're finished eating."

I took the hint that yes, he was, since he was chasing his brother around the living room with both of them screaming at the top of their lungs while I was cleaning up the debris from Hurricane Kamden left in the kitchen.

I am VERY observant.

"Please put your patch away and go to the bathroom, we have to leave for school in 10 min."

Repeat over the very loud din in the living room several thousand times. 3 is a thousand when you are a Mom, at least it feels like it.

Finally, more of God's grace, and we are ready to head down and don the latest in Eskimo fashion.

"Jack, please get your ski pants on while I grab socks for Kamden."
"JACK, skipants, please!'
"JAAAACK, please put on your skiiiiiiipaaaaaaants."

Tuesday - he put EVERYTHING but his skipants on claiming I said boots. I must be going crazy, I would take an oath in court that I said skipants, several thousand times. Clearly, I had vodka on the rocks for lunch rather than grilled cheese and soup like the kids. Apparently I was so hammered I didn't know what I was saying.

Fine, let's just carry your skipants, we are driving to school today and you'll be heading straight inside. No, he HAD to take EVERYTHING off and put the @##@@## skipants on. Oh, and did I mention it's already 5 min to bell. We live close, but NOT that close.

Wednesday - after repeating the skipant song - had to make it into a song or else it's just me yelling the same thing over and over and over - thngs like this save me thousands in therapy costs - I start dressing Kamden to have Jack say,

"Mommy what did you say I should do first?"

It was more of God's grace that saved me from stringing him up by his precious little toenails!

And once we get Jack to school, I only have one to deal with. Cinch you might say. Ha! Have you met Stalin's direct decendent? Yeah, that's Kamden Jaymes. I have never met a two year old who thought he ruled the roost like Kamden.

Okay, that's a lie. I have. Jack. But he's not two anymore and we forget oh, so quickly. That's more of God's grace.

Yesterday Kamden decided that we should leave Jack at school by himself rather than picking him up. Kamden wanted to go home. Or should I say Stalin Jr?

That's just one example. I have a million others.

OKAY, so there were no brochures. But somehow, before I had kids that's what I envisioned. I must have had vodka on the rocks for lunch again. Apparently it's a recurring theme.....

Oh, and I have mentioned that we are experiencing a lovely ARTIC air mass right now. Actually it's probably warmer up at the North Pole right now than here.

The air temp is -20 which is bad enough but that's just the AIR temperature. Here, we are so very lucky that we get a lovely bonus called WINDCHILL. Basically it means that with the ARTIC gales it's -800.

And the Christmas tree farm, cut your own tree thing? Forget it. We'll be heading on a nice 5 min drive to our local Sobey's and "selecting" the finest in pre-cut trees from the warmth of our van.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My list

1. I was named after a high school basketball player featured in the local paper.
2. I like my name.
3. So much that Kamden is named after me.
3. Both his first and middle names.
4. I'm Kami Jayne - I always spell my name when asked what it is - both first&last
5. He is Kamden Jaymes
6. Some think Jaymes is spelt with a Y because of Jay
7. But Jay is not his real name
8. It's short for JJ
9. Which is short for Johan Jason
10. He's the 3rd Johan in his family
11. His granddad was the first - Johan Ensio - called Jack
12. His dad is Johan Lloyd - goes by Lloyd
13. Our Jack is named after 3 people
14. Jay, and both Jay's grandfathers
15. He's Jack Johan
16. Apparently Jack is short for John
17. Why I cannot imagine
18. Johan is the Finnish version of John
19. Jack is really John John
20. We don't care
21. We named him that for very good reasons
22. It took me 20 lines to explain our names
23. I am supposed to be reviewing tasks right now
24. I often choke
25. Not on food
26. On spit
27. Jay no longer pays attention
28. I may die of choking because of this
29. But you likely can't die choking on spit
30. I hope
31. I like food
32. Especially chocolate
33. Also chips
34. Chicken wings, hamburgers, pasta with tomato sauce and sausage, BBQ ribs...
35. I could go on forever
36. I like food
37. I used to figure skate
38. I met my two oldest friends at the rink
39. Jack now takes Canskate at that same rink
40. Brings back lots of memories - Great memories and not so great
41. Skating taught me a lot about life - so did my coach, Danita
42. I used to own a horse
43. Actually I had 2
44. The first one liked to jump fences
45. We didn't like that
46. He was also an ass
47. Not a donkey, but a horse with an attitude problem
48. I replaced him with sweet Dixie
49. She was/is wonderful
50. I hope she is still alive and well with the people we sold her to
51. She once bucked me off
52. My dogs ran after her instead of making sure I was okay
53. They were very loyal
54. Max, the biggest dog, had to be put down a month before Jack was born
55. I was sad
56. He would have been so much fun for the kids
57. He was as a big a miniture horse
58. Only much cuter
59. People were scared of him due to his size
60. The only thing he ever got aggresive at were wasps
61. He hated them. He would snap at them with his mouth
62. Lucky for him wasn't very quick
63. He once killed a mouse though. It was an accident. He stepped on it. Poor mouse.
64. My parents still have Kricktet(I named her because she made a squeeking sound when she yawned as a puppy)
65. She worshiped the ground Max walked on
66. But now she gets all the attention
67. She likes that
68. I am allergic to cats and horses
69. But I wasn't allergic to my cat or my horse
70. I built up a resitance to them
71. My cat used to sleep on a pillow by my head
72. She still tries to sometimes
73. The thought of that makes me itchy
74. She is the most beautiful calico cat I have ever seen - she could be in those calendars but she thinks she's too cool
75. I like to laugh
76. Till I can't breathe
78. Those are priceless moments usually shared with really good friends
79. My aunt made me laugh
80. My mom is one of 15 kids
81. She's the youngest
82. My Auntie Vicki was her oldest sister
83. She died when I was pregnant with Jack
84. So did my Grandma
85. I guess death brings new life
86. Auntie Vicki used to call inanimate objects idiots
87. That still makes me laugh. I am chuckling now
88. You have to hear the tone she said it in too.
89. I can do a reasonably good imitation
90. I can't do it here though. Maybe one day I'll post a video here of my imitation
91. Wow, I thought this would be hard
92. Turns out I can talk for hours about myself
93. I wouldn't make a good date
94. Good thing Jay married me. Got me out of the dating pool!
95. He loves me unconditionally
96. Ditto for him
97. I always thought I would have a daughter
98. God thought otherwise
99. He was right. Sons are amazing
100.I love my sons unconditionally. They make me laugh and give me so much joy. They also like to test my patience on a daily basis. If I could ask for anything, I would ask for more patience. When God was handing it out I thought he said maintenance. I didn't need any then. I was a baby, everything was brand new.

