Saturday, July 22, 2006


Just had a fabulous home cooked meal prepared by me and my partner in all things.

I made garden potatoes on the BBQ with butter and onions (there really is NO substitute for real butter!) and grilled peppers, carrots and zuchinni.

Jay, my BBQ king, grilled up some chicken drumsticks that were divine.

And for dessert (GOTTA have the sweet stuff to finish it off!) we had fudge from our Banff exersion the other day.


Of course, my sentiments were not shared by our resident picky eater. Jack noted the the carrots were grilled. I believe YUCK! was the adjective of choice. AND the potatoes had skin on them. In his eyes, skin is a four letter word. It took weeks last year to introduce the skin of fruit into his diet. Mostly with threats of you eat that or else..... No seriously the kid doesn't easily accept change in his diet. Wonder where in the world he gets that from ;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mmmmm Summer

Summer, to me, revolves around food. Of course!

BBQ'd hamburgers, mmmmm.

Grilled vegtables, a new favourite, mmmm.

BBQ'd hotdogs, mmmm.

BBQ'd greek ribs - Jay's specialty - double mmmm with sugar on top

New potatoes, mmmm.

Fresh garden peas, mmmm.

Baby carrots from the garden, mmmmm.

And another new favourite, French Vanilla Iced Capp from Timmy's. MMMMMMMMM, especially on a hot day like today.

And speaking of summer, I don't want to jinx it though, we have had beautiful weather over the last 2 weeks. Yesterday was 31, I almost had the audacity to complain but instead I just turned on the A/C :)

Tonight, Jay and Jack hit the football game. They lost, as usual. The team that is, not Jay and Jack :) It's nice to have a team here, but boy you really have to be loyal to continue to cheer for those guys.... There is a curse!

Kamden and I took a nice long walk around the lake while the older guys were at the game. We saw ducks, geese, baby ducks, baby geese, a fountain and a waterfall. It was beautiful.

Summer days are the best days!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

More of my amazing talent....

Yesterday, Kamden and I dropped Jack off at camp and headed downtown. We wanted to hit the Farmer's Market for some garden fresh veggies and I had some shopping I needed to do at stores only located downtown.

We headed to the mall first and on the way in I noticed a Second Cup and decided to feed my ever growing addiction to coffee.

Let's just say that the white shirt I happened to select to wear that morning is still in the stain removal process......

It's a talent folks! Didn't just spill a little either. Nope. Had to be all down my front. If I am going to spill, might as well spill big. No sense doing anything half way....

I just wonder how long I walked around with coffee all down my front before I noticed. Because when I did notice, I had just had a drink and I hadn't spilled that time:-)

I am ALL class!

Mental note: the cup holder on the stroller is for sippy cups, NOT to go coffee cups with the little hole to drink from. Active two year old in stroller = coffee EVERYWHERE including on my shirt!