Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Honest Things

I've been tagged twice to do this post listing 1o honest things about me. As I wrote it, it was more 10 honest opinions or actually the top ten things I felt like ranting about. Here is some more insight into the recesses of my mind. It's a scary place folks, tread lightly.

1. This is all about being honest so here it is, controversial as it may be. I have very strong opinions on homeschooling. I know, I know, I know nothing about it. But here is what I do know: there would have to be a VERY good reason for me to even consider ever homeschooling my boys. First of all, I am no teacher, thinking I could ever be would be ludicrous. I also think that our kids learn and grow so much more if we let them be exposed to other people and other ways of thinking. Our job as parents, in my humbly bias opinion, is to teach them to be independent confident adults who can make solid decisions on their own in the real world. In order to build the necessary skills to achieve that, they need to start small, like with other kids their own age. I have watched my boys already grow and flourish in the public school system and I wouldn't have it any other way.

One of the only reasons that would have me ever consider it is if either of my boys wasn't doing well in the atmosphere that is regular school for whatever reason and after trying several different potential solutions, nothing worked. If there were no other options (private school, Montessori and oh how the whole idea of Montessori makes me itchy) then and only then would I consider taking their schooling into my own hands.

Blue skies

That said, if you home school, I am sure you have a very good reason. These are my reasons and they do not at all reflect on your decisions. xoxoxo

2. I could NEVER give up meat. I love all meat. I am almost very nearly a meatatarian. Protein, how I love you. I like beans too but couldn't use them as my sole source of protein. Have I mentioned Frank's Hot Sauce? Oh how I love thee. Chicken wings slathered in this sauce are very nearly Earl's quality. I was once committed to cutting back our meat intake for environmental reasons, however, when I really think about it, I honestly question if that would solve our problems. If the entire world subsisted on legumes for protein, would the space required to grow that large a quantity really be less than it takes to produce the livestock? Maybe this is just denial because I love me some meat.

Living Sky

3. Germaphobia is an epidemic. Spare me. I just don't have the energy. Here's tip, knowledge is power; obsessing is annoying. We can't live in a bubble. Our immune systems need a bit of boosting and exposing ourselves to everyday dirt is just fine and dandy.

4. UGGS are ugly. The only time I find them reasonably acceptable is when they are worn to the gym in the middle of winter with yoga pants. And on sweet little girls.


I know, I know the comfort, blah, blah, blah. I just really dislike them, comfort or no comfort. I will eat my shorts the day I buy a pair. My theory is that the designer is somewhere in some random country living quite comfortably and laughing at the fact that he started such a ridiculous trend for all us gullible consumers. He's an ass.

5. Skinny jeans. Really? Who designed those hideous buggers? Same ass as above, me thinks. A man is my only conclusion. His signature is all over them. Again, if I ever own a pair, my shorts will be on the menu for dinner. I will even take pictures, I promise.


6. I do not like broccoli. I know I am supposed to like it because it contains no less than 12,000 vitamins and nutrients that will cure cancer and rabies but I just don't like it. I eat it because of the aforementioned vities but like it? Never. I particularly don't like the tops. The florets, whatever the do hickey they are called. The texture makes me gag. I typically only eat the stems, which I am guessing only contain 1/8 of the vitamins and minerals. Murphy is a bitch like that.

Spring purple

7. I honestly loathe when people come to our door pedaling some product, service or religion. Don't call us, we'll call you. M'kay? Thanks. I honestly won't answer my door if I can ensure they don't know I am home. And I NEVER answer the phone if it is a 1-800, 1-866 or any other unknown area code. Same thing applies. And I love the weekly message that I won a trip. Uh huh. Sure I did, and how much do I owe for that "free" trip. Thanks but no thanks.

8. I might be an email addict. If I am not sending and receiving messages and getting blog comments into my inbox, I kind of lose my will to live. That might be a bit dramatic but I really really like it. It's pathetic, I know but I don't have too many vices other than coffee. Mmm, coffee. (I am also easily distracted).

Morning snack

9. I am just not that into blogging anymore. You may have noticed but I suspect you are more likely just a little bit relieved about one less post to read in your reader. I haven't contributed to Canada Moms Blog since early February. And yesterday it was announced that the hosting group, Silicon Valley Moms Group is closing up shop. 5 months ago this would have devastated me, now, I am kind of like, huh, that's too bad now, isn't it? And I have been quiet around here too. I would blame summer and all the sun and sand but it's been raining for 35 days and nights. Our ark is almost complete.