Wow, if you are still reading this, you are so kind!

If you are reading this, comment. I have never gotten a comment from a stranger before. It would make my day. C'mon, do it. Make my day!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Real or Fake?

Jay and I have been pondering whether to stay with our traditional fresh Christmas tree or to switch to the artificial ones that have the lights already attached.

The thing is, the light are EVENLY distributed all over the tree. That's appealing to me, being very picky about symmetry and all.

However, we have always had a real tree. My parents to this day continue to buy a real tree year after year. Theirs is always beautiful. Not always symmetrical but that's the risk you take buying something folded up into a long skinny stick and frozen to boot. It's always a surprise to see what the tree looks like once thawed.

We have had more than our share of Charlie Brown trees in the 7 or so years since we started buying real trees. Last year had to be the most pathetic tree EVER. We were jealous of Charlie Brown's little twig last year. I'd post a picture but pictures didn't do it's patheticness justice. It, unlike me, actually looked better in pictures... Go figure.

So we've been looking, comparing prices but have yet to make a decision.

I am still stuck on the lights. I am not a fan of stringing lights on the tree. I like putting up decorations. It's just like painting. I HATE the prep work (filling, sanding, taping.....Yelch!), LOVE the painting part. I like the part that is dramatic, the big finish shall we say.

Problem is, artificial trees look, well, artificial. But maybe if there 1000 lights, we won't notice? And they don't smell as good.

I do know we won't be going this route.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Kitchen, from bad to good

This was our kitchen one year and one month ago....

We had zero counter space and even with the pantry that was exactly where I was standing, very little storage space. To put it in perspective, I had one drawer. That's right, one drawer in the ENTIRE kitchen. Given that I am not the best at keeping things organized, it was not the best kitchen for me.

Not to mention the fake oak cubboards. Really stylin' let me tell you.

We'd been talking for years about installing new cubboards and last October we bit the bullet and did it. It was a long month and the laminate floor installation was a bit tense - I love you honey 'cause you did it!

This is our kitchen now.....


That's exactly what I said while cooking the first meal in it once it was complete. I have miles of counter space now thanks to Abe at Home Depot who suggested moving the sink to the corner. And way more storage space thanks to the pots and pan drawers and extra deep cubboard over the fridge. Abe rocks!

And I am so proud of Jay, who is learning as he goes and saving us big bucks! You rock too Honey!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I just read Candace's post on how fleeting life is. How precious is every moment because it can all change in a heartbeat......

Kinda put my grumpy mood of the last 3 days in perspective. Thanks Candace.

I really have nothing to complain about and in fact was lamenting last night to Cathy and my Mom that I really have nothing to be grumpy about which in itself, makes being grumpy even more annoying. I went throught somethign similiar in the
summer when the rain wouldn't end. Can't blame it on the rain this time.... hey, wasn't that a Milli Vanilli song? And come to think of it, that would have been an excellent name for that post!

Now, it's in my head.... Milli Vanilli or not, it's in my head.

Perhaps I am rambling.... I am currently at an indoor play center that has, if you can believe it, free wireless internet. Okay so the $12 I paid to get us through the door likely includes it but hey, here I am, sitting by myself, with no whining children pestering me writing this very post.

Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids. They are both wonderful. Most of the time. The last three days have been out of the ordinary for them and me. Kamden is whiny all. the. time. Yesterday, everything he did ended in crying. Eating. Watching Bob (I needed him to watch Bob). Getting his coat on. Washing his hands..... You get the picture. Jack has been unusually uncooperative, but it could just be my mood too.

I was soooo happy when Jay arrived home from work. Finally, he could deal with Kamden because by this point, my patience was wearing thin... okay that's an understatement. The patieince was thinned beyond existence about 10:30 am.

It was a long. long. long. day.

Of course we all know Kamden is a mommy's boy so Dad really wasn't appealing to him. Darn it. Jay ended up taking him to Jack's Kindermusik class just to give me a 20 minute break.

Which brings me to why we are here, at the play center. Really it's simple. To keep Momma sane.

If Momma's happy, we all happy.

So much for the peace and quiet. Kamden wants lunch now...... Ah, we must take what we can get :-)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good friends = Good times

Warning: this may only be funny to a select few ie. Cathy and me:-)

This weekend I had some me time. The boys headed to Toon town to pick up a discarded TV - it was at least 10 inches bigger than either of the two we have so Jay was itching to get his hands on it. He is, as I type this, ripping appart the fake stone "fireplace" that holds our TV in the family room. DON'T ask. It was here when we moved in. We cannot be held responsible for other's decorating faux pas, only our own.

I worked all day yesterday and then stole my good friend Cathy away from her University homework for some girl time.

We hit Earl's for chicken wings and martini's - that HAS to be a good combination don't you think! Don't worry, I only had one as I was driving. Martini that is, I had many, many more than one chicken wing. Who can stop at one?

We decided to try something a bit different so we orderd some sushi. I know, what were we thinking? Sushi from Earl's could only be good in Vancouver or someplace within more than 1000 miles of the sea.... but I digress. The sushi came with some endema beans (not sure how to spell that). So I grab a few and start chewing... and chewing... and chewing.

