Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Awesome Abs

Ever since I got my DSLR (Cannon Rebel), my point and shoot has been sitting idle. That is until Kamden picked it up a few months back and started shooting random photos of things around the house.

Like his Christmas blanket lounging about eating bon bons (also what I do all day, in case you were wondering).

blanket lounging

He even does self portraits.

self portrait, Kamden

Not bad, though clearly he's been hanging about with me too much. And don't worry, he only saw stars from that ridiculous flash for a few minutes. Nothing to worry about here.

Every now and then he focuses his camera on me. Yes, in the most attractive poses you will ever see. Exhibit A, while I am fixing his afternoon snack.


I haven't taught him about not placing your subject right in front of a windw so there's that. But what I love about this photo is that I look three months (or more) pregnant. And while it's wonderful and fantastic and beautiful to look three months pregnant, that only applies when you actually ARE three months pregnant. Of which, in case you missed it, I am NOT.

Um, lower abs, any chance you could, you know, do some work and hold that there ponch in?

Which lead me to the point of this post, (ha, fooled you, there is actually a point other than showing off my son's exempliary photography skills) self body image.

I don't know a woman who hasn't struggled with it. I am no exeption. Looking good is important to me because it makes me feel good. I know that sounds vain and shallow and it likely is but if I feel good about how I look, I have more confidence in myself, am more outgoing (which is all relative given that I am not a social butterfly by any stretch of the imagination) and gosh darn it all, happier.

And for the most part, I do okay. Mostly I feel like I have never looked better.


Then I see a photo like that and it's almost enough to make me give up and eat poutine. Three meals a day. And I don't like poutine. At all.

The point is that all the crunches and running and boot camps and healthy eating (within moderation since life is for living and living means eating tasty treats whether they are good for me or not) will not fix the one thing that makes everyone look their best.

Good posture.

And using the muscles that were given to us.

Hello, lower abs. Guess what? Time to train you bad boys into working 24 - 7. And quit your griping, you've have had 35.5 years of vacation (before I had kids they likely didn't need to work too hard, there was nothing to hold in and since I have had kids they haven't worked too hard at all,trust me). Lower abs, we'll call you Labs for short, it's time you pulled your own weight.

Because in my head, this is what I see.

Lower Abs or Labs for short

And these pesky bad photos are not good for my self image.

And also, because I know you are thinking but are too polite to say, if this is my biggest concern, life is good. And you are absolutely 100% right but it's better than no post at all, isn't it?

Wait. Don't answer that!


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

you will get there cause you work out and are motivated. now me... I'm not sure I'll ever get back my pre-pregnancy abs.

Angella said...

I think you look AMAZING, but I totally get this.

Stupid body image issues. Boo.

Anonymous said...

ok, i will always have issues with how i look. but you are an inspiration. and thank you so much for this posting. no matter how you look to other people, you will always have doubts about yourself.

thanks for the kick in the butt kami. you look amazing!!!!!!!!
j :)

Hannah said...

GREAT post. Yep, I think we all have body image issues, even the ones with perfect bodies! Not that I am one of those - not even close. My dear, I look about 5 months pregnant in some photos. Although, like you, I shockingly DON'T look like that in my own head, or in my mirror (I guess I'm sucking the tummy in at that stage, whilst the photos capture me "unawares"). But I really do think you look AWESOME! I know what you're saying though, and it's such a tough road. Will we ever be truly happy with our bodies? Probably not until we get to heaven and get new (perfect) ones!! ;-)

Cheryl said...

oh Kami you make me;'re hot come on!
After kids we all need to be aware of "sucking in"
that or we all wear girdles!
you have come so far and look soooo good
Nice lulu's!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

My biggest gripe is that no matter how hard I DO work, I will never get rid of that extra belly skin...

Elaine A. said...

You crack me up. I can laugh because you are in such great shape and look great! Glad you can laugh about it too... ;-)

Kristin said...

Ok this was nice of you to say to the rest of us, even if it is not true for you - Miss abs of steel and a shadow of a belly. Honestly you look trim as a whip. But you did make me feel better and laugh at my own insecurities, there is a name even for what I have, "twin skin." you have such a little tummy, I have folds and folds of stretched out.. well already too much info. Any blimp that deflates is pretty bad. Way to laugh, that definitely burns calories.

nicole said...

Husband is always getting onto me for not standing up straight. Easiest way to lose ten pounds, yet I forget to do it so often. Thanks for the reminder.

R Royal Family said...

Oh kami, we are our worst critics. You look amazing. Cant wait to see you today!

Ed said...

Abs schmabs.

Here's what I want to know--- how in the world do you get your kids to roll up their blankets?

BeachMama said...

Ah yes, if only I had your abs to worry about ;). Its a tough battle we have, but we all want to look our best so we work hard on it. I will be posting about my new journey soon, when it is all set up.