Friday, July 29, 2011


A few posts ago (about 2 given my recent notable lack of posting) I noted the next time I went for my regular colour, the hair was due for a change. Well, I followed through on my word. And lucky me, Jay is still speaking to me.

He will not, however, say he likes it. On principle alone, I am sure.

I like it. And the change is just what I needed.

But before the big reveal, because who is shameless enough to have already posted pictures on FB, let's go back and remember the different phases of Kami's hair.

There are some gems in this one.

Oh and this one too(safely falling into the what the hell was I thinking category).

And we CANNOT leave out the blunders of my youth (we all need a laugh or three!).

Perhaps someday this latest look will make it into a post to add to the list above, but for now, I am pretty happy with the change.

Chopped it!

And the rear view, you know because I am not shameless enough, I have to!

back view

I would like to thank my long time stylist, Kristy and my trainer of over three years, Ashley - you got my back ladies. Literally.