Now I didn't want to be impolite because Cathy had said she'd had them before and really enjoyed them. However, I am usually a fairly honest person, sometimes brutally so. It gets me into trouble and maybe someday I'll learn but it seems to be an inate quality.

So when she asked how I liked them I commented that they were a bit chewy. Then she started thinking... do you eat the pod or, don't think so. Giggle giggle....

That explains the chewy part but then how do you explain the bean that went flying behind Cathy and narrowly missed a fellow patron? Oops....

A bit later I looked around and asked,

"When did Earl's become a teen hangout?"

"Um," Cathy replied, "those aren't teens. Many of them are in some of my classes at the University."

"Oh. Right. I knew that."

Apparently I am older than I imagine myself to be in my head. I guess when you are 32 and think you are 20 it's bound to happen sooner or later.

Leaving Earl's we were discussing tips. As in how much do you tip the waitress. I noted that 20% was our standard amount. Our bill was $22.00 each so Cathy asked how much that would be. I said oh, about $7 or 8. Remember I am the CA and she is the Kinesiology student who moonlights as a figure skating coach or vice versa, I'm not exactly sure.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Well, no, I need a calculator to do that so I always over estimate and I'm fine."

Hee hee. Too bad I went to school for so many years and have done so many calcs in my life it's insane but can't do simple math in my head. I blame it all on technology. It's whoever invented calculators who is at fault for my math inablilities. That and the fact that my beloved hubby is excellent at math in his head and handles those sorts of things when we are together. Which is most of the time....... boy do I know how to divert blame for my ineptitude or what! :-)

This conversation continued as we walked over to the coffee shop for an after dinner java. Finally she asked if I needed a peice of paper to figure it out.... then she figured it out for me. Oy. I need to go to Hooked on Phonics but the kind for math idiots. Either that or carry a calculator in my purse and sneak to the bathroom at opportune moments to hide my mathematical follies.

Later on we decided to play Scrabble. This is a great coffee shop that we frequent often, case in point. They have games. It wasn't going too well as it's very difficult to play Scrabble without the Scrabble dictionary - especially when you are as witty and intelligent as I am. This would require the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time....... never been good at that.

But when Cathy commented that she only had her X...... .I said, "Do you want my J?"

As in the letter J but she burst out laughing and after a few minutes (see, me really witty) I GOT it.

"OH, NO, you CAN'T have him. You can have my J tile though."

Good friends, friends that can laugh at you while still laughing with you.....


Monday, October 30, 2006

Random thought....


It has two meanings:

canned mystery meat

junk mail received electronically

The thought I had that was random was..... do the makers of SPAM care that their product's name is being dragged through the mud? On a daily basis, on thousands maybe millions of computurs EVERYWHERE?

Nobody wants to get SPAM emails. In fact my virus protection software eliminates it for me automatically. Do they have permission to use the name that is surely copyrighted?

Then again, does anyone actually eat SPAM? I see the reason the name was chosen.... junk mail... .YUCK.... SPAM.... also YUCK.

But someone must buy it. It's still on the shelves. I saw it last time I was grocery shopping.

End random thought.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Our Story

About 13 and one half years ago..... June 1993 to be exact, I walked into Jay's apartment at the top of Inn. The hotel his parents owned in the booming metropolis of Asquith that is. And by hotel, I mean, um.... er.... BAR. You know the small town watering hole.

That was my first meeting of the man I would eventually marry. That night didn't go well. There was a few of us visiting and later when it ended up just the two of us on the couch......He pulled the yawn and stretch. You know, when the guy yawns, stretches his arms up and then ever so slyly puts one around the girl sitting next to him. HE had MOVES, let me tell you.

I shot out of there like a cannon.

Seriously. Did you just do that?

I figured I was on candid camera or something.

Didn't see him again that night. He was a little miffed at my reaction. Go figure!

Now that I know him, I wouldn't run:-)

Fast forward a few weeks and my friend and I wind up out in Asquith again. This time things go better....

He calls a few days later.

And we've been inseparable since.

We spent a good portion of every spare minute we had that summer together and the 13 years since too. At the time he was working at the local bottle exchage and me at Orange Julius. We were really career minded people at that time. I planned on continuing my education the following fall but after spending a year at university not really chasing a goal, I needed some time to figure it all out.

Turned out what I needed to do was meet Jay, fall in love and move south.

Very quickly we realized that this was something special. We had both had a long term relationship previously, well if you can call 8 months in Grade 12 long term.... and we could see the difference. I was about 3 months in that we were sitting by the river and we decided this was for good. We weren't going to run off and get married or anything but we were in it for life. First we needed to get a life.

So began the plans. We ended up heading south to the place the rhymes with the who ha on the female part of the human race. We got our degrees and finally got hitched in May 1999.

Oh yes, and the proposal. I can't forget to mention that. We had purchased a ring months before... Jay had to be convinced this was a good idea.. he doesn't handle change well, kinda part of his character... so I thought he was proposing New Year's Eve (we really love surprises). We planned to go to a movie the night before, December 30th, 1997. He arrived at my parents house and quickly disappeared into the garage where my Dad was working on a tractor.

Mom was immediately suspicious. He NEVER spent time with my Dad before that. I knew exactly what he was doing. So I played dumb with my Mom and finally.... an HOUR later.... he came into the house with permission for my hand in marriage (he's a nice old fashioned kind of guy!). Now, my Dad is not a scary guy but I still think it took lots of gumption on Jay's part to follow through.

Off we go to what I think is going to be a movie. Instead he claims he has to go drop off something for his Grandma at a friend's in Pike Lake. So he drives up to the beach and gets out.....

What are you doing, I ask. There are no houses here.

Shut up he says and follow me. Well okay he probably didn't say shut up but you get the picture.

