Saturday, November 18, 2006

My list

1. I was named after a high school basketball player featured in the local paper.
2. I like my name.
3. So much that Kamden is named after me.
3. Both his first and middle names.
4. I'm Kami Jayne - I always spell my name when asked what it is - both first&last
5. He is Kamden Jaymes
6. Some think Jaymes is spelt with a Y because of Jay
7. But Jay is not his real name
8. It's short for JJ
9. Which is short for Johan Jason
10. He's the 3rd Johan in his family
11. His granddad was the first - Johan Ensio - called Jack
12. His dad is Johan Lloyd - goes by Lloyd
13. Our Jack is named after 3 people
14. Jay, and both Jay's grandfathers
15. He's Jack Johan
16. Apparently Jack is short for John
17. Why I cannot imagine
18. Johan is the Finnish version of John
19. Jack is really John John
20. We don't care
21. We named him that for very good reasons
22. It took me 20 lines to explain our names
23. I am supposed to be reviewing tasks right now
24. I often choke
25. Not on food
26. On spit
27. Jay no longer pays attention
28. I may die of choking because of this
29. But you likely can't die choking on spit
30. I hope
31. I like food
32. Especially chocolate
33. Also chips
34. Chicken wings, hamburgers, pasta with tomato sauce and sausage, BBQ ribs...
35. I could go on forever
36. I like food
37. I used to figure skate
38. I met my two oldest friends at the rink
39. Jack now takes Canskate at that same rink
40. Brings back lots of memories - Great memories and not so great
41. Skating taught me a lot about life - so did my coach, Danita
42. I used to own a horse
43. Actually I had 2
44. The first one liked to jump fences
45. We didn't like that
46. He was also an ass
47. Not a donkey, but a horse with an attitude problem
48. I replaced him with sweet Dixie
49. She was/is wonderful
50. I hope she is still alive and well with the people we sold her to
51. She once bucked me off
52. My dogs ran after her instead of making sure I was okay
53. They were very loyal
54. Max, the biggest dog, had to be put down a month before Jack was born
55. I was sad
56. He would have been so much fun for the kids
57. He was as a big a miniture horse
58. Only much cuter
59. People were scared of him due to his size
60. The only thing he ever got aggresive at were wasps
61. He hated them. He would snap at them with his mouth
62. Lucky for him wasn't very quick
63. He once killed a mouse though. It was an accident. He stepped on it. Poor mouse.
64. My parents still have Kricktet(I named her because she made a squeeking sound when she yawned as a puppy)
65. She worshiped the ground Max walked on
66. But now she gets all the attention
67. She likes that
68. I am allergic to cats and horses
69. But I wasn't allergic to my cat or my horse
70. I built up a resitance to them
71. My cat used to sleep on a pillow by my head
72. She still tries to sometimes
73. The thought of that makes me itchy
74. She is the most beautiful calico cat I have ever seen - she could be in those calendars but she thinks she's too cool
75. I like to laugh
76. Till I can't breathe
78. Those are priceless moments usually shared with really good friends
79. My aunt made me laugh
80. My mom is one of 15 kids
81. She's the youngest
82. My Auntie Vicki was her oldest sister
83. She died when I was pregnant with Jack
84. So did my Grandma
85. I guess death brings new life
86. Auntie Vicki used to call inanimate objects idiots
87. That still makes me laugh. I am chuckling now
88. You have to hear the tone she said it in too.
89. I can do a reasonably good imitation
90. I can't do it here though. Maybe one day I'll post a video here of my imitation
91. Wow, I thought this would be hard
92. Turns out I can talk for hours about myself
93. I wouldn't make a good date
94. Good thing Jay married me. Got me out of the dating pool!
95. He loves me unconditionally
96. Ditto for him
97. I always thought I would have a daughter
98. God thought otherwise
99. He was right. Sons are amazing
100.I love my sons unconditionally. They make me laugh and give me so much joy. They also like to test my patience on a daily basis. If I could ask for anything, I would ask for more patience. When God was handing it out I thought he said maintenance. I didn't need any then. I was a baby, everything was brand new.

Wow, if you are still reading this, you are so kind!

If you are reading this, comment. I have never gotten a comment from a stranger before. It would make my day. C'mon, do it. Make my day!


Angella said...

As IF you're not as witty as me. I think the name thing is cool. We have a bunchof Jacks and Johns in our family too :)

candace said...

That was great Kami. You can learn something new about a person everyday. Thanks for sharing that.

80's 4 ever said...

I am not a big fan when your cat still tries to sleep on your pillow for that usually means she is on my head.

Anonymous said...

I think you are so cool. If you were any cooler I would get cold.


Anonymous said...

Mommy pretty.


ps Daddy Happy. Ack happy too

Anonymous said...

That was interesting but just wanted to correct one thing, it was a swimmer you were named after. Grams

Natalie said...

I finally had time to read this and I learned lots about you! I had a horse as a kid cause I grew up on a farm in Arkansas and I think it would take me 20 lines to explain our names too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you wrote this a long time ago, but I still thought it was interesting and funny! And since I'm a stranger to you I figured I'd comment and let ya know! I used to have horses too, and my cat slept on my head my whole life growing up from the time I was four until I went to college. Are you allergic to dogs too? Do you have any pets now? I have a standard poodle that you wouldn't be allergic to because they are hypoallergenic! I like the names Kami and Kamden. I like your list of things. :)

Emily said...

Oooh, one more comment and you'll have TEN!

Anonymous said...

1. I was named after my two grandfathers... not my dad... although my dad was also named after my grandfather so that's how we ended up with the same first name. We have different middle names though.

29. I don't think you can choke on spit... but you may be able to drown in it.

37. I've been ice skating once... Christmas Day at Rockefeller Center in NYC. Quite magical.

I hope your day has been made...

btw... here's mine:

Not So French Girl said...

I am a stranger, but I'm not all that strange :) As well, we have likely been in the same place, as we live in the same city. Maybe Taylor Field? Maybe the skating rink? Barb was my coach. Happy summer!

Spaghetti Mom said...

I suddenly feel better that I had an excess of 25 during the days that "25 random things about me" meme was big on Facebook.