Monday, October 31, 2011


I have been taking pictures galore so here is an update, in the form of many pictures.

About a month ago, our new dressers finally arrived. This marks the first time I have ever owned new dressers (as I kid I had an antique, which I love, and is now Kamden's). I don't count the "new" Jysk (aka crap) dressers we bought about 5 years ago. a) Because they are now broken and useless and b) do I really need another reason?

Our room

Instead of those dinky night stands with like, what two teeny drawers, we opted for full chests. Our bed is like 15 feet tall so I think it works. And I need the storage, trust me. (Jay off handedly suggested I buy fewer clothes. Pshaw)

Girly side

My side of the bed is slightly girly. The flower box was made by Kamden for Mother's Day last year and the rest I have accumulated over the last couple years.

View from our bed

This bad boy has 10 drawers. Yes, 10. And the bottom four are HUGE. And sadly, I filled them all. And I go back and forth on updating the photos here. The majority are from our trip to the Bahamas way back in 2008. But the boys are so stinking cute so I just haven't brought myself to update them.

Manly side

Jay's side. More manly. Well at least the wood figures carved by his Grandad anyway.

This past week, I zipped to Vancouver (and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it) for a work course. I stayed out at UBC with a friend, who fed me amazing food every night. Must tries if you are in the Vancouver area - The Flying Beaver (Mahi Mahi with coconut curry sauce - yum is an understatement), Chronic Taco (oh my word. you must try the Mahi Mahi (see a theme?) taco), it will change your life, and The Banana Leaf (the appie sampler was amazing. I even ate the calamari and if you know me, you know that is WAY out of my comfort zone).

Wow, that was a tangent. I wrote all that just to tell you about the leaf Jack is holding. Cathy and I were out for a run when I found this huge maple leaf. I hid it under a sign so we could come back and find it later. She found this quite hilarious since the campus was covered in leaves. But they were not all this big is my story and I am sticking to it.

That is a real leaf. No joke!

I mean, it is huge, right? Also of note is the fact that it made it home in my suitcase in one piece.


And of course the pumpkins. My favourite part of Halloween, hands down. Used to be the chocolate but now two or three and I have a headache. Getting healthy and fit is awesome but I do miss the ability to consume copious amounts of chocolate.

And that is a wrap for now (ie bedtime for Kami).

Kami, out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Maple Leaf, eh?

Be yourself. Be who you are.

What if who you are needs work?

Is it possible to be who you are and still be better?

(in case you were wondering, my head hurts)

Lessons. Learned the hard way. Forgotten. Re-learned, though never fully and completely. An endless cycle of futility.

So easy to fall into old habits.

I am an adult, yet not quite grown up. I am never quite as mature as I hope to be.

Buttons. Easily pushed. Never quite rise above.

When I was a kid, I thought adults had all the answers. Now I know the truth. All we have are more questions.

Insecurities. Striving for more but it’s hard and I want to quit. Others do it better. Maybe I have peaked.

I don’t always feel this way, thank goodness.

But today is one of those days, this week, one of those weeks. This too shall pass and if I learn something and become a better person, all the better.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Fall has been beautiful here and we took advantage of the warm weather and beautiful colours a couple weeks back to do the annual Christmas photo.

Don't mind this one.


And this one. He is growing up, my first born.

Jackson Brown

And this one too. Also growing up.


But clearly this is the one to go with for the Christmas card. Am I right?

Out take from the family photo shoot

By the way, Jack is the only sane one in this family. Clearly.