Thursday, August 03, 2006

The myth of summer...

Why do I do this to myself every summer.....

I think, okay, we have no preschool, no lessons, no kindermusik etc plus I finished up a module in the middle of July and won't take another until the end of October..... SO therefore we will have all this extra time.


That's the myth of summer for me.

So instead we have gone on two trips already with a third less than two weeks away. Not to mention the many play dates - gotta love those - adult conversation frequently interupted by kids having fun!

Not to mention that I am marking comps all weekend and doing student counselling 3 evenings next week.

So much for having all this extra time to tackle the to do list that's been accumulating all year....

Maybe in the Fall when Jack is off to school every afternoon or is that another myth too?

Tell me now, don't let me live in denial any longer......

I am never going to get that list done am I?

Okay, Okay, I'll quit blogging and get to it!

Nah.... it'll still be there tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.

I see a theme here.


80's 4 ever said...

That is not the myth of summer that is the myth of life.

Wait till the kids are older then pay them to clear the list. Kamden can add even more to his resume.

Angella said...

That's a GREAT idea. And I'm with you on the myth. I'm taking a break from one of the THIRTY THREE (no longer 28) submissions I'm marking on top of the Mod 6 stuff I'm doing (same as you). Yeah, nice relaxing summer, hey?


candace said...

I am sorry to break it to you but when Jack is in school you will fnd other things other than what needs to be done to fill your time. I wonder why that always happens? ;-)