Monday, May 30, 2011

I Worry

Bookworm Jack

As my oldest son gets older, my worries have changed. I have no answers, only questions.

I thought as the kids got older, the worries would be easier (yes, I was delusional) but they certainly aren't. I can no longer control his behaviour (still delusional if I thinking I could ever control it). I can only give advice, even when unsolicited, and hope he makes the right decisions.

This learning curve is steep, I tell ya. And somehow I don't see it leveling off anytime soon.

Vodka anyone?

Monday, May 09, 2011

It's Been 12 Long Years....

and I love you just the same.

Okay, so the song says 5 longs year but we surpassed that years ago.

Yesterday, May 8th, Jay and I celebrated our 12 wedding anniversary. It was also Mother's Day (as I am sure you know) and May 7th (Saturday) was my birthday.
Do you feel a little bit sorry for poor Jay trying to handle all those occasions in one weekend?

I do.

But if you know Jay, you also know that he handles this like a pro.

Saturday morning, my 37th birthday, I ran a 10 km race with my friend, Terry-Lyn. When it comes to running, she is the hare and I am the turtle. But she happily (I think) ran at my pace, encouraging me, cheering me on, even yelling a bit to get me mad to run faster. You see, I had a goal. I started the race hoping to finish in under 60 min. Well actually I started out wanting to run it in under 55...turns out if I would have thought about it a bit, that just isn't possible for me, yet.

5 km mark

Thanks to her I finished in 58:37. And I literally almost lost my lunch steps from the finish line. Gross eh? But what the proves is that I ran as fast as was physically possible for me. I recovered in about 30 seconds and was very happy I met my goal.

Next up, Jay informed me I had an appointment at noon. I had no clue what it was and I loved not knowing. I had my suspicions but he pretty much fouled every guess with a rational explanation. Dude does his surprises up right.

Turns out it was an Indian head massage (which as I found out has very little to do with your head) followed by a hot stone massage. Oh my word. Let me just tell you that every ounce of pain I felt during the run was more than made up for by the massages. I was as relaxed as a puddle of goo when I was done.

I was then picked up by three handsome boys and whisked off for a hot coffee and bagel followed by mini-golf and a steak supper out. At home I was treated to homemade cards.

Bday cards for Moi!

And gifts. Which Kamden felt he should model.


It was, as birthdays go, pretty damn fantastic.

And then, just because that wasn't enough, he also got me a make-up 101 lesson to share with a friend.

I am not sure I deserve all this. I don't really need to say this, it is quite obvious but I'll say it anyway because he deserves the credit. As husbands go, I hit the jack pot.

Jay, you are unbelievable. Simply the best. Sharing my life with you is well, beyond fantastic. Thank you for all you did to make me feel special and loved this weekend and every single day of the year. I love you more than I could ever express in words!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Soccer dude

It is soccer season! And Kamden's uniform is made for him, not me.

The kick

He was pretty pumped for his first game this past Monday.

Just one nice one

He was not as impressed with my need to liberally photograph him in his new uniform (that doesn't make him look like a third world orphan donning a donated women's uniform!).

He's a star
But I couldn't help myself. I mean look at him!

Losing patience

And then for icing on the cake, he scored the first goal in the first game of the season! Kind of makes up for his sad little face at the end of the indoor season when he didn't score any goals.

Soccer Mom is going to make a resurgence! Be afraid, be very afraid!