Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Awesome Abs

Ever since I got my DSLR (Cannon Rebel), my point and shoot has been sitting idle. That is until Kamden picked it up a few months back and started shooting random photos of things around the house.

Like his Christmas blanket lounging about eating bon bons (also what I do all day, in case you were wondering).

blanket lounging

He even does self portraits.

self portrait, Kamden

Not bad, though clearly he's been hanging about with me too much. And don't worry, he only saw stars from that ridiculous flash for a few minutes. Nothing to worry about here.

Every now and then he focuses his camera on me. Yes, in the most attractive poses you will ever see. Exhibit A, while I am fixing his afternoon snack.


I haven't taught him about not placing your subject right in front of a windw so there's that. But what I love about this photo is that I look three months (or more) pregnant. And while it's wonderful and fantastic and beautiful to look three months pregnant, that only applies when you actually ARE three months pregnant. Of which, in case you missed it, I am NOT.

Um, lower abs, any chance you could, you know, do some work and hold that there ponch in?

Which lead me to the point of this post, (ha, fooled you, there is actually a point other than showing off my son's exempliary photography skills) self body image.

I don't know a woman who hasn't struggled with it. I am no exeption. Looking good is important to me because it makes me feel good. I know that sounds vain and shallow and it likely is but if I feel good about how I look, I have more confidence in myself, am more outgoing (which is all relative given that I am not a social butterfly by any stretch of the imagination) and gosh darn it all, happier.

And for the most part, I do okay. Mostly I feel like I have never looked better.


Then I see a photo like that and it's almost enough to make me give up and eat poutine. Three meals a day. And I don't like poutine. At all.

The point is that all the crunches and running and boot camps and healthy eating (within moderation since life is for living and living means eating tasty treats whether they are good for me or not) will not fix the one thing that makes everyone look their best.

Good posture.

And using the muscles that were given to us.

Hello, lower abs. Guess what? Time to train you bad boys into working 24 - 7. And quit your griping, you've have had 35.5 years of vacation (before I had kids they likely didn't need to work too hard, there was nothing to hold in and since I have had kids they haven't worked too hard at all,trust me). Lower abs, we'll call you Labs for short, it's time you pulled your own weight.

Because in my head, this is what I see.

Lower Abs or Labs for short

And these pesky bad photos are not good for my self image.

And also, because I know you are thinking but are too polite to say, if this is my biggest concern, life is good. And you are absolutely 100% right but it's better than no post at all, isn't it?

Wait. Don't answer that!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The On Going Effect of THAT Diet

Way back in October, I had the crazy idea that I should pursue alternative methods to maintain my health. You will recall that I was advised, by a naturopathic doctor, to do an elimination diet, or as I like to refer to it, THAT diet. Wherein THAT is a four letter word uttered with much disgust and spit. I quit after only two weeks on account of feeling like crapola on a stick.

I thought that was the end of it. I already knew I was mildly lactose intolerant long before embarking on my very short journey into alternative medicine.

You might be thinking that I didn't give it enough of a chance. And you might be right but, humour me, okay?

So in the weeks after I re-introduced dairy accompanied by the most useful product known to man, Lactaid tablets, I realized that I am no longer mildly lactose intolerant. Now I am full on, hardcore, show no mercy lactose intolerant.

(insert profanity here)

Prior to THAT diet, I could eat a square of chocolate without Lactaid and have no ill effects. After, well, one square is enough to set my stomach into overdrive. Those who know me, know that Kami without chocolate is a fish without water. This fish is now land bound. And not happy about it neither.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

It's as if the complete abstinence from diary for two weeks resulted in any natural enzymes to digest dairy that my body once possessed to disappear.

I know, I know, one does not need dairy to survive. However, life is for living and food is an integral part of living for me. Life without dairy is not a path I wish to embark on. Pizza, nachos, tacos, my favourite Greek chicken with feta, the list is endless. I am all for eating healthy but a girl's gotta treat herself every now and then.

Now that treat requires copious amounts of Lactaid.

I highly recommend you buy stock in the company.

(insert further profanity here)

Friday, February 05, 2010


Today, is Friday. And had it been, say Monday, when I walked into the bathroom fifteen minutes before the boys were due at school to find this:

Expressing his anger

(point and shoot on last legs of battery came through to capture this, albiet fuzzy moment)

I would have been halfway through my third vodka now, a mere half hour later.