He takes me to the beach.... remember this is December..... but this particular year we had a brown Christmas..... and written in the sand with a dozen roses lying beside it are the words,

"Kami, will you marry me?"

He got down on one knee and placed the ring on my finger while I was yelling Yes! Yes! Yes!

So the big surprise was that he asked me one day before I was expecting it! It was very cool that he wrote the question in the sand though, how often does that happen here in December? THAT I will always remember.

And on May 8th, 1999, the day after my 25th birthday, we were finally husband and wife. The day was amazing from start to finish. I wasn't nervous at all, just plain excited that my dream was finally coming true.

I remind him often that getting married was a GOOD idea!

He agrees! Right Honey?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coffee, friend or foe

I believe I have mentioned my ever growing addiction to coffee a few times. Here's the question, should I or shouldn't I?

I started out having a cappuccino or latte a few times a week when I was out and about. Well at $5 a pop at the Starbucks of the world, that HAD to stop. So I found a great cappiccino mix at the grocery store. Good.... or is it? As a result the occasional afternoon coffee has escalated into a daily first thing in the morning ritual. And now that I bought some of the caramel syrup that the Starbuck's type places use.... WELL, YUM YUM. Goes oh so good with my other daily ritual, peanut butter and honey toast. I do have a sweet tooth, remember?

And when at my parents house the pot of regular coffee is always on, at least in the morning. So I indulge. Haven't quite gotten to the point of brewing it regularly at home..... Yet.

After spending this past weekend with them and having a few.... okay maybe more than a few cups of java my heart is doing some weird things. Yes, my heart. Not good. The last 2 nights that I have gotten on the elliptical trainer (my nightly ritual) the old ticker is ticking a little strangely.

So today, no coffee. Only tea.... with caramel syrup of course. Mmmmn it was good too so no loss.

The heart though needs to go visit the doctor and ensure that the ECG I recently had was normal...

Coffee is not an everyday indulgence for me. Chocolate on the other hand....Hence the nightly ritual of hitting the elliptical... gotta keep those arteries open!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Things I was reminded of today......

- it's almost impossible to find winter boots that easily go onto a toddler's feet

- there are MANY new parents who don't seem to know that the handle on the infant seat should be DOWN when driving around. It's right in the instructions.....there must be a reason why....I personally would rather no one found out the hard way what that reason was :)

- I don't like wind.....I KNOW, why then do I live HERE? Good question, it's a long answer, there are many other GOOD qualities. Let's just leave it at that.

- it's really hard to select the type of chocolate bars to buy for Halloween treats. So many, so little time. Oh right, they're for the kids not me......

Things I learned today.....

- DON'T buy a coke out of the fancy new machines. You know, the ones with the fancy coke bottle shaped opening that you retrieve your bottle AFTER it goes for a very bumpy ride down a shute to get there. Why you ask? You will get very wet, that's why. Oh and the carpet at Zeller's too, right by the kids rides. The ones you used to put a quater in but now it's loonies only. If only I had been on Candid Camera.... wait, no, that would have been embarassing.

- Value Village supports local charities. Yahoo! I can get rid of all the baby stuff under the stairs and in fact did drop lots off today...... Didn't know where to donate it since the local women's shelter stopped taking stuff. Until today I thought Value Village was a profit business - thanks Mom!

- Potty training will only get worse before it gets better.....Thankfully we are on the better end of things now!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I knew it!

Well, the boys are home and we are all glad to be back to normal. They had a blast at G&P's and slept in till almost 8:30 this morning. Jay and I had fun and got lots done.

What we learned is that we won't be one of those couples that leaves the kids with their grandparents for 2 weeks while we jet off to Mexico or Europe, where ever. We are 4 and we like to keep it that way. I don't think there's anything wrong with doing that, it's just not for us. We like to be together.

Now, as I mentioned before, we are in the thick of potty training. I also noted I wasn't ready. I was right. Today has been a disaster. No success ON the potty. Lots OFF but then that really isn't success is it? I guess that depends whose perspective your looking at it from.

The novelty of sitting on the potty has worn off for Kamden. But there's really no going back now. I know we can get there if we stick to it. BUT the poop in pants is precisely why I was wanting to delay this. Afterall Jack was many, many months older before we even started. Guess I should have known that this would be different with Kamo just like everything else has been.

Off to the potty. The bathroom needs renovating... I am tired of the colour scheme after spending so much time in there of late.....

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missin' My Babies

I haven't seen them for 42 hours. I miss them. Who wouldn't?

We have enjoyed our time alone and gotten lots accomplished but we feel like half a whole without the boys.

They are at Grams and Pops and having the time of their lives with their cousins. Not missing us a bit. That makes me happy but I sure will be happy to see their smiling little faces this afternoon!

Friday, September 15, 2006

We can NEVER move

I don't mean that is the sense that we love where we live soooo much that we could never, ever leave.

We do like our house - we've done lots to make it our own - and we like the neighborhood that we live in. It's in a good area close to all the good stores, there are lots of parks to walk to and a great bike path for walking and biking.

But the reason we can NEVER move is because of the collection of address lables we have.

This is only about half of the ones we have received. Some were very large and gawdy so I just recycled them.

Now I use snail mail about once a month during a good month. So this would likely be a LIFETIME supply of address labels. I do send Christmas cards via snail mail (they are just more fun to receive in my books than e-cards) but I have a whole other collection filled with Christmas labels.

The charities seem to be using the labels to guilt us into donating. The problem I have is that you only get the labels AFTER you have already donated. Then they send you the labels so you will feel like you have to donate again because of the nice gift they sent you. Seeing as I have so many, I am sure their tactics are no longer working.

We'll be here until we are old and gray and snail mail doesn't exist. We'll stick our address labels to the crosswords we'll spend all day doing. At least we'll be together AND we'll know where we live.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Baaack!

My computer hard drive became corrupt last Friday. Why you ask?

Was it a virus.


It was either the way the operating system was installed or the way Dell partitions their drives.

