Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The One Where I Eat My Words*

Does anyone remember me ranting about being sick of hearing about
Blackberry's and iphones?

I caved

Guess what that is? Yes, that's right, it's my new (kinda) Blackberry Curve.

Let me explain and then I will eat my words.

My old phone was a flip phone and the spring that flipped it broke about two months ago. It still worked fine, my face held it open. I was still being stubborn. I didn't need a new phone!

Then it happened. The screen came off the base. As in, my phone was no longer a flip phone but more of a two piece phone. It still worked though! Jay taped it back together and honestly, I thought no worries, I'll keep using it.

Then he said, "Get a new phone!"

Well okay then. And I had a phone credit from the phone company which meant I could pick from a few different models and pay nada, zilch, nothing. This version of the Blackberry has been discontinued so it was mine for a whopping $0.

Then I was getting someone named Jody's email. And the battery cover is scratched. Hmm, maybe it's not so new after all.

But it is FREE.

The Internet charges per month?

Not so free.

Crunch, crunch. My words need a little Frank's Hot Sauce.

*Not to be confused with the one where I eat my shorts.
** Feel free to welcome me to the new millenium. I am only 10 years late.
***Now we might have to upgrade our 10 + year old TV's that we got for free too
****Nah, why?
*****No Jack and Kamden, we are not getting a Wii. I needed my Blackberry for work. (shh, don't tell them I can't actually use it for my work website)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Six! My baby is 6!

Dear Kamden,

Today, at 12:55pm, you turn six years old. Of course I will say that time has flown since that moment the doctor laid all 8lbs 3 oz of you on my chest because it really and truly has.

You went from a baby with chubby cheeks constantly signing "eat" to this handsome boy. Not toddler, not preschooler but boy. I blinked, seriously.

Hazel eyes

And what a boy you are. Full of spunk and energy and joy. Pure unadulterated joy. It exudes from you most of the time but lately, as you mature, your temper is coming out. I have no idea who you got that from (looks around innocently).

Most of the time, however, your smile is contagious. Your laugh lifts my heart and spirit. Your adorable face is a beacon of happiness. No matter what I am doing, I see your face and I can't help but smile.

I love that smile

I cannot imagine our family without you. We now know that you are a miracle, that Mommy's fertility was on the down slide when you came along. This thought often this takes my breath away. Life without you in it? I don't even want to fathom. You completed this family in the most perfect way possible.


This year was a big one for you. Your started Kindergarten back in September as very shy introverted little guy who barely said peep for months in class.

You came out this past Friday a changed boy. At your Kindergarten graduation, we saw you joking and laughing with your classmates, sing every song and do (almost) every action and answer a question for the teacher in front of not only your entire class but the 50 or so parents and grandparents there too. That your teacher selected you first to answer was a sign of how proud she is of how far you have come too. Though her pride can't hold a candle to Mommy and Daddy's.


This spring, you started soccer. Gone was the shy boy who wouldn't even go into the gym when we tried to take you to Tae Kwon Do in September. The first day of soccer you raced out onto the field and played your heart out. On the field, you become aggressive (in a good way, no goons here) and assertive. The change in you is phenomenal. Soccer is your thing. It's been so wonderful to watch you find something you love. And I have to say that this Mommy gets pretty excited to watch you score goals and make spectacular dives on defence. However, I promise not to become one of those competitive mothers coaching from the sidelines (Daddy is good at keeping me in line).

Squinty eyes

Six years old, you are. And what fun it's been to watch you change and grow over these past six years.

While you changed by leaps and bounds, your need for a steady stream of snacks has not. While you no longer sign "eat" when you want a snack and instead verbalize what you would like, you are still and always will be my little snacker.

You are a wonderful son, brother and friend.
We love you, sweet boy, exactly as you are.

Happy birthday,

Love Mommy

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's my blog and I'll post what I want to

Well I sure was encouraged by how many comments there were on my last post. I am always encouraged by how many comments other bloggers get when they talk about the lack of comments. I post about it and I get crickets. Duly noted.

Anywho, as you can tell, I am not bitter. At all. Nope. To see 46 plus visitors on Friday alone and get 8 comments. Why would I be? The 8 that commented are my favourites. So there.

Mature no?

Moving on.

