Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Great Big Number 9!

Dear Jack,

Nine years ago today, at 1:55pm, you came into this world and forever changed ours. Time has gone quickly and so have the changes in you.

Nine seems like a big number to me, it's only one away from ten. Double digits. And then I feel like I will blink and you will driving. And then, if I turn my head for just a second, you'll be an adult.

And that makes me glad, because that is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Soccer boy

(Since Kamden is on a soccer team this spring, you have really started liking soccer. We play soccer as a family often and you have really honed your goalie skills)

Grade three is almost over for you and you have taken it all in stride. You do very well in school and you make your Mommy and Daddy proud. (Except for that teacher for Social Studies and Health that marks 25% of each assignment based on how well you draw and colour. Whatever lady ask him anything on the topic, he'll know it, THAT is what is important.)


This year, all boys your age are into Bakugan. Now, this is WAY over your Mom's head, regardless of how much you try to explain it to me. All that stuff about attributes and New Vestroya and Drago are much like Greek to me. But the excitement in your eyes when you play this with your brother and the way you know every lyric to the TV show's theme song makes me smile. You are growing up. You are developing your own interests outside the interest of our family of four. All is as it should be.

Book worm

This past year you have developed a love of reading that I hope will last a lifetime. So far, your attention is mostly on books about Bakugan. Which reminds me of my brother, your Uncle Trevor, who spent hours reading books about Dungeons and Dragons and Chess, and Poker and (fill in blank here) but that's another story all together. Regardless, I love how you are just like me and get completely enveloped in what you are reading. Now you know why I don't hear you talking to me when I am reading.

Happy Birthday!

(This picture is a classic example of how not to use manual settings, particularly if you forget to turn your flash on)

This year marked,what I hope is, the beginning of your piano education. Your memory, once again, amazes me. Play a song through less than 10 times and you have it completely memorized. Tonight at your last class you got through your note cards before everyone else and I was commenting (okay basically shamelessly bragging) about your memory. This is when you piped up that you could see the answers on the back of the card. Thanks dude, make a liar out of me, see if I care. At least you are honest.

Very nearly 9

You still don't overly love to pose for pictures (and apparently really like red shirts) but I managed to get a few nice shots of you this past week. I tell you this all the time but it bears repeating here so you can mock me when you are older - you are going to ask me when you are an adult why there are so few pictures of you and I will tell you it is because you wouldn't let me take any.

Another quirk of yours is your inability to lie to me. I can tell right away by the smirk and look in your eye (crossing my fingers that this one lasts through those teen years). And if you are mad at me, I can make you laugh by laughing out loud. This brings you no end of frustration and you try with all your might to keep your mad on.

You are smart, confident and kind. You are goofy, stubborn and proud. You are you.

You are a great big brother and a wonderful son. We love you Jack, exactly as you are.

Love Mommy


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to your little ummm big guy. Hope he had a great time celebrating. And I'm so glad to see another parent who is excited to watch their children get older instead of complaining about trying to keep them little

Angella said...

Happy, happy birthday!! To both of you. :)

Cheryl said...

wow, 9....he is looking so grown up and handsome..you are doing such a fantastic job as his mommy...makes me look forward to the years ahead with my boys

Fantastic cake AND awesome pics (love the lighting on the one of him reading...)

Happy bday Jack!!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to Jack and to Mommy (and Daddy too I guess). Sounds like you've got a wonderful kid and he's got some wonderful parents!

Stacie's Madness said...

happy 9th birthday Jack!!!

and happy birth day to you Kami...he's a fine young man, good job!

teeni said...

Happy birthday to Jack! Nine is a fun age. Old enough to be asserting a bit of independence but still young enough to run home to mom and dad for nurturing if things don't turn out as expected. I hope he has a wonderful, healthy, fun-filled year. Had to laugh out loud about him being able to see through the cards after you bragged about his memory though. Kids - sometimes I think they are here to keep US in line. ;)

Kristin said...

He is looking so grown up! Happy (belated) to Jack!

R Royal Family said...

Awww sweet post Kami and Happy Birthday Jack! I can't believe it either I have known him for more than half his life now! Wow time flies.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post!! Happy Birthday to Jack ... wow, 9 years old! I agree, it sounds a lot older than 8, probably because it's so close to 10. You have a wonderful boy there, Kami. And I LOVE the cake, you did such a good job! xx

Ed said...

Dang! I'm late to the party and I bet all of that Bakugan cake is gone.

(Not that I have any idea what Bakugan is.)

Happy Birthday -- a little late.

BeachMama said...

Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful celebration. I agree with the kids toys, half of them I just don't get, but I encourage as best I can..

Penny said...

Bakugan really is a fun game that a lot of boys like..I'm a Bakugan Fanatic too! You can see bakugan toys on our site.. :)