Either way it was Dell's fault. Meaning the hard drive is replaced since it was still under warrantly.

How long have you had your computer, you may ask....

Since the end of March.

IF is crashes every 6 months I will have A LOT more grey hair.

Thankfully I am not in the middle of a module right now. Had I been, this would have been a much BIGGER deal. Really it was a minor inconvience and meant less blogging and emailing time. AND I will now back up my pictures more often. Somehow I am really good at keeping my work files backed up but not so good with the pictures. Lesson learned.

I didn't lose anything though. My sister-in-laws brother recovered everything for me - yay!

Did ya miss me?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why I love THIS province

A while ago I was in cyber space reading strangers' blogs and I came across a comment on one about this province I live in that was not very nice. Basically to the effect that they could never live HERE.

I have to say that I take offense to that somewhat. Whether I should or not is up for debate but I am an honest person and I do.

I was born here and have lived here most of my life. BUT I have travelled Canada extensively and the US to a smaller degree. I have enjoyed all of the places I have been. Each has it's own unique characteristics that makes it special. I do comment on occaison that I prefer living here, where it's small but not too small AND it's affordable ( a BIG plus with the housing markets as they are these days). BUT I try not to put down other places because I prefer instead to see the beauty in all places whether I would choose to live there or not.

Tell me that isn't beautiful? This is from our trip up north last week. Granted these don't grow down here but so what? Here we have a very different but EQUALLY beautiful ecosystem (see Flickr pictures from petting zoo). That's one of the things that I love about this country and province. It's ability to be so utterly different in so many ways yet we, with all our diversities both human and landscape, together, form one country. One that I am proud to call home.

So put us down if you will - feel free to do that while you commute hours a day back and forth to your job. While you do that we'll be having supper together as a family.

We will likely never live anywhere else. Visit yes, appreciate yes, but we will always come back. This is our home and we love it.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The myth of summer...

Why do I do this to myself every summer.....

I think, okay, we have no preschool, no lessons, no kindermusik etc plus I finished up a module in the middle of July and won't take another until the end of October..... SO therefore we will have all this extra time.


That's the myth of summer for me.

So instead we have gone on two trips already with a third less than two weeks away. Not to mention the many play dates - gotta love those - adult conversation frequently interupted by kids having fun!

Not to mention that I am marking comps all weekend and doing student counselling 3 evenings next week.

So much for having all this extra time to tackle the to do list that's been accumulating all year....

Maybe in the Fall when Jack is off to school every afternoon or is that another myth too?

Tell me now, don't let me live in denial any longer......

I am never going to get that list done am I?

Okay, Okay, I'll quit blogging and get to it!

Nah.... it'll still be there tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.

I see a theme here.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Just had a fabulous home cooked meal prepared by me and my partner in all things.

I made garden potatoes on the BBQ with butter and onions (there really is NO substitute for real butter!) and grilled peppers, carrots and zuchinni.

Jay, my BBQ king, grilled up some chicken drumsticks that were divine.

And for dessert (GOTTA have the sweet stuff to finish it off!) we had fudge from our Banff exersion the other day.


Of course, my sentiments were not shared by our resident picky eater. Jack noted the the carrots were grilled. I believe YUCK! was the adjective of choice. AND the potatoes had skin on them. In his eyes, skin is a four letter word. It took weeks last year to introduce the skin of fruit into his diet. Mostly with threats of you eat that or else..... No seriously the kid doesn't easily accept change in his diet. Wonder where in the world he gets that from ;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mmmmm Summer

Summer, to me, revolves around food. Of course!

BBQ'd hamburgers, mmmmm.

Grilled vegtables, a new favourite, mmmm.

BBQ'd hotdogs, mmmm.

BBQ'd greek ribs - Jay's specialty - double mmmm with sugar on top

New potatoes, mmmm.

Fresh garden peas, mmmm.

Baby carrots from the garden, mmmmm.

And another new favourite, French Vanilla Iced Capp from Timmy's. MMMMMMMMM, especially on a hot day like today.

And speaking of summer, I don't want to jinx it though, we have had beautiful weather over the last 2 weeks. Yesterday was 31, I almost had the audacity to complain but instead I just turned on the A/C :)

Tonight, Jay and Jack hit the football game. They lost, as usual. The team that is, not Jay and Jack :) It's nice to have a team here, but boy you really have to be loyal to continue to cheer for those guys.... There is a curse!

Kamden and I took a nice long walk around the lake while the older guys were at the game. We saw ducks, geese, baby ducks, baby geese, a fountain and a waterfall. It was beautiful.

Summer days are the best days!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

More of my amazing talent....

Yesterday, Kamden and I dropped Jack off at camp and headed downtown. We wanted to hit the Farmer's Market for some garden fresh veggies and I had some shopping I needed to do at stores only located downtown.

We headed to the mall first and on the way in I noticed a Second Cup and decided to feed my ever growing addiction to coffee.

Let's just say that the white shirt I happened to select to wear that morning is still in the stain removal process......

It's a talent folks! Didn't just spill a little either. Nope. Had to be all down my front. If I am going to spill, might as well spill big. No sense doing anything half way....

I just wonder how long I walked around with coffee all down my front before I noticed. Because when I did notice, I had just had a drink and I hadn't spilled that time:-)

I am ALL class!

Mental note: the cup holder on the stroller is for sippy cups, NOT to go coffee cups with the little hole to drink from. Active two year old in stroller = coffee EVERYWHERE including on my shirt!

Friday, June 23, 2006


We had sun two days in a row. It's hard to believe but it's true.

Jay had the day off today and after cleaning house in the morning we hit the pool for the afternoon. It was fabulous aside from the 4 school bus loads of kids! The boys had lots of fun jumping into the pool, over and over again :)

Then we went out for supper and had ice cream.

That's what I call a good summer day - hopefully we have many, many more.

