Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Change is Gonna Come

Do you ever feel like you have been stuck in a place? Not a rut but a place, that for a long time, you were really content to be, but slowly, gradually, you are starting to realize that it's expiry date might be coming due.


Okay, bear with me then.

I want to clarify, strongly, that this is not personal but professional. My family is perfectly imperfect and I love them just as they are.

When Kamden was still a baby, I embarked on a change. It was significant and it was the best thing for our family. And for me. It's been four and half years since I began working from home and in that time I have taken on challenges that I never dreamed I would. It's been great. I have loved it.

I must admit, that before I began this working from home gig, I took my professional accounting designation for granted. Sure it was hard to get and many of you know how much I know that, but I was doing a job that didn't interest me in the least. I was just putting in time.

Then I started this gig and I came alive. Suddenly I felt passion about what I was doing. You might not believe me, I mean, it is accounting after all. But what gave me passion was that I was, in some little way, part of the process that helps students obtain that same professional designation that I once took for granted.

But there is this thing about passion. It has a shelf life. At least it does for me. I crave variety and change and new things.

However, the idea of going back to a desk job is about as appealing as suddenly finding myself cleaning port a potties for a living.

Not to mention that I love being home to send the boys off to school in the morning, here when they come home for lunch and here when the day is over for them. Someone once said to me that my need to do that made me overprotective. Okay, sure, if that's what it's called. I know not everyone gets this opportunity and I don't for a second take it for granted. Instead, I enjoy every second (crossing my fingers, because some mornings maybe I don't enjoy the refereeing about who is dressed faster, or who is done breakfast sooner) because there is no greater gift.

At this point, you might be wondering if I am going to quit doing what I have been doing for the last four and half years. The answer is no, not yet anyway. But I am considering expanding my repertoire to an area so unrelated to accounting that it kind of scares me to my very core.

I took up Pilates about three and half years ago. I love it and am very passionate about it. The owner of the studio recently asked me if I would consider training to become an instructor.


Yes. No. Maybe?

I am not very comfortable talking in front of groups so there's that. But really and truly, it would be neat. Also? Have I ever mentioned that I swore I was done with the whole formal education thing after I finished my accounting designation? Training requires a full working knowledge of anatomy, countless hours of practice teaching and both a written and practical exam. GAH.

But despite all that, I am considering it. It is not the ideal since the demand for classes are evenings and weekends which means less time at home when everyone else is home. I won't begin training this year but it's on the list of possibilities for next year.

A change is gonna come. What it will be remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

You are not overprotective at all for wanting to be there for your boys before and after school! I feel the exact same way and working from home has allowed me to do that. I can't imagine Tyler coming home to anyone else to share the 1st little bit of news from his day. And other days he just wants some quiet time after school, that would not happen if he was at a sitter. Yes, I realize that I am very fortunate to be able to do this from home. But I can't imagine our life any other way.

I think you would make a great instructor!


Angella said...

Wow, Kami! I think you would be a GREAT instructor with your easy nature.

Excited to see where you go with it. :)

Ed said...

Don't discount the port a potty thing--just saying, if you can take the aroma the gig can be pretty lucrative.

3LittleMonkeys said...

That sounds great! I also get bored doing the same things and feel I need to mix it up sometimes. I'm just not sure what that is right now!
I think breaking out of your comfort zone and becoming an instructor would be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Kami, not overprotective. I think its great that you are there for the boys! That being said, I think you would make a great instructor. So many people could benefit from you! Possibly me :) And it would be good for daddy to have some nice alone time with the boys.

Excited to see what you decide!!
J :)

nicole said...

I think that is so exciting! Go for it.

Also, not overprotective at all to enjoy being home for your boys when they are there. I think it is fantastic that you are able to do that and work, and I am sure many women envy you for that.

Cheryl said...

you know I would love to see you teaching pilates...maybe a practical stint in the Peg!!!
I am with you, these last few months off have been great....

Debbie said...

Not overprotective! I think it's great that you chose the path you did.

Pilates instructor! That would be interesting. An accountant friend of mine recently became a fitness instructor as a P/T gig after she decided the industry wasn't for her. She has a great time doing it!

Stacie's Madness said...

DO IT!!!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, you are not overprotective just because you want to be HOME before and after school. Yikes!! Those are the things I love about working from home. I never want to put my kids in before and after school care (not knocking those who do, it's just not for me or my family).

I think the Pilates gig sounds awesome!! Go for it!

vikkiscrappygal said...

I agree with you wanting to be home,but now that my son is older,Iam thinking about going back to work. Only thing is,no jobs.
I'd give the instructor thing a chance.

BeachMama said...

I think it is so awesome that you got to work at home for the last four years with your boys. If only that opportunity was available for everyone who wanted it it would be a perfect world. Or almost perfect ;).

As for pilates, you would be great! Teaching a class like that is not the same as speaking in front of a huge group of people, you would just fall into place and be great at it.

Kristin said...

That seems like a great opportunity. I can really relate, I've actually been fighting change since my boys started Kindergarten in the Fall, maybe I'm avoiding myself a little. After 5 years of stay-at-home-mommying I'm not sure about much. But I sense a change in the air too. You have such a great way of expressing yourself, thanks for all you share!

Ashley said...

I say Go For it!!!! You'll do wonderful. It's always forboeding to take on a new task, but soon enough you'll be in the swing of it and you'll forget why you were nervous. And just remember all those people you'd be instructing are way more self concious than you are. They're worried about what the girl behind them is thinking about their butt, do they have a wedgie and can people see my back sweat?!

As for the education part, knowledge is power, or at least the illusion of power. And who doesn't like to live in an illusion!

All kidding aside, you'll do great at it if you chose to do it! And congratulations on the huge honor. They must think an aweful lot of you to ask.

Elaine A. said...

Sounds like it has it's pros and cons, just like most things, huh? I think it would be really cool though. Can't wait to hear what you decide!

teeni said...

You would be an awesome instructor and all the people in your classes will love you so there is no reason to feel uncomfortable about talking in front of them. They are just people wanting to get healthy and you are there to help them. I know you would be great at this. But accounting is a good steady job too so I can understand being hesitant. I know you will find something that works out for you and I support you 100% girlfriend!

R Royal Family said...

I dont know what I would have done these past few years without you, we were meant to find eachother and keep eachother sane through some of the most amazing and stressful few years. I am excited about your new possibility and cant wait to get home to chat with you about it, I for one think you would be amazing at that job you are very inspiring.

Aloha, see you in a week

Karen MEG said...

Kami, you should SO do it! If you can make the time for it in your schedule, it is something so unrelated to everything else in your life and yet so good for you and your body, it would be fantastic!

I thought about being a Bodyjam instructor (for about 1/2 second about 2 years ago) and now that I look back at the whole 5 years I had at home, with a flexible schedule that allowed me to be "overprotective" (snort - that is NOT what you are, BTW), it's one thing I regret not doing, now that I've got that desk job again. Sigh.

I hope you go for it!You'll be great!

Natalie said...

becoming an instructor is HARD but very worth it. seriously, most make it look so easy.... the talking, thinking, demonstrating, exercising all at the same time. it has been quite a challenge for me personally to make the transition from participant to instructor but one that i have really enjoyed!!! i'll cheer you on for sure!