Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Means Wheels

Today is what I thought was my annual spring post, however, a quick scan through my archives tells me it's been two years since I did this. What?

Lots has changed since two years ago. This little man was 3 and riding a trike. He has now graduated to his big brother's two wheeler.

Kamden is speed

He has pretty much mastered two wheeling, though he does have a somewhat uncoventional dismount. As in, he dismounts while the bike is still moving. If you know Kamden, this will not surprise you. It's just kind of part of his personality.

If he wants to stop, nine times out of ten, he stops pedalling, jumps off to the side and lets the bike fall where it is. He hardly ever gets hurt.

I have provided my instructions on how to, you know, use the brakes but he just looks at me like I am from Mars. Wait, it's actually Venus, isn't it?

Jack is speed too

Jack has loved riding his bike every since that day back in 2006 or so when he finally mastered the fine art of pedaling. The faster the better is his motto. I used to be able to speed walk while he rode, then I could jog, now if I don't want to eat dust (or cough up a lung or two) I have to pull out my old two wheeler (my butt complains for days after though, is there no such thing as a bike seat that doesn't hurt like hell?) if I want to keep up.

Biker dudes

As with just about everything else, they love to do this together too. I kind of love to watch them. Today I ditched the laptop and the neverending work to snap some shots. After all the first (shh, this is actually the second) ride of the year only happens once. A year.

Objects in lense are farther than they appear

This was my idea. I told him to ride straight towards me. Yes, I had to change my shorts after I quickly snapped this and jumped out of the way. I mean, look at his face, he's gonna mow his own mommy over. Actually, he was a lot farther away than it looks, I had my zoom lense (55-250mm) on.

However, being the amateur that I am, I did not realize this until I jumped three feet to the left and looked. What's life without a bit of excitment?


We were also loitering in the local church parking lot. Hopefully we'll be forgiven. And me too for my crazy "I have no idea what I am doing but this kind of looks cool" method to photo editing.

Spring seems to have sprung and while it will likely snow and get cold again, we are sure out to enjoy it while we can.


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. looks like they are having a blast cruising around

Angella said...

I LOVE the action shots, Kami! The one of him riding towards you is classic. :)

Cheryl said...

first off NICE panning shots!!! love the movement....
Ok Jack has the BEST expression on his face...amazing...
I love spring too...something about that fresh air, kids happy, sun shining that makes the winter blues fade away.

Karen MEG said...

I love that shot where he's just a-mowin' you down - what a great face!!!!

These were great!

I know, we're still in winter jackets but wishing and hoping for the real spring to get here :)

Ashley said...

Great photos!