Friday, October 13, 2006


Things I was reminded of today......

- it's almost impossible to find winter boots that easily go onto a toddler's feet

- there are MANY new parents who don't seem to know that the handle on the infant seat should be DOWN when driving around. It's right in the instructions.....there must be a reason why....I personally would rather no one found out the hard way what that reason was :)

- I don't like wind.....I KNOW, why then do I live HERE? Good question, it's a long answer, there are many other GOOD qualities. Let's just leave it at that.

- it's really hard to select the type of chocolate bars to buy for Halloween treats. So many, so little time. Oh right, they're for the kids not me......

Things I learned today.....

- DON'T buy a coke out of the fancy new machines. You know, the ones with the fancy coke bottle shaped opening that you retrieve your bottle AFTER it goes for a very bumpy ride down a shute to get there. Why you ask? You will get very wet, that's why. Oh and the carpet at Zeller's too, right by the kids rides. The ones you used to put a quater in but now it's loonies only. If only I had been on Candid Camera.... wait, no, that would have been embarassing.

- Value Village supports local charities. Yahoo! I can get rid of all the baby stuff under the stairs and in fact did drop lots off today...... Didn't know where to donate it since the local women's shelter stopped taking stuff. Until today I thought Value Village was a profit business - thanks Mom!

- Potty training will only get worse before it gets better.....Thankfully we are on the better end of things now!


Angella said...

I've had the bottle explosion experience too:)

Jen said...

Ok, I think we can be friends.

I HATE the wind.
It drives me crazy when I see the handle up on infant carriers while they are driving.

I do buy the types of chocolate bars I like best.

I detest potty training.

BUT - I did find winter boots this week that go on sooo smoothly and they were on sale 1/2 price at Shoe Warehouse. :)