Thursday, November 16, 2006

Real or Fake?

Jay and I have been pondering whether to stay with our traditional fresh Christmas tree or to switch to the artificial ones that have the lights already attached.

The thing is, the light are EVENLY distributed all over the tree. That's appealing to me, being very picky about symmetry and all.

However, we have always had a real tree. My parents to this day continue to buy a real tree year after year. Theirs is always beautiful. Not always symmetrical but that's the risk you take buying something folded up into a long skinny stick and frozen to boot. It's always a surprise to see what the tree looks like once thawed.

We have had more than our share of Charlie Brown trees in the 7 or so years since we started buying real trees. Last year had to be the most pathetic tree EVER. We were jealous of Charlie Brown's little twig last year. I'd post a picture but pictures didn't do it's patheticness justice. It, unlike me, actually looked better in pictures... Go figure.

So we've been looking, comparing prices but have yet to make a decision.

I am still stuck on the lights. I am not a fan of stringing lights on the tree. I like putting up decorations. It's just like painting. I HATE the prep work (filling, sanding, taping.....Yelch!), LOVE the painting part. I like the part that is dramatic, the big finish shall we say.

Problem is, artificial trees look, well, artificial. But maybe if there 1000 lights, we won't notice? And they don't smell as good.

I do know we won't be going this route.


Angella said...

We have a fake one, because I like to put them up early...and don;t want a fire hazard. We toy with the idea of a real one every year, but haven't done it yet. We always did real ones growing up :)

Anonymous said...

You really crack me up!! Good luck with the decision I'm sure it will be a good one! Love reading all the posts! Grams

Anonymous said...

Stick with a real one. My parents
can't stand fake ones, so we always
get a real one. Conor