Monday, October 30, 2006

Random thought....


It has two meanings:

canned mystery meat

junk mail received electronically

The thought I had that was random was..... do the makers of SPAM care that their product's name is being dragged through the mud? On a daily basis, on thousands maybe millions of computurs EVERYWHERE?

Nobody wants to get SPAM emails. In fact my virus protection software eliminates it for me automatically. Do they have permission to use the name that is surely copyrighted?

Then again, does anyone actually eat SPAM? I see the reason the name was chosen.... junk mail... .YUCK.... SPAM.... also YUCK.

But someone must buy it. It's still on the shelves. I saw it last time I was grocery shopping.

End random thought.


80's 4 ever said...

should there be some kind of disaster you may realize the beneifts of SPAM. I am referring to the meat SPAM not the other.

Good thought though.

candace said...

I think SPAM is also known as Click. Either way it is GROSS with a capital G-R-O-S-S. However should there be a disaster of some sort I may have to change that attitude. Though it wouldn't be easy ;-)

Angella said...

Interesting thought. I'm guessing the makers of the "meat" wouldn't know who to sue :)

Anonymous said...

for those of you ,much to young to remember, spam was virtually the only meat packed with the allied food rations as they went off to fight WW2 (the big one as archie would stay). there are not to many veterns left but at my age i knew alot of them and they all said how thankful they were that they had spam..laugh if you will but they tell me the rations were not very good especially what the canadian forces had and they said spam was the only good part of the meal..they also remarked that the american forces had far better rations then our troops but they too had spam in abudence..who knows,it might just be the reason we won the million of these cans of spam are sold and conventions and cookoffs are held all over the good old USA where people gather to see how many ways you can serve this excuse for meat..i understand the spam people will not be going out of business anytime take it easy on this delicacy it has a great

Kami said...

Ahhh, I knew it had to have a purpose!

Thanks Lloyd!

But I still don't understand why junk email got coined SPAM.....