After more days of rain than we could possibly count, the sun came out. We had almost fogotten what it looked like so I took a picture. You know, for future reference.

What is that bright light?

We headed over to the school to play.

Evil Buggers

I am not sure you could park a bike here for the jungle of dandilions. At least they aren't in my lawn. Yet. The school isn't that far away, no doubt the seeds travel on the winds that blow endlessly *curses under breath*.


I love it when he actually let's me take a photo. And if it turns out too, gravy.


This one co-operated once. But that was his limit. Twerp. I guess he's cute though, so maybe I'll still keep him. For now.


At least Daddy was willing.

Basketball net

The only use of a basketball net, in my opinion. What? I don't enjoy team sports.

2/3 of my loves

Kamden was not willing to pose with his brother so I asked Jay to. You know when Kamden was ready to pose? When the rest of us had started making our way home.

boys will be boys

We made our way back. He posed but he didn't say he would smile.

Can't win them all.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Commenting, Take One

When I first started reading blogs, I never commented. Then I realized how important it is to just say, hey, I am here reading and enjoying what you wrote. I try really hard to comment on every post I read but have to be honest, I have been slacking off lately.

I read a post yesterday morning that reminded me why I comment and why it's so wonderful to receive comments. Please go and read what my friend, Angella so eloquently wrote about why you should take the time to comment.

I do not have ads on my site and cannot for see ever having them so for me, it isn't at all about getting clicks to generate ad revenue. However, there is a direct correlation between the number of comments I have been receiving and the severely declining number of post that I do.

Just sayin'.

Now go out and give the bloggers you love some well deserved love! I promise to as well.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Honest Things

I've been tagged twice to do this post listing 1o honest things about me. As I wrote it, it was more 10 honest opinions or actually the top ten things I felt like ranting about. Here is some more insight into the recesses of my mind. It's a scary place folks, tread lightly.

1. This is all about being honest so here it is, controversial as it may be. I have very strong opinions on homeschooling. I know, I know, I know nothing about it. But here is what I do know: there would have to be a VERY good reason for me to even consider ever homeschooling my boys. First of all, I am no teacher, thinking I could ever be would be ludicrous. I also think that our kids learn and grow so much more if we let them be exposed to other people and other ways of thinking. Our job as parents, in my humbly bias opinion, is to teach them to be independent confident adults who can make solid decisions on their own in the real world. In order to build the necessary skills to achieve that, they need to start small, like with other kids their own age. I have watched my boys already grow and flourish in the public school system and I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the only reasons that would have me ever consider it is if either of my boys wasn't doing well in the atmosphere that is regular school for whatever reason and after trying several different potential solutions, nothing worked. If there were no other options (private school, Montessori and oh how the whole idea of Montessori makes me itchy) then and only then would I consider taking their schooling into my own hands.

Blue skies

That said, if you home school, I am sure you have a very good reason. These are my reasons and they do not at all reflect on your decisions. xoxoxo

2. I could NEVER give up meat. I love all meat. I am almost very nearly a meatatarian. Protein, how I love you. I like beans too but couldn't use them as my sole source of protein. Have I mentioned Frank's Hot Sauce? Oh how I love thee. Chicken wings slathered in this sauce are very nearly Earl's quality. I was once committed to cutting back our meat intake for environmental reasons, however, when I really think about it, I honestly question if that would solve our problems. If the entire world subsisted on legumes for protein, would the space required to grow that large a quantity really be less than it takes to produce the livestock? Maybe this is just denial because I love me some meat.

Living Sky

3. Germaphobia is an epidemic. Spare me. I just don't have the energy. Here's tip, knowledge is power; obsessing is annoying. We can't live in a bubble. Our immune systems need a bit of boosting and exposing ourselves to everyday dirt is just fine and dandy.

4. UGGS are ugly. The only time I find them reasonably acceptable is when they are worn to the gym in the middle of winter with yoga pants. And on sweet little girls.


I know, I know the comfort, blah, blah, blah. I just really dislike them, comfort or no comfort. I will eat my shorts the day I buy a pair. My theory is that the designer is somewhere in some random country living quite comfortably and laughing at the fact that he started such a ridiculous trend for all us gullible consumers. He's an ass.