On a sad note, my parents had to put down one of the cats today. He was old and things had just stopped working right. Good bye Zoe, we love you!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Since I am feeling so rainy, I will finally post the answer to my two truths and a lie post.

1) True. I knocked the first front tooth out the summer I was three. I fell off my bike and my tooth connected with concrete. I loosened it but good and it had to be pullled. Then the summer I was four I knocked the other one out. I was running behind a tricycle, the ones with steps at the back for your feet, and missed. Somehow I connected with the concrete again. Where were my hands????

I remember eating was painful and that the only thing I could eat was cream of wheat through a straw. Good thing I like cream of wheat!

I was toothless until the adult ones came in somewhere around age 7. My dad called me his toothless wonder and the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" got sung A LOT.

2) Not true - good guess Beth! I did wear braces but only for about 8 months. I developed a tongue thrust whilst waiting for the adult teeth to grow in. Had to plug the gaping hole up front everytime I swallowed. Consequently when the adult teeth grew in I pushed them out with my tongue. I had a retainer in Grade 1 or 2 that took care of that (hold that geeky fact for #3!) but the damage was done. Hence the braces. It was only cosmetic though because there wasn't anything wrong with my bite, they just looked like Bug's Bunny's teeth. It's funny because I actually had second thoughts as the braces were going on. Not because braces scared me or that I would hate the way I looked but because the teeth had been part of who I was for so long (okay now that I think about it, it was only about 5 years - age 7 or 8 when the adult teeth came in to age 12 when I got the braces - seemed like an eternity to me then!). Never regreted it once they came off though!

3) True - yes Angella, I am ALL GEEK! I have never been stopped while driving to clarify Jay's comment but I have been in the car once when he got stopped. It was years ago - about 11 or 12 me thinks..... I did have a fender bender once with a guy named Dicky. I scratched his Acura, the poor boy! He was a foriegn exchange student driving a car that was very much nicer than the car I was driving (sorry Jay the Reliant rocked but it wasn't pretty) and the car I was driving wasn't even mine. I had little sympathy for his scratch when it cost me $100. The Reliant had scratches on it that could have eaten his little red Acura. Not bitter, not at all.
The part that still gets me is that my safe driving discount on our car insurance is still affected by this scratch all this time later.... I was still in University when it happened and not 4th year either. That is the only tarnish on an otherwise impeccible record that doesn't even include a speeding ticket. THAT gets me hot still. I guess it's time to let go....

Let's NOT talk about how many times it took me to pass my driver test.... it doesn't go with my good driving record at al!

So there you have it. I am very geeky but it's who I am, part of my charm :)

Rain, rain go away

DON'T come again for many days!

I think it's been raining for weeks now, well okay, it hasn't. But it sure seems like it. I like rain, don't get me wrong but after days and days of it I am getting moody. Thought it might be hormones, you know, women have these issues on a regular basis. But I think it's just the gray, gray, gray sky.

We may have to resurect the pirate ship and turn it into an ark.... better pack lots of Benadryl for my allergies. Close quarters with two of all the animals could get icky.... for many, many reasons.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

2 Truths and a Lie

Angella, a blogging friend of mine (met her in Vancouver - she's a fellow stay at home mom who also does CASB part time), posted this on her blog and she tagged anyone who saw it. It's fun so I am going to do it here too.

2 of the 3 statements below are true, one isn't - guess which one isn't....

1) I had no front teeth for about 4 years as a kid because I knocked both of them out in 2 separate incidents.

2)I had to wear braces for years because of the teeth knocking out incidents above.

3) I have never been pulled over by the cops in the 16 years that I have been driving.

Post away - answers to come when people besides Jay, Candace and Angella comment (but you 3 can too - please do I look forward to them - me a geek!).

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Jay captured this rainbow last night after the boys were in bed. Isn't it beautiful?

I heard this on the radio yesterday,

"yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
today is a gift,
that's why it's called the present."

I found this really inspiring and guess what?

It's from a country song. We were talking about country music as Splurge this last week and some commented that they enjoyed the stories that most country songs tell. This one was about a mother finding out she had cancer and this is what the doctor told her.

I was almost crying - we got to Michaels' (more Pirate party supplies) half way through so I didn't hear the end.

You know, if you would have told me in Grade 12 that I would actually enjoy country music, I would have told you that you were wrong. I did go through a country stage about a year later - kinda coincided with meeting Jay but he had nothing to do with it. I was really into horses at that time so I justified it that way - had to otherwise my sheer distaste for all things country in high school would have been hypocritical. Okay, so it still was but what can I say, I am weird that way!

Anyway, wearing Wranglers to the bar probably isn't justified by my horseback riding - my horse was no where near the bar! Thankfully that stage didn't persist and I still own some but they are hanging in my closet at my parents house waiting for me to own a horse again - IF I can fit into them - ha ha. Two kids later, me thinks I should get rid of them! I know Mom would appreciate that :-)

I no longer have my horse :-( but I hope to ride again someday AND I still enjoy country music every now and then!

Maybe one of my boys will want to take up riding with me when they are a bit bigger. I miss flying around on the back of a horse - it's just too much fun.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

INXS Rocks!

Here's us heading off on a date together. Jack, our budding photographer took the picture and Kamden couldn't understand why he couldn't be in it!

We left the kids with my Mom and Dad and headed into town for a nice supper together before the show.

We decided on the Keg - we love the Keg but only treat ourselves to it every now and then. Steak that melts in your mouth is good thing! So we ordered ourselves some yummy steak and had bread and salad to start. Oh yes, and a bevie. Had to have one of those. I went Keg size just for fun!

We were still feeling overstuffed after the opening act.....
The Keg is better when you can attach yourself to the couch after... Next concert will be a nice light supper beforehand.

