Monday, June 21, 2010

It's my blog and I'll post what I want to

Well I sure was encouraged by how many comments there were on my last post. I am always encouraged by how many comments other bloggers get when they talk about the lack of comments. I post about it and I get crickets. Duly noted.

Anywho, as you can tell, I am not bitter. At all. Nope. To see 46 plus visitors on Friday alone and get 8 comments. Why would I be? The 8 that commented are my favourites. So there.

Mature no?

Moving on.

After more days of rain than we could possibly count, the sun came out. We had almost fogotten what it looked like so I took a picture. You know, for future reference.

What is that bright light?

We headed over to the school to play.

Evil Buggers

I am not sure you could park a bike here for the jungle of dandilions. At least they aren't in my lawn. Yet. The school isn't that far away, no doubt the seeds travel on the winds that blow endlessly *curses under breath*.


I love it when he actually let's me take a photo. And if it turns out too, gravy.


This one co-operated once. But that was his limit. Twerp. I guess he's cute though, so maybe I'll still keep him. For now.


At least Daddy was willing.

Basketball net

The only use of a basketball net, in my opinion. What? I don't enjoy team sports.

2/3 of my loves

Kamden was not willing to pose with his brother so I asked Jay to. You know when Kamden was ready to pose? When the rest of us had started making our way home.

boys will be boys

We made our way back. He posed but he didn't say he would smile.

Can't win them all.


Angella said...

Your kids crack me up. :)

Jen said...

The boys are adorable!

We had that nice taste of summer and now today ... severe thunderstorm and tornado watch. delightful.

Cheryl said...

the colors are simply amazing in those shots...nice job!

I guess it helps to have such cute subjects...Jay you are included in that too!

Bring on the sunshine!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures... oh and I can relate to the 40+ visitors, but I'd be happy with 8 comments many days (o:

Stacie's Madness said...

just.up.your pictures made my heart skip a beat...FOR REAL!!!!

we had a beautiful weekend after the storms on friday night.

Anonymous said...

"The 8 that commented are my favourites". I LOVE that.

Those photos are just amazing, Kami!! Your boys are just soooooo stinkin' cute, even if they don't want to "pose". They're adorable. Oh, and I love seeing you all enjoying summer over there ... it reminds me that ours will be here in a few months' time!

Ashley said...

Cute photos, I'm a little jealous you actually get to feel summer! It's been springish here and blah!

Misty said...

You're getting good with your camera, girl!! And.... I hear you on the comments. I have 120 followers and about 180 people subscribe to me through google, and I get about 3 or 4 comments a post. I'm a winner, too!!! Heh.

Elaine A. said...

These are some awesome photos my friend. Love the colors!

And I'm loving the fact that you used the word "twerp". I haven't heard that one in a LONG time. I'll be using it again now.

R Royal Family said...

Awesome AWESOME pictures Kami. I am sorry I was one of the people that came by, read and didn't comment, nice friend I am hey ;-) You know I am always here thought right?

Natalie said...

i love your pictures and i am so glad that you got some sun... we are seeing a bit much of it here. 100F and getting hotter so far today! i think i may be melting and if my kids tryed to play on a bright colored slide here today their little legs would burn...ouch!

can i still be a favorite even though it has been a while?

RuensOnTheRun said...

Your boys are handsome! Great pictures!!

Marta said...

I've come and read some of your blogging adventures via Angella. I too have two boys (aged 5 and 7), so can relate. Keep on blogging. One day I will start and then you can comment on mine ;)

Marta said...
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Jen Wilson said...

What do you use to see how many people visited? Sometimes you get some random google-searched visitors - at least that's what I found when I tracked that stuff.

Your photos are getting better and better with each post! Not that they were ever horrible - but now they're just PHENOMENAL!!

STOKED to see you tonight!

Amy said...

Your boys are super cute!

My oldest has firmly decided that he doesn't like his picture taken. For a photographer mom, this is heartbreaking. My middle son moves too fast or makes faces, and so my baby looks like an only child on our hard drive.


I don't know why I can take such good pictures of other families...

(also, I think I'll use the word twerp more often. It's awesome.)