5. Skinny jeans. Really? Who designed those hideous buggers? Same ass as above, me thinks. A man is my only conclusion. His signature is all over them. Again, if I ever own a pair, my shorts will be on the menu for dinner. I will even take pictures, I promise.


6. I do not like broccoli. I know I am supposed to like it because it contains no less than 12,000 vitamins and nutrients that will cure cancer and rabies but I just don't like it. I eat it because of the aforementioned vities but like it? Never. I particularly don't like the tops. The florets, whatever the do hickey they are called. The texture makes me gag. I typically only eat the stems, which I am guessing only contain 1/8 of the vitamins and minerals. Murphy is a bitch like that.

Spring purple

7. I honestly loathe when people come to our door pedaling some product, service or religion. Don't call us, we'll call you. M'kay? Thanks. I honestly won't answer my door if I can ensure they don't know I am home. And I NEVER answer the phone if it is a 1-800, 1-866 or any other unknown area code. Same thing applies. And I love the weekly message that I won a trip. Uh huh. Sure I did, and how much do I owe for that "free" trip. Thanks but no thanks.

8. I might be an email addict. If I am not sending and receiving messages and getting blog comments into my inbox, I kind of lose my will to live. That might be a bit dramatic but I really really like it. It's pathetic, I know but I don't have too many vices other than coffee. Mmm, coffee. (I am also easily distracted).

Morning snack

9. I am just not that into blogging anymore. You may have noticed but I suspect you are more likely just a little bit relieved about one less post to read in your reader. I haven't contributed to Canada Moms Blog since early February. And yesterday it was announced that the hosting group, Silicon Valley Moms Group is closing up shop. 5 months ago this would have devastated me, now, I am kind of like, huh, that's too bad now, isn't it? And I have been quiet around here too. I would blame summer and all the sun and sand but it's been raining for 35 days and nights. Our ark is almost complete.

Cherry blossoms

10. Lastly, on a more serious note, I once almost burned my parents' house down. I wasn't a kid either, well not a young one anyway, more of a young, absent minded adult. I left the kettle on the counter top stove and went to work. For hours. Luckily all it did was char the back board of the cupboard. I don't think that I really 'got' the magnitude of how freaking lucky I was until much, much later. My parents still live in that very house and only recently replaced the counter tops. The black spot was there for years reminding me of my awesomeness.

Roses are Red

Hopefully you learned something new about me, or wait, better yet, hopefully you actually read this through to the end. If you just looked at the pictures, I am okay with that too.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Great Big Number 9!

Dear Jack,

Nine years ago today, at 1:55pm, you came into this world and forever changed ours. Time has gone quickly and so have the changes in you.

Nine seems like a big number to me, it's only one away from ten. Double digits. And then I feel like I will blink and you will driving. And then, if I turn my head for just a second, you'll be an adult.

And that makes me glad, because that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Soccer boy

(Since Kamden is on a soccer team this spring, you have really started liking soccer. We play soccer as a family often and you have really honed your goalie skills)

Grade three is almost over for you and you have taken it all in stride. You do very well in school and you make your Mommy and Daddy proud. (Except for that teacher for Social Studies and Health that marks 25% of each assignment based on how well you draw and colour. Whatever lady ask him anything on the topic, he'll know it, THAT is what is important.)


This year, all boys your age are into Bakugan. Now, this is WAY over your Mom's head, regardless of how much you try to explain it to me. All that stuff about attributes and New Vestroya and Drago are much like Greek to me. But the excitement in your eyes when you play this with your brother and the way you know every lyric to the TV show's theme song makes me smile. You are growing up. You are developing your own interests outside the interest of our family of four. All is as it should be.

Book worm

This past year you have developed a love of reading that I hope will last a lifetime. So far, your attention is mostly on books about Bakugan. Which reminds me of my brother, your Uncle Trevor, who spent hours reading books about Dungeons and Dragons and Chess, and Poker and (fill in blank here) but that's another story all together. Regardless, I love how you are just like me and get completely enveloped in what you are reading. Now you know why I don't hear you talking to me when I am reading.

Happy Birthday!

