Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mmmmm Summer

Summer, to me, revolves around food. Of course!

BBQ'd hamburgers, mmmmm.

Grilled vegtables, a new favourite, mmmm.

BBQ'd hotdogs, mmmm.

BBQ'd greek ribs - Jay's specialty - double mmmm with sugar on top

New potatoes, mmmm.

Fresh garden peas, mmmm.

Baby carrots from the garden, mmmmm.

And another new favourite, French Vanilla Iced Capp from Timmy's. MMMMMMMMM, especially on a hot day like today.

And speaking of summer, I don't want to jinx it though, we have had beautiful weather over the last 2 weeks. Yesterday was 31, I almost had the audacity to complain but instead I just turned on the A/C :)

Tonight, Jay and Jack hit the football game. They lost, as usual. The team that is, not Jay and Jack :) It's nice to have a team here, but boy you really have to be loyal to continue to cheer for those guys.... There is a curse!

Kamden and I took a nice long walk around the lake while the older guys were at the game. We saw ducks, geese, baby ducks, baby geese, a fountain and a waterfall. It was beautiful.

Summer days are the best days!


Angella said...

I agree - Summer ROCKS!

Maybe we should all move to Mexico :)

grams said...

Summer is yummy and maybe Angella has a point too. I think we just have to walk away from the Roughies, hit them in the pocket, and then maybe we'd see a turn around, we are just too loyal fans!! Did Jack enjoy with Emily anyway?