Friday, September 15, 2006

We can NEVER move

I don't mean that is the sense that we love where we live soooo much that we could never, ever leave.

We do like our house - we've done lots to make it our own - and we like the neighborhood that we live in. It's in a good area close to all the good stores, there are lots of parks to walk to and a great bike path for walking and biking.

But the reason we can NEVER move is because of the collection of address lables we have.

This is only about half of the ones we have received. Some were very large and gawdy so I just recycled them.

Now I use snail mail about once a month during a good month. So this would likely be a LIFETIME supply of address labels. I do send Christmas cards via snail mail (they are just more fun to receive in my books than e-cards) but I have a whole other collection filled with Christmas labels.

The charities seem to be using the labels to guilt us into donating. The problem I have is that you only get the labels AFTER you have already donated. Then they send you the labels so you will feel like you have to donate again because of the nice gift they sent you. Seeing as I have so many, I am sure their tactics are no longer working.

We'll be here until we are old and gray and snail mail doesn't exist. We'll stick our address labels to the crosswords we'll spend all day doing. At least we'll be together AND we'll know where we live.


Angella said...

Holy labels, Batman!!

Maybe start using them as wrapping paper?


Jen said...

That's a lot of labels!!

Hey- I wanted to e-mail you but I lost your e-mail address. Could you send it to me again?