Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good friends = Good times

Warning: this may only be funny to a select few ie. Cathy and me:-)

This weekend I had some me time. The boys headed to Toon town to pick up a discarded TV - it was at least 10 inches bigger than either of the two we have so Jay was itching to get his hands on it. He is, as I type this, ripping appart the fake stone "fireplace" that holds our TV in the family room. DON'T ask. It was here when we moved in. We cannot be held responsible for other's decorating faux pas, only our own.

I worked all day yesterday and then stole my good friend Cathy away from her University homework for some girl time.

We hit Earl's for chicken wings and martini's - that HAS to be a good combination don't you think! Don't worry, I only had one as I was driving. Martini that is, I had many, many more than one chicken wing. Who can stop at one?

We decided to try something a bit different so we orderd some sushi. I know, what were we thinking? Sushi from Earl's could only be good in Vancouver or someplace within more than 1000 miles of the sea.... but I digress. The sushi came with some endema beans (not sure how to spell that). So I grab a few and start chewing... and chewing... and chewing.

Now I didn't want to be impolite because Cathy had said she'd had them before and really enjoyed them. However, I am usually a fairly honest person, sometimes brutally so. It gets me into trouble and maybe someday I'll learn but it seems to be an inate quality.

So when she asked how I liked them I commented that they were a bit chewy. Then she started thinking... do you eat the pod or, don't think so. Giggle giggle....

That explains the chewy part but then how do you explain the bean that went flying behind Cathy and narrowly missed a fellow patron? Oops....

A bit later I looked around and asked,

"When did Earl's become a teen hangout?"

"Um," Cathy replied, "those aren't teens. Many of them are in some of my classes at the University."

"Oh. Right. I knew that."

Apparently I am older than I imagine myself to be in my head. I guess when you are 32 and think you are 20 it's bound to happen sooner or later.

Leaving Earl's we were discussing tips. As in how much do you tip the waitress. I noted that 20% was our standard amount. Our bill was $22.00 each so Cathy asked how much that would be. I said oh, about $7 or 8. Remember I am the CA and she is the Kinesiology student who moonlights as a figure skating coach or vice versa, I'm not exactly sure.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Well, no, I need a calculator to do that so I always over estimate and I'm fine."

Hee hee. Too bad I went to school for so many years and have done so many calcs in my life it's insane but can't do simple math in my head. I blame it all on technology. It's whoever invented calculators who is at fault for my math inablilities. That and the fact that my beloved hubby is excellent at math in his head and handles those sorts of things when we are together. Which is most of the time....... boy do I know how to divert blame for my ineptitude or what! :-)

This conversation continued as we walked over to the coffee shop for an after dinner java. Finally she asked if I needed a peice of paper to figure it out.... then she figured it out for me. Oy. I need to go to Hooked on Phonics but the kind for math idiots. Either that or carry a calculator in my purse and sneak to the bathroom at opportune moments to hide my mathematical follies.

Later on we decided to play Scrabble. This is a great coffee shop that we frequent often, case in point. They have games. It wasn't going too well as it's very difficult to play Scrabble without the Scrabble dictionary - especially when you are as witty and intelligent as I am. This would require the ability to walk and chew gum at the same time....... never been good at that.

But when Cathy commented that she only had her X...... .I said, "Do you want my J?"

As in the letter J but she burst out laughing and after a few minutes (see, me really witty) I GOT it.

"OH, NO, you CAN'T have him. You can have my J tile though."

Good friends, friends that can laugh at you while still laughing with you.....



80's 4 ever said...

If that is what goes on in my absence then life is good. For the record I did not rip down the stone wall. Just shaved a bit off the edges. It will be a happy day when the sledge hammer meets up with that wall.

Angella said...

Nothing like a good friend to share laughs with :)

And wait until you do a FFIS - then you'll REALLY feel old :)

Anonymous said...

surprised you could sit and concentrate on scrabble after having the enema beans, or maybe they didn`t

Kami said...

NOT enema beans....

edema beans :-)

No trouble concentrating!

Anonymous said...

Friends are priceless, Mastercard is for everything else!

Karen MEG said...

What a fun evening that was!! I hope you have these often. I love heading out with my old girlfriends. Girls' nights out are great aren't they?

I love edamame beans too... I can go through a whole bag of them by myself (they sell them in the freezer section now at Loblaws and Dominion).

And you had me laughing with the calculator/tip thing... an old friend of mine who's also a CA and I can never figure out the tip either. I've got my MBA too. Yeah, we're good, tee hee.