I would love to tell you that his brother did this to him or that it was an accident but if I did, I would be flat out lying. If you know me, then you know I am not overly adept at lying. Neither are my kids so while I don't know exactly what went down, these are the facts:

He didn't deny doing it.

Jack was no where near him during his stint in the bathroom.

Jack had already brushed his teeth.

Jack often brushes his teeth first and also often gets Kamden's brush ready for him.

Jack did not do this today.

Kamden could be heard muttering that if Jack hadn't got his toothbrush ready for him (grateful little bugger isn't he?), he was going to put toothpaste in his hair.

I didn't think too much of all this as I overheard it while making our bed. Such empty teasing threats are common in our household (judge us if you will but I am willing to bet we have more fun that you). The boys can often be seen chasing each other around the house weilding the toothpaste tube pretending they will put in the other's hair (with me yelling to get back in the bathroom before there is toothpaste all over the carpet - see I am not THAT fun). Up until today, it was all just a joke.

I just never thought one of them would do it to themselves. Vodka, anyone?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Change is Gonna Come

Do you ever feel like you have been stuck in a place? Not a rut but a place, that for a long time, you were really content to be, but slowly, gradually, you are starting to realize that it's expiry date might be coming due.


Okay, bear with me then.

I want to clarify, strongly, that this is not personal but professional. My family is perfectly imperfect and I love them just as they are.

When Kamden was still a baby, I embarked on a change. It was significant and it was the best thing for our family. And for me. It's been four and half years since I began working from home and in that time I have taken on challenges that I never dreamed I would. It's been great. I have loved it.

I must admit, that before I began this working from home gig, I took my professional accounting designation for granted. Sure it was hard to get and many of you know how much I know that, but I was doing a job that didn't interest me in the least. I was just putting in time.

Then I started this gig and I came alive. Suddenly I felt passion about what I was doing. You might not believe me, I mean, it is accounting after all. But what gave me passion was that I was, in some little way, part of the process that helps students obtain that same professional designation that I once took for granted.

But there is this thing about passion. It has a shelf life. At least it does for me. I crave variety and change and new things.

However, the idea of going back to a desk job is about as appealing as suddenly finding myself cleaning port a potties for a living.

Not to mention that I love being home to send the boys off to school in the morning, here when they come home for lunch and here when the day is over for them. Someone once said to me that my need to do that made me overprotective. Okay, sure, if that's what it's called. I know not everyone gets this opportunity and I don't for a second take it for granted. Instead, I enjoy every second (crossing my fingers, because some mornings maybe I don't enjoy the refereeing about who is dressed faster, or who is done breakfast sooner) because there is no greater gift.

At this point, you might be wondering if I am going to quit doing what I have been doing for the last four and half years. The answer is no, not yet anyway. But I am considering expanding my repertoire to an area so unrelated to accounting that it kind of scares me to my very core.

I took up Pilates about three and half years ago. I love it and am very passionate about it. The owner of the studio recently asked me if I would consider training to become an instructor.


Yes. No. Maybe?

I am not very comfortable talking in front of groups so there's that. But really and truly, it would be neat. Also? Have I ever mentioned that I swore I was done with the whole formal education thing after I finished my accounting designation? Training requires a full working knowledge of anatomy, countless hours of practice teaching and both a written and practical exam. GAH.

But despite all that, I am considering it. It is not the ideal since the demand for classes are evenings and weekends which means less time at home when everyone else is home. I won't begin training this year but it's on the list of possibilities for next year.

A change is gonna come. What it will be remains to be seen.

Monday, February 01, 2010

What I Wish for Every Child


I do this often, think back to my childhood and contemplate what led me to this place I am in now. I do this because I love this place, it's basically everything (and more) I ever dreamed of. I know one thing that always has been with me is the love and acceptance my immediate family has always, and still to this day, provided me. I strongly believe it is what kept me on the straight and narrow, never willing to do things that I knew were stupid and destructive. Because of the love and acceptance of my family, I was strong enough in who I was to say no.

What more could I ever have asked for?

Today, I have a post up about the most important thing we can give our kids over at Canada Moms Blog.

It's what I wish for every single child.