Got to the concert early so we were walking around the concourse - Jay was checking out the Oilers game on the TVs and we were trying to work off some of our supper off. Jay mentioned that he wondered if Lucy would be there. The reason he brought it up was the last time I went to an INXS concert was about 14 years ago when I was in Grade 11. Lucy was one of the people I went with. Just as he said it, there she was walking toward us. Maybe he had a premonition!
Either way it was very cool. It was good to see Lucy, it's been awhile and we chatted and caught up on each other's lives.

The opening act was the ex lead singer of Creed who is now out on his own. He was good, did his job and got the crowd going.

Then out came INXS and the place went bolistic. It was a great high energy concert and Jay and I danced our butts off. We were in a good section as most people were on their feet the entire time. There's no sitting during this band! Gotta get up and rock. Unfortunately it looked like the lead singer injured his knee during the last song so their next date might not be as high energy!

We weren't feeling stuffed after the show! It was a great night with my hubby!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What should I have done?

Because clearly I took the wrong approach....

Let's back up. This morning the boys were still coughing terribly and Kamden was still really miserable so I decided it was time to hit the Dr's office. I am not a huge Dr person, don't mind them and go when necessary but for a virus like this, usually I just let nature take it's course.
But thought it best since we are nearing a week with this thing to go and make sure.

Called at 9:10am and the nurse asked us to be there by 10:00am - I knew we could do it, it wouldn't be pretty, but it could be done. Let's just say that Jack was repeating over and over, "Mommy, I am NOT going to help you out today." - I was trying to reason, telling him I needed his help. Since he didn't want to go, why should he help? Reasonable I suppose.....

Kamden was on Jack's side. He simply HAD to put his shorts on himself. Despite that fact that twice he put both legs in one hole, he STILL didn't want help. I finally put them on him properly. What did he do, you ask? Well of course, he took them off. ARRRRGGGGG!

Let's just say he got put into the van minus shorts and shoes. He was a lot more cooperative at the Dr's office, go figure.

We saw the Dr and he verified it wasn't Croup but just a nasty virus and that they both seemed to have a bit of bronchitis. Nothing a little chicken soup and TLC wouldn't cure, eventually. So I was right but it's still nice to hear from an expert. He did note that there is a virus going around that has two phases so they could end up better only to have a relapse. We'll pray that the Good Lord will have mercy on us all! The boys have had it and so have we.

Anyway, now for my dilema. We stopped at Shopper's on the way home to fill Kamden's prescription - a little cream for his ezcema. We were waiting patiently for it to be finished and an elderly gentleman came up and tried to give Jack a loonie.

Now Jack is generally shy around strangers. Same as me as a kid. I am not all the interested in changing that as I know there was zero anyone could have done to modify this behaviour in me. I am okay with it as long as he isn't rude. Now not talking may be construed as rude but I also think expecting a 4.5 year old to simply be outgoing with a stranger is not necessarily a reasoable expectation, nevermind expecting him to take something, whatever it may be.

My response was simply to say, "No thank you.". He looked at me and said, it's not for you. And proceeded to continue to try to give it to Kamden too. Then me. By this point, I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation and again said, "no thank you.".

He looked at me offended and walked off.

Should I have just taken the money and been grateful? I feel horrible about the whole thing and it was not my intention to offend him but I also didn't feel it reasonable to expect Jack to take it either.

Am I wrong?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Perhaps you are wondering....

why I post so many messages on this site.....

At first I wasn't really sure either.

At first I thought, okay, you have become obsessed. It's gotten to the point that I am thinking of themes for posts throughout the day and then can't wait to have a minute at my computer to type it up - maybe even add a few pictures. But after considering this for awhile I have come to a more useful conclusion.

Since I am not one to be obsessed over much, well except my kids but I'm a mom, I am supposed to that. I don't smoke, drink or do any illegal things and never have. I have lately acquired a taste for coffee - weird I know, but I am still in the fancy coffee stage, there may still be hope. But that's a topic for another post.

I had to come up with the REAL reason behind my facination with sharing our everyday details here.

Here it is....

This is really a journal of our lives when the boys are small. One that I would not normally take the time to do on paper or otherwise. I don't seem to have time for scrapbooking or any other regular craft that would be similiar. However, because the chance exists that someone else might actually read this, I make the effort. So for those three or four of you out there - thanks! I wouldn't be documenting all these amazingly mundane things that will be so neat to read once they are all grown up!

Now, as long as doesn't go bankrupt, it'll exist forever in cyberspace. Okay, maybe I better come up with a plan to save it more permanantly.

I'll think of something - I have to keep this stuff. It's like an electronic scrapbook - okay maybe it's not as pretty as a real one would be but this one is cheaper and faster. No fancy paper, no fancy scissors, stickers and gobs of time cutting and pasting.

THAT'S why I do this. Hopefully someone out there enjoys reading it as much as I enjoy writing and posting!

Monday, May 08, 2006

My Birthday Bumps

Thanks for reminding me of my large birthday bump yesterday Candace ;-)
After Jay's comment, I felt I must clarify for all you people with your minds in the gutter - you know who you are! Or is that just my dear sweet husband? :-)

Anyway, at the Kids' CBC show yesterday I embarrassed myself but good - it's a talent, what can I say?

We had the three kids sitting together with us mom's to the side in the Center of the Arts which has the theatre style fold up chairs.

Picture me, standing up to hand Jack something three chairs down from me, me backing up behind first towards where my chair was then me flat on said behind because I forgot said chair folds up once said behind exits it!

Lucky for me there were many witnesses including Candace, who, the angel, was more concerned about my well being than the humour of it all. Her first reacation was, "Kami, are you okay?" Then Amy returned........

And the laughter began.....

It WAS very funny. Too bad we didn't get it on video, we could win $10,000 with that one on AFV.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I am a very lucky girl!

Today is my birthday! And tomorrow our 7th anniversary... We didn't plan that well since normally Mother's Day also falls very close to both these occasions. I don't mind though because Jay makes sure I feel special every day of the year. Today was no exception....

