Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Maple Leaf, eh?

Be yourself. Be who you are.

What if who you are needs work?

Is it possible to be who you are and still be better?

(in case you were wondering, my head hurts)

Lessons. Learned the hard way. Forgotten. Re-learned, though never fully and completely. An endless cycle of futility.

So easy to fall into old habits.

I am an adult, yet not quite grown up. I am never quite as mature as I hope to be.

Buttons. Easily pushed. Never quite rise above.

When I was a kid, I thought adults had all the answers. Now I know the truth. All we have are more questions.

Insecurities. Striving for more but it’s hard and I want to quit. Others do it better. Maybe I have peaked.

I don’t always feel this way, thank goodness.

But today is one of those days, this week, one of those weeks. This too shall pass and if I learn something and become a better person, all the better.


Mrs. Wilson said...

I'm sorry you're feeling down. Anything I can do to help? Sending you a great big HUG and a great big I THINK YOU ARE AWESOME.


Elaine A. said...

I love what you say about thinking adults have all the answers. And you're SO right about just more questions...

Hugs, mah dear.

Misty said...

Absolutely a touching post. Hugs from me to you. I get it.

Angella said...

We all have those weeks.

Big hugs, friend.

nicole said...

Lots of this for me lately. Thanks for sharing.