Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why I love THIS province

A while ago I was in cyber space reading strangers' blogs and I came across a comment on one about this province I live in that was not very nice. Basically to the effect that they could never live HERE.

I have to say that I take offense to that somewhat. Whether I should or not is up for debate but I am an honest person and I do.

I was born here and have lived here most of my life. BUT I have travelled Canada extensively and the US to a smaller degree. I have enjoyed all of the places I have been. Each has it's own unique characteristics that makes it special. I do comment on occaison that I prefer living here, where it's small but not too small AND it's affordable ( a BIG plus with the housing markets as they are these days). BUT I try not to put down other places because I prefer instead to see the beauty in all places whether I would choose to live there or not.

Tell me that isn't beautiful? This is from our trip up north last week. Granted these don't grow down here but so what? Here we have a very different but EQUALLY beautiful ecosystem (see Flickr pictures from petting zoo). That's one of the things that I love about this country and province. It's ability to be so utterly different in so many ways yet we, with all our diversities both human and landscape, together, form one country. One that I am proud to call home.

So put us down if you will - feel free to do that while you commute hours a day back and forth to your job. While you do that we'll be having supper together as a family.

We will likely never live anywhere else. Visit yes, appreciate yes, but we will always come back. This is our home and we love it.


Jen said...

Good for you! Saskatchewan definitely has it's perks and it's own beauty. It's nice being back.

Angella said...

Oops - I may have said I'd never live there :)

Mainly for the same reasons you gave - this is my home province. And maybe because the 2 years I spent at Briercrest were over the winter - I've never been there in the summer :)

Now that Jen is back in Regina, you guys should have a play date!