Friday, June 18, 2010

Commenting, Take One

When I first started reading blogs, I never commented. Then I realized how important it is to just say, hey, I am here reading and enjoying what you wrote. I try really hard to comment on every post I read but have to be honest, I have been slacking off lately.

I read a post yesterday morning that reminded me why I comment and why it's so wonderful to receive comments. Please go and read what my friend, Angella so eloquently wrote about why you should take the time to comment.

I do not have ads on my site and cannot for see ever having them so for me, it isn't at all about getting clicks to generate ad revenue. However, there is a direct correlation between the number of comments I have been receiving and the severely declining number of post that I do.

Just sayin'.

Now go out and give the bloggers you love some well deserved love! I promise to as well.



Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I too often read without commenting (got to love google reader), but I try to give a little love when a post hits my fancy and/or I have said anything in a while. I know for myself when I don't get comments I worry that I offended my readers or lost them

Angella said...



Loving the you.

Loukia said...

Comments are so awesome to receive, they really do make it much more worthwhile to blog, because hearing back from other people is so nice, you know? I too don't comment as much as I'd like to because of the lack of time, but whenever I can, I do comment, because I do appreciate every comment that comes my way! :)
Have a great weekend!

Stacie's Madness said...

meeee comments...and will always leave love for those that I read!!!

Ashley said...

Absolutely agree! Comments are vital to the self-esteem of the average blogger. Have a great weekend!

Cheryl said...

I love comments too, nice knowing your words are being read by others....I get so many emails from friends who read my blog...I keep telling them to let me know they read it!!!
Half of the blogging to me is for my own journalling so in the end whether it is read or not, I have record of my life me that is worth more then the number of comments I get

Jen Wilson said...

I've been a HORRIBLE commenter lately.

I'm sorry. :(

I had ads for the sole purpose of paying my hosting fees. I made about $20 a month and it just covered my fees. Sometimes ads are good. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Angella's post was a great one and after reading it (along with another post from somebody else on the same theme) it inspired me to write my Friday post (which I know you have read). Comments are important, no matter what people say. Some people say comments don't matter, but let's be honest: it IS nice to hear from people! Like it's nice to have people you know say hello when you see them out and about! :-)
Love reading your blog, try my best to comment on almost all your posts (even resorting to email and Facebook when I had issues with your website). You rock!

Misty said...

I read. I likey.

Elaine A. said...

Ah man, I'm late to the comment party. Dang.

I'm always here to comment for you lady because I loves you and you rock!

(I have been slacking in that department in general lately though... just not enough time in the day...)

Andrea said...

I came by via Angella's blog and I am saying hello! good morning! Sometimes I feel stuck with the whole commenting and sometimes just want to say, 'nice job!' more than anything too in depth, but that feels to short and quick! Comments are great to get and I love when people drop by and say something, even if it is just 'nice job!'.

Natalie said...

i've been slacking in blog land all together. ugh. all i can say is that life has gotten in the way. love you though! and you are one of my favorite commentors... EVER! there.

Mama Ash said...

How could I not follow your blog? I'm a fellow Uke from Winnipeg living in Toronto :)
Come by Everything Mom and Baby and say dobryy̆ den ;)

Karen MEG said...

Hey Kami - sorry late to the commenting....I'm getting caught up and I feel so badly - you're one of my most regular commenters, and I tell you, there have been major crickets in my neck of the blog world lately - heck, I haven't been around my own blog much.

And I miss it ... and you a lot too. I'll try to be more regular ... okay, that's weirdly put, but I'll try to comment whenever I can, even if it's drive by :)