Friday, December 22, 2006


you wash things BEFORE you hem them.......

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Where or where does the time go...

I don't know if I sat down today. Okay I must have, I did eat supper afterall. Time has been flying but here's what we've been up to.

(why do all pictures of trees look terrible? I took about 50 and this is the best one. At least it's not of the Charlie Brown variety this year...and I tripled the number of lights this year and it looks much, much better)

It's Dec 5th and the tree is up, there are presents bought and wrapped under it and the rest of the house has been decended upon by the multitude of snowman that is ever growing. Me LOVE snowmen.

We got a beautiful one for a gift the first Christmas after we were married and the collection began. Why not have a theme for our decorations, I can be heard saying frequently, usually as I am buying yet another one!

I don't think this has all EVER been completed before Dec 15 before. It's a new record folks. Don't know what got into us but it's neat. I will likely be ready to take the tree down about Dec 20 but hey, them's the breaks.

Of course there are still the Christmas cards.......

The pictures were done this weekend - that was fun. No really it wasn't as bad as I thought. Getting both kids to perform was easier than I thought. Of course we prepped them a lot and Kamden thought he was done after 2 shots but we managed to hold still long enough for Amy to snap quite a few good ones. 'Course then I had to choose just one..... but I did it - as Dora would say and the order is off.

And the baking will be done slowly so as to savour every type of batter!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Why I love the man

I came up from my office feeling very much like an icicle and crawled into his lap and stuck my frozen appendiges into his....

"Why don't we get you a heater for your office?"

To which I hearitly replied,

"OKAY! Can you go to Canadian Tire right now?"

Of course I didn't actually expect him to go right at that moment but I sure wouldn't have stopped him if he had instisted.