Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tooth Attachment

Kamden's second loose tooth has been loose for a really, really long time. He's been asking when, oh when is it going to fall out already. On Friday he took a bite of a cookie and it nearly almost came out. But not quite.

Hanging by a thread it was.

Monday morning aroud about 8:45 am (how I love stat holidays), we heard him calling from his bed, "Mommy, mommy!"

I got (read dragged my sorry @ss) out of bed and ran to see.

Second Tooth Fairy visit

The tooth, it finally came out.

Into the tooth box it went for that evening's visit from the tooth fairy.

Fast forward to bed time. Jay hears him sobbing. He wants to keep his tooth. He wants it right in his mouth where it is supposed to be.

I stood out of sight, watching this tender moment between father and son. I soaked in the sweetness of my boy and the tender love of his Daddy.

It about made me cry.

The tooth fairy came but he/she (I can't help but picture The Rock in a dress whenever I think of the tooth fairy, darn movie) left the tooth.

You know, just so my sweet boy wouldn't be too sad. This is the stuff of memories and why I just had to write (type?) it down. It seems like just yesterday he cut his second tooth. Now it done fell out.

Whoosh. Did you hear that? It's time going by so quickly I can't keep up.


Angella said...

Awwww....he's getting so big!!

(Love that "the tooth fairy" left the tooth.)

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

awww so cute. glad you got to peer in at the special daddy/son moment...I love those too

mamatucci said...

what a cutie. Matteo is all about the losing of teeth right now!

Stacie's Madness said...

Bubba's bottom tooth has been loose forever it seems as well...it's his first loose one and he is SOO excited to have it fall out.

Cheryl said...

oh Kami, that is so so sweet....he is a treasure....
I am not looking forward to the losing teeth stage..Cole keeps asking when he will have a loose tooth....even tooth loss is peer presuure!

Anonymous said...

Awww, bless! That sounds like something Tyler would say! It's lovely that the tooth fairy left the tooth for him - she must know him pretty well! ;-)

R Royal Family said...

such a sweet boy. Sorry it was my cookies that started the process :-)

Jen Wilson said...

Aw! What a SWEETIE!!!

Karen MEG said...

How sweet! The girlie keeps talking about losing her teeth - I keep telling her not to be in such a rush (I just love her little teeth, and don't want her to grow up so fast either!)

And we just caught the Tooth Fairy on DVD the other night too. I thought it was great, The Rock in a tutu - hilarious!

Ed said...

Zia just lost her first -- it was a long time coming. (Hung by a thread for days because she was too afraid to let us finish it off.)

Now she's got a mouth full of loose teeth.

Kristin said...

My boys are dying to lose a tooth, lots of friends have and it seems so exciting to them. I love that he wanted to keep the tooth. So sentimental and sweet.