Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Coffee, friend or foe

I believe I have mentioned my ever growing addiction to coffee a few times. Here's the question, should I or shouldn't I?

I started out having a cappuccino or latte a few times a week when I was out and about. Well at $5 a pop at the Starbucks of the world, that HAD to stop. So I found a great cappiccino mix at the grocery store. Good.... or is it? As a result the occasional afternoon coffee has escalated into a daily first thing in the morning ritual. And now that I bought some of the caramel syrup that the Starbuck's type places use.... WELL, YUM YUM. Goes oh so good with my other daily ritual, peanut butter and honey toast. I do have a sweet tooth, remember?

And when at my parents house the pot of regular coffee is always on, at least in the morning. So I indulge. Haven't quite gotten to the point of brewing it regularly at home..... Yet.

After spending this past weekend with them and having a few.... okay maybe more than a few cups of java my heart is doing some weird things. Yes, my heart. Not good. The last 2 nights that I have gotten on the elliptical trainer (my nightly ritual) the old ticker is ticking a little strangely.

So today, no coffee. Only tea.... with caramel syrup of course. Mmmmn it was good too so no loss.

The heart though needs to go visit the doctor and ensure that the ECG I recently had was normal...

Coffee is not an everyday indulgence for me. Chocolate on the other hand....Hence the nightly ritual of hitting the elliptical... gotta keep those arteries open!


Angella said...

If I have too much caffeine my heart is OK, but my head feels like it's floating.


Good for you for working out every day!

Anonymous said...

I don't have to worry about caffeine...all that sugar from
the froot loops might come back to haunt me. Oh well!

Kami said...

Good point Conor! I could eat fruit loops every day too but it would go straight to my hips :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what coffee you were drinking a Pop's and Gram's since it is always decaff nowadays. Must admitt I did brew one pot of Tim Horton's this past weekend though!! Grams