We started the afternoon with Jack's Blastball game then Jack and I went to the Center of the Arts to see a Kids' CBC production that included Clifford, Lunar Jim, Holly and Patty (characters from the CBC lineup). We arrived home to find the deck decorated with balloons and a Happy Birthday banner.

Jay and Kamden went shopping and brought home a pin the wrench on Bob game for us to play at my party. Very appropriate in a house full of boys and Kamden can say "Bob" now!

Jay also BBQ'd his fabulous Greek ribs and Cathy joined us for supper on the deck. It was a nice day here IF you were out of the wind. Lucky for us the deck was out of the wind. Or our food would have been plastered up against the screens.

Cathy brought over an oreo ice cream cake and I had some excellent helpers blowing out all the candles. It's a good thing too, we didn't even need the fire department for all those candles. Of course Jack was on stand by with his fleet of fire trucks!

Mental note: before you ask an almost 5 year old to blow out candles, be sure he is finished chewing the carrot he is eating! Ahh, the joys of little boys:-) We needed a little nutrition with our cake anyway.

All in all a fabulous day and to top it off I received a laptop backpack and a wireless network hub. Not to mention the INXS and Leann Rimes tickets. I think Jay has covered all the occasions with all that.

I am a very lucky girl!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My busy social life

I know, that might be hard to believe about me! However, the past few days I have been out 3 times - my boys are not happy about it though :(

Last Friday was my splurge party so I was out visiting with fellow mom's until 1 am. We have lots of fun and have a nice comfortable group were we can vent about whatever as well as compare notes on our kids. Plus we get $300 once a year to indulge on ourselves. A great plan as far as I'm concerned. Mine went to a full day at the spa just before Christmas with one of my oldest and best friends, Cathy. We celebrated our 30th birthdays together (mine was the previous year and here's in Dec). She moved home after being in BC for 7 years, me very happy!

Then on Tuesday, Shana, a member of our splurge group who also hosted Friday, held a Norwex party. Norwex sells evironmentally friendly cleaning products, which of course interest me. I am not really an environmentalist but I recycle and try to reduce our waste. However, we use disposable diapers so for me to say I am an environmentalist would be hipocritical to say the least. I already had some of the products, wet and dry mop, enviro cloth, window cloth, and the dryer balls. I really like my mop on our new laminate flooring, it's like vacuuming only much less hassle. And I can wash the floor in about 5 min with no soap what so ever. A must with Kamden in the house (he's a messy eater to put it mildly :-) ). I also use the window cloth to clean the windows, mirrors etc, where ever Kamden has left "paw prints" as Jack calls them. It requires only a little water so there's no windex with ammonia in the air or paper towels to throw out. However, after being at the party, I have a new exuberance for the enviro cloths. They apparently pick up 99% of bacteria and other icky stuff off any surface they wipe. All you need to do is wet it, wring it out and start cleaning. So yesterday, I started in the kitchen and wiped all the counters, the table (I always do this but with a dish cloth that probably just spreads all the gross stuff around plus I have to bleach them because they get very icky!) and I wiped out the kitchen sink. All with only water. The sink sparkled like it does after I use Vim with bleach and the counters had never looked so clean.

Then I washed the floor (with my mop) and moved on to the bathrooms. I used the enviro cloth to clean the counters, the mirror (then polished with window cloth) and the tub. No soap. No chemical smell that we all think of as smelling clean. Everything sparkled. I didn't use the cloth on the toilet because while they say that it absorbs whatever it picks up and doesn't spread it to the next surface you wipe, I just couldn't do it. I used toilet cleaner and my toilet brush for now until I get my new toilet brush from Norse that comes with it's own disambiguate in the holder that apparently lasts for well over a year.

Let's just say that it was a good thing I had to leave the party early because the bill would have been even higher! The hostess was a good sell simply by using stories of how she had used all the products. She even cleaned butter and baseline off a window with the envier cloth and window cloths. Very cool, let's see windex and a paper towel do that in two wipes!

Wow, you'd think I liked cleaning the way I went on and on. You can wake up now, I'm done!

Then last night, Cathy (who I met skating many, many, many years ago - we tried to figure it out but kept coming up with a number that seemed too high for either of our liking because it aged us more than we liked) and I went to Stars on Ice. It was FANTASTIC! Kurt Browing is still King and Elvis was such high energy. Plus our fave's Jamie Sale and David Pelletier. Not to mention Jeff Buttle, Joannie Rochette and a host of others. It was humorous, full of energy and just down right entertaining. Cathy and I cannot remember why we chose not to go to World's on Calgary this past March. I think it had something to do with her being in university but somehow that doesn't seem like such an important reason now. I know it was but....

Thanks for the great Christmas gift Cathy, I owe you big time!

So that's my very lively social life this month. Next outing will be INXS at the end of May with my handsome husband.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Kami and her Khlopchyk

2009 - the family

I am happily married and live, with my husband and two boys, Jack and Kamden, in an area of Canada I not so affectionately refers to as the Arctic. For the record, I am pretty sure the scientists who determined where the Arctic Circle lies have never personally experienced the no less than six months of winter Saskatchewan normally enjoys.

Given that I am surrounded by testosterone, the name of this site is Kami's Khlopchyk (CLOP-chick) which is Polish for boys. I am second and/or third generation Canadian from a 100% Puke (Polish/Ukrainian) background. Let's put it this way, I know what perogies and cabbage rolls are and I know how to use them.

I am a Chartered Accountant, by trade, who gave up my “real job” to be at home with my boys in 2005. I keep busy by working in the field of educating future accountants, which can be done from home via my ever present laptop. This allows me the opportunity to feed my blogging and Scrabble addictions. No Twitter though, even I have standards.

In the winter, I can often be found repeatedly giving Old Man Winter a wedgie in the hope that he will relocate to some other area of the world. In the summer, I enjoy sipping fancy drinks (umbrella required) surrounded by good friends and family.