Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anonymous Comments of the Dumbest Kind

Lately, I have been back and forth between allowing anonymous comments or not. I like to allow them because I have friends and family that comment via this method.

Here is one of the reasons why I had to shut them off:

"good morning fellas. I'm honestly into shoes and I have been searching for that exact model. The prices as regards the sneakers are approximately 210 pounds on every site. But completely I set this location selling them as a remedy for half price. I absolutely love these (url removed). I will definetly buy these. what can you tell me about these?"

NO. I cannot tell you about some stupid shoes that you have already decided to buy. And for the love of Pete, I am a girl, not a fella. Trust me. And I don't want to be mean but English is not your first language. Sorry it was the composition of pretty much the entire comment that gave it away.

And just to keep me fuming, here is a good one:

"Do You interesting of Viagra 100mg dosage? You can find below...(url removed)"

We may be the house of khlopchyk (boys) but none of them have any need for this crap for at least another 30 years, if ever. And also, guessing English is not your first language. Yup, it was the composition again, kind of gives you away.

Or this one, it's a repeat offender:

"Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information."

Boy do I feel good, I mean here I am contributing to post secondary education and all. I should be getting paid for this. A post about how I printed off my blog into books must be integral to many college the University of Ridiculous anyway. And by the way alot is not a word. It's two, a and lot. That's $25 more, this advice is invaluable.

I have received many of these in the last couple of months. And here's the dumbest part, even dumber than than the bad English, they are all on old posts. Um, if you want someone to see your ridiculous link to some probably illegal store selling Viagra, putting it on an old post of mine is not your best line of defence. I might have a big ego but even I know that I don't have a huge audience on current posts, never mind posts from three months ago.

Who does this crap? I am assuming it's some techno geek in Malaysia or someplace who created some computer program that posts these comments and he thinks he's the cat's ass, only better because he doesn't need spell check. But why on God's green earth? I kind of get why they post comments with links...they are trying to drive traffic to their site. I am going to go out on a limb and say my site hasn't be a big contributor. But some of them don't even have a link. And some are addressed to Alice. I have been called a lot of things but Alice? C'mon people, play nice.

Just think what these people could accomplish if they channel their abilities to more useful projects. I have many suggestions, like world peace, and reducing human impact on the environment, just to name a couple. Maybe when their spam program comes by in a couple of months and attempts to post a dumb comment, it will read this and pass on the message.

What can I say, I am an eternal optimist.

Until these yahoos give it up with their hokey spam programs, I am leaving anonymous comments off, sorry y'all.


Cheryl said...

well that's a first for me, never seen this...
I imagine that would be pretty darn annoying.....

Off it goes!! All those commenting should get an account anyways...its free!

Jen said...

I've been getting these a lot lately. Mostly on the same post that I posted in spring of 2006!


But like you I have family that comment anonymously.

Angella said...

I've never understood spam, and never will.

I do, however, have to give kudos to the ones who are writing funny comments.

I still won;t allow them to be moderated, but they amuse me. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I hate SPAM! It's the worst when you initially think it's a great comment from a random stranger ... it starts off promising: "Great site! I am very impressed!" ... and then it gets weird and you *know* it is SPAM: "I know lot about this. Please if you will visit my site also and to buy my very specials products and tell your friend to also buy my very special product". Hmmm, NO.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I got a few of those and turned back on my word verification for a bit and they seemed to go away. drives me crazy too

Anna-b-bonkers said...

I have had the exact same ones and a pile more. I have word verification on and one one has slipped through on my main blog but my art one and my old one didn't have it turned on. One night I had to go in and delete over 30. I enabled word verification and all is well in that world too. What a pile of wacko nuts out there, like I will click on to their site, sheeesh!

BeachMama said...

that is why I switched to my own domain and run a program to stop these comments. There are many, many spammers out there, its incredible.

Ashley said...

I don't like Spam in a can and I don't like Spam on the screen. We just got a call from Shaw, some genius and I use that term loosely, very loosely, is Viagra spamming from my IP address. Took a whole bunch of work to get "him" our of my computer and I'm only assuming it's a him for whom Viagra did not work and he now is angry, alone and has an excess supply. Hence the need to traffic it.

Ahem, I'm ok with showing my "face" around here. Good luck de-spamming.

Kristin said...

I think you a really missing out by switching, how are you going to have secret admirers that turn into secret stalkers? Besides that, someone let me know they are going to pray for my soul today and who doesn't need that? and then there is the foreign languages talk about exposure to world culture...missing out I tell ya.

Elaine A. said...

tell me how to do this because a) I'm getting this crap ALL THE TIME! and b) I'm too lazy to figure it out myself... ;-P