(This picture is a classic example of how not to use manual settings, particularly if you forget to turn your flash on)

This year marked,what I hope is, the beginning of your piano education. Your memory, once again, amazes me. Play a song through less than 10 times and you have it completely memorized. Tonight at your last class you got through your note cards before everyone else and I was commenting (okay basically shamelessly bragging) about your memory. This is when you piped up that you could see the answers on the back of the card. Thanks dude, make a liar out of me, see if I care. At least you are honest.

Very nearly 9

You still don't overly love to pose for pictures (and apparently really like red shirts) but I managed to get a few nice shots of you this past week. I tell you this all the time but it bears repeating here so you can mock me when you are older - you are going to ask me when you are an adult why there are so few pictures of you and I will tell you it is because you wouldn't let me take any.

Another quirk of yours is your inability to lie to me. I can tell right away by the smirk and look in your eye (crossing my fingers that this one lasts through those teen years). And if you are mad at me, I can make you laugh by laughing out loud. This brings you no end of frustration and you try with all your might to keep your mad on.

You are smart, confident and kind. You are goofy, stubborn and proud. You are you.

You are a great big brother and a wonderful son. We love you Jack, exactly as you are.

Love Mommy

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bits and Pieces of Nothing*

Better new specs

(I wear glasses all the time because contacts are pretty much like putting concrete directly on my eyeball. I am not into that kind of pain. Every two years, to the day, I get new glasses because that is what our insurance will cover. And by cover I mean pay for part of them. These are very different from my old ones, which is exactly what I was going for. Jay and Jack helped me pick them out.

I was at a photography workshop last week where the instructor noted that some people even use the self timer on their cameras to take photos of themselves.
WHO would do that?)

I watched an episode of Oprah last week, which is very unusual for me, I rarely turn the TV on during day. It 's funny though, because this one was perfect for me. Kismet? Maybe.

The show was about busy families and how disconnected they feel from one another. Peter Walsh, the "expert" had a family take the Strip Down Challenge. The family was required to relinquish all electronics for 7 days.

Basically, the moral of the show is that we feel more disconnected than ever because of our cell phones, lap tops and busy lifestyles. It hit home. Hard.

At one point, Peter said (loosely quoted from memory), "we can sit in a room by ourselves and send and receive 20 emails but we aren't connected".


I am the queen of emailing. My problem is that I am a chatterbox so a phone call will take an hour, an email, 2 min.

The thing is? I AM NOT THAT BUSY.

And if I showed an ounce or two of self control, I could likely cut the phone call down to 20 min or less.

Moose Crossing?

(We were in Moose Jaw, SK this past weekend - yes, that is a real place - and these are the cross walk signs on Main Street. They cracked me up. I am easily amused. Carry on.)

So I am faced with an issue. My work takes place over the Internet. I can easily slip into Facebook to play a couple scrabble moves, read everyone's status updates and maybe update my own. I also can slip into my blog reader and read and comment on a few posts. Before I know it, I have spent the entire morning on the computer. And then the afternoon too. I have worked but I have also wasted (a matter of opinion) time.

If I worked in an office setting, I would be in the same boat, minus FB and blog reading because I, while it's been 6 years (SIX!) since I worked in an office, I am pretty sure it would be frowned upon.

The difference is, I am alone for the mornings and Kamden is often busy doing his own thing in the afternoon. So if I am on the computer working, and interneting (it's not a word but work with me) who I am disconnected from during the day?

No one. BUT.

5km - I love Regina Run/Walk

(5 km walk we did as a family this past weekend. It did not go well. We'll leave it at that. Also? My youngest son appears to have inherited my temper and stubbornness. Oh joy. Also? Notice the cool spot right between Jay and my heads'? What is it? Ghost? Sun spot? Our deep abiding love?)

I do have to consciously make sure to socialize with other people. Thank goodness I have great friends, some of whom work from home like I do. Others I see outside of working hours. Honestly, the only thing I miss about working in an office setting at a "real job", is that social aspect. But there I felt guilty for visiting when I should have been working.

Good gravy.

I just realized there is always something to feel guilty about.

Anywho, my point (if I have one) is that I have to keep things in check. I am like a broken record but again, it's about balance. Family time, friend time, time with my hubby.

It's a good thing I know how to keep things in check so that I am not so busy I am running around trying to keep the balls in the air. Because being busy, is a choice. My choice is to keep things manageable.

I am pretty sure I will never regret that.

(*Would you expect any less?)