Monday, March 01, 2010

Embracing (sort of) Winter

Stark Winter

It is no secret that I get angry at Old Man winter. Really angry. I mean, look at winter, it's cold, it's stark, it's monochrome when the sun doesn't shine.


It's also really frosty a good portion of the time but I won't complain about that because that is actually really pretty when viewed from the warmth of the house anyway.

Blue Skies

But the sun does shine here and when it does, the sky is the bluest of blues. This year we have had much less of that ridiculous kind of cold and more of the foggy, grey sky kind of weather. I won't complain because when it isn't -853 with the windchill you have to just shut it.

A Saskatchewan Moment

We have been doing a lot of skating lately. The boys really love it. I brought my camera along and took advantage of the sun.

Goofy Skater Dude

We also played tag. Newsflash: it's really hard to play tag in boots when the other three members are on skates. I am smart like that.

Sunny Tracings

I love ice tracings. I love the ramdomness that somehow creates a beautiful pattern in the snow. It also makes me think back to my figure skating days when we still did figures (figure 8's - set circular patterns traced on the ice free hand or foot as the case may be). I loved the precision with with you could do three sets of the same pattern and lay down the 3 tracings within centimeters of each other. It's a lost art and it makes me sad. I spend many an hour practicing in my teen years.


I also love how picking up my camera somehow makes me see things that I wouldn't normally pay attention to.

I won't toast winter (I haven't lost my mind...yet) but I do concede that it has its own special beauty. Mostly when it's over.


Angella said...

I loved taking pictures of the ice last year when we had our backyard rink.

I love seeing yours, too. :)

Jen said...

I love those last two shots. So pretty!

We are working on teaching Abby to actually skate. So far so not good.

Cheryl said...

hello awesome pictures!!!! Makes me love winter!!!
I love that you are so active during the winter!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures and just think if you were in a warmer place you couldn't take those wonderful winter pictures (o:

Anonymous said...

Another friend of mine lives in Alberta, and she takes photos of the winter sky THAT blue ... it always blows me away! We don't get skies that dark blue colour here. So gorgeous!

I'm so glad you could see the beauty in the ice and took those awesome photos of it. I know you don't like winter but it IS pretty!

Ed said...

For all of the bitter cold we've had--and the bitterness it has brought me--we've yet to do any ice skating. That just may be the ticket to restoring just a bit of hope to an otherwise dismal winter.

Those are some really great shots.

A Crafty Mom said...

Fabulous pictures, Kami - they are fantastic!! I miss figures too, I can still hardly believe they have hold the Olympics and the skaters don't have to do figures first to find their placing . . . crazy! Glad to hear you are embracing winter - I'm getting ready to embrace spring so I hope it's on its way!

Elaine A. said...

No one does figure eights anymore? Humph. I had no clue.

Your winter sure is pretty even though it's damn cold. I would love to experience it someday...

R Royal Family said...

Ok i guess you do have a point, there is beauty in winter, thanks for pointing it out. it is hard to see when I am still seeing flashed of plam trees and sand ;-)

BeachMama said...

Gorgeous photos Kami! I love that you are embracing Winter. We are well on our way to Spring right now and I fear that we will get a surprise dumping and freeze again, but for now I am ready to break out the capris.

Ashley said...

Beautiful photos Kami!

Kristin said...

It is quite stunning and frankly I do wax nostalgic for it. But it is nice to be able to leave it. Don't worry though spring is the the air...somewhere.