Cherry blossoms

10. Lastly, on a more serious note, I once almost burned my parents' house down. I wasn't a kid either, well not a young one anyway, more of a young, absent minded adult. I left the kettle on the counter top stove and went to work. For hours. Luckily all it did was char the back board of the cupboard. I don't think that I really 'got' the magnitude of how freaking lucky I was until much, much later. My parents still live in that very house and only recently replaced the counter tops. The black spot was there for years reminding me of my awesomeness.

Roses are Red

Hopefully you learned something new about me, or wait, better yet, hopefully you actually read this through to the end. If you just looked at the pictures, I am okay with that too.


Oliver said...

I completely agree with you on 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8. However, I actually like broccoli and as a guy I gotta admit that skinny jeans aren't so bad. ;)
Maybe I should do this on my blog too. I would like to write in it more often but I'm finding I have less time than ever.

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

I could have written a lot of these myself. I am an educator who would never homeschool my kiddos. as a teacher I choose the profession because I believe in the public school system, to homeschool seems like I'm saying my job of choice is bad. Oh and I loveeee caller id!

Cheryl said...

I agree with it all......EXCEPT the Uggs....and I just ordered me a pair of crocheted ones.....maybe I'll be able to change your mind!!

The pics are fantastic, you are very talented my friend!

Ed said...

Are you the sister I never had?? I can't wear skinny jeans either!!! (But I do like some broccoli.)

By the way -- the photo of the coffee and cereal -- FANTASTIC. Seriously, it's one of those pictures that sticks in your mind long after you've left it. That is an excellent shot!

dognutmom said...

Wow ... I could have written all of that except for #6. I do like broccoli :-) And #10 ... it didn't involve the stove but did involve the fireplace. 'nuff said.

Angella said...

Broccoli cures rabies? Who knew?


Loved this, Kami. :)

Ashley said...

Finally someone else who hates skinny jeans and UGGS! And to be honest my greatest dislike is the combination of the two. I think skinny jeans make even skinny girls look "hippy" and for this un-skinny girl I do not need help in the "hippy" department. Great post and great photos!

Ps. That's hippy like wide load comin', not hippy as in patchouli and lavender scented underwear.

Elaine A. said...

I could never homeschool either. The kids would end up pretty dumb.

I will NEVER wear anything with the word 'skinny' before it. It's just not meant to be.

And I feel the same way about Crocs as you do Uggs!!

I did learn some stuff about you! Cool...

Nice pics to, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe, we agree on a few things (skinny jeans, home schooling, emails and blogging). BUT, I love me my Ugg boots!! So comfy and great to wear with tights! Sorry! ;-)

R Royal Family said...

Great post, it says alot about our friendship that i knew all of these already but like always I enjoyed reading it :-) Great pics too!

Jen said...

I'm a caller ID lover too but disagree on pretty much everything else. haha! Most of all, the homeschooling thing. I'm not a homeschooler but would consider it. I was homeschooled for a few years and my mom still homeschools her youngest. I'd encourage you to check out some of the stats on homeschooling and the fabulous outcomes the students have. The most recent data blew my socks off! On average, they are blowing public school kids out of the water!!

Great to get to know you a little better.

Stacie's Madness said...

your photography is soooo good, keep up the good job.

sometimes a really good steak can have me smiling all night long.

do you have charter schools in CA? We have one opening up here, it sounds sooo interesting...i couldn't be a stay at home mom, there's no way in hell i could homeschool.

skinny jeans are for women with no hips...because it will even make THEM look like they have hips. I am not a fan either.

Melanie said...

Hi Kami! I could have wrote all those things too. Except I have to admit that I do like broccoli. I don't like cauliflower though. Yuck! By the way, I think that I see you at Gymnastics Adventure on Thursday's but I am too shy to come up and talk. Sorry! Take care!

Natalie said...

i agree with you..... i love me some protein too for sure and i might could live on beans alone but would have to live alone *ahem*, but i think maybe you need to try to roast the broccoli so that you get a different texture and still get the 5,486 vitamins into your body.

teeni said...

I love that you are a strong enough and kind enough woman to stand by your likes and dislikes but still respect others' choices. You always inspire me. I'm feeling the blog blahs myself and sometimes I hope it goes away and other times I just think "Oh well, life is to be lived, not just blogged." ;)