Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Am A Soccer Mom

At least until June when this soccer season ends, anyway.

This one is for the memory books and the Grandparents.

He's got moves

This year, Kamden was finally ready to try a sport other than gymnastics. He picked soccer and gets to play with his best bud, Logan (totally planned and excuted) as well as a friend from school (complete chance and fluke but well, YAY).

Hmm, who do I pass to?

Our Kamden loves to run and often runs and lunges up the hill with Jay and I at our hill boot camp Saturday mornings. So soccer, what with all the running, is a great sport for this little man.

Before his second game, Monday night, he said that he hoped he could score his first goal this time.

He gets the ball

Early in the game, his chance came. He got the ball and dribbled (is that right, that just sounds so wrong) it towards the net.

He dribbles (?)

Look at that fancy footwork. Beckham, eat your heart out!

He shoots!

He shoots!

He scores!

He scores! He's hidden behind the number 8 but that's his fist growing out of his head.

And he scored at least one more time. Also of note was the happy dance Jack did each time his little brother scored. Next time I will have to focus the camera on him instead of the game. It needs to be documented for future black mail or wedding slide show purposes.

High Five

Logan is either high fiving Kamden or keeping track of the goals. Either way, I love this shot with Jay looking on.

For now, I am a proud soccer and touch down dance mom.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

soccer is a great sport, the one I grew up playing actually. I can only hope to be a soccer mom. hope he enjoys it the whole season

Angella said...

Oh, fun! My boys are playing too and I haven't been since their first week (Stupid tax season).

Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool! Welcome to the club of "Soccer Moms". Isn't it great?! Love the photos, I can't believe you managed to capture him scoring his first goal. My boys move way too fast for my (old, slow) camera to get the money shots!

Cheryl said...

soccer mom!!! Yahoo!!! I love it, especially that last pic with Jay blurred a bit Awesome!!!
Go Kamden!

Jen Wilson said...

Your photos are AWESOME!!!

Did they play at the football field?

R Royal Family said...

YAY for soccer moms! I love that last pic can you send it to me pretty please :-)

Ed said...

These are really great shots! And if he's anything like my kids, I'll bet he's still talking about that goal.

Karen MEG said...

You wear the "soccer mom" moniker well - what great pictures!

I'm usually too busy hootin' and hollerin' on the sidelines, embarassing my son, to be taking pictures ;).

A Crafty Mom said...

That is amazing, Kami! I played soccer and loved it, and hope my boys do at some point. They're thing is T-ball now, and I don't want to put them in more than one sport, so for now we're hanging out at the baseball diamond :)

Fabulous photos of your little Beckham!

Stacie's Madness said...

that is awesome..all of the shots you got!!! love it!

Elaine A. said...

You're right, that last one is pure awesome. Yay for Kamden, he's a soccer star already!!

teeni said...

He is adorable and you have every right to cheer him on and be proud of him. Also, I love the colorful seats in the stands. They must add to the fun in your photography! :)