Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The One Where I Eat My Words*

Does anyone remember me ranting about being sick of hearing about
Blackberry's and iphones?

I caved

Guess what that is? Yes, that's right, it's my new (kinda) Blackberry Curve.

Let me explain and then I will eat my words.

My old phone was a flip phone and the spring that flipped it broke about two months ago. It still worked fine, my face held it open. I was still being stubborn. I didn't need a new phone!

Then it happened. The screen came off the base. As in, my phone was no longer a flip phone but more of a two piece phone. It still worked though! Jay taped it back together and honestly, I thought no worries, I'll keep using it.

Then he said, "Get a new phone!"

Well okay then. And I had a phone credit from the phone company which meant I could pick from a few different models and pay nada, zilch, nothing. This version of the Blackberry has been discontinued so it was mine for a whopping $0.

Then I was getting someone named Jody's email. And the battery cover is scratched. Hmm, maybe it's not so new after all.

But it is FREE.

The Internet charges per month?

Not so free.

Crunch, crunch. My words need a little Frank's Hot Sauce.

*Not to be confused with the one where I eat my shorts.
** Feel free to welcome me to the new millenium. I am only 10 years late.
***Now we might have to upgrade our 10 + year old TV's that we got for free too
****Nah, why?
*****No Jack and Kamden, we are not getting a Wii. I needed my Blackberry for work. (shh, don't tell them I can't actually use it for my work website)


Karen MEG said...

Kami, you are a girl after my own heart! My kids keep saying "Mom, you really should get a new phone, yours is all cracked and scratched and OLD!!!! Get an iPhone!

Yeah, right. So I am coincidentally also in the market for a Blackberry/whatever... also, 10 years late. My flip is apparently a total flop too.

(And BTW, Wii, is tame compared to the Xbox 360- which is the devil incarnate and now resides in my house, evil clutches will not let go of my son...)

Cheryl said...

I upgraded to a blackberry only because it was free and Tim agreed to pay the monthly bill!!You will love it, they don;t call it crackberry for nothing!!
Come on get a Wii girl!!!

Ashley said...

Welcome to the world of BB and BBMessanger and love and joy and ohhh how I love my curve! It's fantastic and it's my second Blackberry and unless something miraculous happens and I change my mind it will be my phone brand of choice forever!

Glad you have a Jay to make you get a new phone.

Angella said...

I am an iPhone lover, but the Blackberry is not a bad intro to the smart phone fun.

Have a great time with it!

R Royal Family said...

I will not make you eat your words as long as you dont check your crack berry when we are visiting ok? ;-)

I am a tad jealous

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

my newish phone has internet capability too so I guess I too gave in... a bit?

BeachMama said...

I hear you. After patiently waiting for my old nokia to come up for replacement I finally got an iPhone.As much as it is wonderful and I enjoy it, I will say that unlike others it hasn't totally transformed my life, will let you know if that ever really happens...

Elaine A. said...

Ah, you shoulda got an iPhone so we could play words with friends!! Oh well... ;)

p.s. I just "caught" up with the times last month when I got it! HA!

Jen Wilson said...

Have fun with it, my friend!!

Stacie's Madness said...


Alicia W. said...

I was the exact same way until I got a blackberry... then, I traded it in and got a iphone and my life is officially complete, lol. It's crazy how one little piece of equiptment can keep you so connected in so many ways. Hell, if it wern't for my iphone, I wouldn't remember half the stuff I have to pay or my appointments.

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