Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Baaack!

My computer hard drive became corrupt last Friday. Why you ask?

Was it a virus.


It was either the way the operating system was installed or the way Dell partitions their drives.

Either way it was Dell's fault. Meaning the hard drive is replaced since it was still under warrantly.

How long have you had your computer, you may ask....

Since the end of March.

IF is crashes every 6 months I will have A LOT more grey hair.

Thankfully I am not in the middle of a module right now. Had I been, this would have been a much BIGGER deal. Really it was a minor inconvience and meant less blogging and emailing time. AND I will now back up my pictures more often. Somehow I am really good at keeping my work files backed up but not so good with the pictures. Lesson learned.

I didn't lose anything though. My sister-in-laws brother recovered everything for me - yay!

Did ya miss me?

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